6 Best Apps to Master JEE Main 2025 Preparation

Learn about top JEE Main Exam preparation Apps and how they can help you to crack the exam.

Preparing for JEE Main exam can be challenging for the students, especially if you are not sure about the right resources for the exam preparation. To succeed in the exam you need to have a well structured study plan, good study material and consistent efforts from your side.

Since the last 5 year the trend for online coaching for JEE Main and other competitive exams have grown exponentially. The online coaching is beneficial for the students in so many ways.

Best Apps for JEE Main Preparation

One important aspect of online coaching is Exam Preparation Apps. With the help of these Ed-tech Apps,

  • Students can watch video lectures or read JEE related content
  • Understand the exam pattern and syllabus
  • Practice mock papers
  • Discuss with fellow students
  • Ask their queries to experts and 
  • take self Assessments of their performance

In short, we can say that the entire coaching experience can be obtained from these online exam preparation apps.

Preparing for JEE Main 2025?

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In this article we will explore best Apps for JEE Main 2025 preparation. These study app for JEE Main are not only cost effective and easy to access but also provide excellent quality content curated by the top subject experts.


Best Apps for JEE Main 2025 Preparation

Here is the list of best JEE Main 2025 preparation Apps.


BYJU’s (the learning App) is one of the leading educational App for JEE Main preparation. The App provide top notch study material for candidates preparing for the competitive exams like JEE Main, NEET UG etc. The  BYJU’s App covers every JEE concepts in details with video lectures, study notes & mock papers.

The App also provide scholarships to the students of class 12 and candidates preparing for different competitive exams. Some of the key features of BYJU’s App include:

  • High-Quality Video Lectures
  • Live Classes and Interactive Sessions
  • Personalized Learning Experience
  • Practice and Revision
  • Performance Analytics
  • Doubt Clearing session

The BYJU’s App has more than 10 crore downloads on Google Play with 17 Lakh reviews with overall rating of 4.1 star.


Vedantu is Bengaluru based online tutoring platform launched in the year 2014. Vedantu is one of the top choice for live online classes for K1 to K12, CBSE, JEE Main, NEET and other competitive examination. Students can download the App from Google Play or App Store.

The Vedantu App has more than 1 crore downloads on Google Play with 3 Lakh reviews with overall rating of 4.2 star.

Some of the key features of the App are:

  • Live Interactive Classes
  • Experienced Educators
  • Regular Assessments
  • Doubt Clearing sessions
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Peer Interaction

Physicswallah (PW)

Physicswallah (PW) is one of the fastest growing edt-ech company founded in 2016 by Alakh Pandey as a Youtube channel for teaching Physics to the IIT JEE students.  The PW App provide high quality affordable education to the students preparing for the competitive exams like JEE Main, NEET UG, BITSAT etc.

Physicswallah (PW) app has more than 1 crore downloads on Google Play with 9 Lakh reviews with overall rating of 4.6 star.

Some of the key features of the Physicswallah (PW) App are:

  • Expert-Led Video Lectures
  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Regular Practice and Testing
  • Flexible Learning
  • Motivational Content


Embibe is an AI powered App offering personalised learning experience to the JEE Main aspirants and candidates preparing for other competitive examinations.

Embibe has partnered with many state government to provide 3D content to students studying in the class 6th to 12th and preparing for competitive exams like JEE Main, NEET UG & BITSAT.

Embibe app has more than 50 Lakhs downloads on Google Play with 13 thousand reviews with overall rating of 4.2 star.

The Embibe app has several key features which makes it stand out from the other ed-tech apps. Some of these features are:

  • 3 D Learning
  • Practice Questions from books with hints & solutions
  • Pin-point analysis & personalised improvement
  • Mock test & assessment report
  • Instant Doubt Resolution

Unacademy Learning App

Unacademy is one of India’s largest learning platform providing online video lectures for many competitive exams. Many lectures available on Unacademy are free and students can access them by login to the App.

Unacademy app has more than 5 crore downloads on Google Play with 11 lakh reviews with overall rating of 3.9 star. 

The Unacademy has a proven record of students securing top ranks in the coveted JEE Main & NEET UG examinations. In JEE Main 2024, 10 Unacademy students have secured ranks in the top 100. 

Some of the key features of the Unacademy App include:

  • Free Classes on all subjects
  • Live Classroom like experience on phone
  • Detailed test analyses, results & reports
  • Scholarships upto 50%
  • Live mentorship
  • Doubt session


Doubtnut is one of the fastly growing educational App offering solutions for the doubts & questions of the students. Candidates preparing for JEE Main, NEET UG, or any other board exams can ask their doubts on the doubtnut platform.

The Doubtnut app also provide video lectures & study content for competitive examinations & school boards in India.

Doubtnut app has more than 5 crore downloads on Google Play with over 10 lakh reviews with overall rating of 4.2 star. 

Tips for JEE Main 2025 Preparation

Candidates can find the best study material from the JEE Main Apps that we have provided above. Students can also follow below mentioned  tips for JEE Main 2025 preparation:

  • Create a detailed study schedule and stick to it.
  • Make short notes to quickly revise key concepts.
  • Solve previous years’ question papers to understand the exam pattern.
  • Seek guidance from teachers or mentors whenever necessary.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, and stay positive.


Q1. How can i prepare from JEE Main apps?

Ans. JEE Main prep apps are mobile or web-based applications designed to help students in preparing for the JEE Main & JEE Advanced exams. These ed-tech Apps offers Video lectures, study materials, practice papers, mock tests, and doubt session to prepare for the exam.

Q2. Are JEE Main Preparation Apps helpful in exam preparation?

Ans. Yes, JEE Main study Apps can be highly effective. They provide access to top quality study materials, interactive learning tools, and personalized study plans to the students.

Q3. Do I need to pay for JEE Main Apps?

Ans. Many JEE Main prep apps offer both free and premium versions. Free versions provide basic study materials, while premium versions may offer additional features and more extensive content.

Q4. Can I use JEE Main Prep apps for self-paced learning?

Ans. Yes, JEE Main prep apps are well-suited for self-paced learning. They allow you to study at your own speed, revise topics, and create a study schedule that works for you.

Q5. Which JEE Main App is most affordable?

Ans. Physicswallah (PW) is the most affordable JEE Main App, the others are Toppr, Doubnut etc.

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