CUCET 2021 Syllabus – Check here for UG/PG/MBA & Integrated Courses

CUCET 2021CUCET 2021 Syllabus will be released by the exam conducting authority. CUCET is a national level entrance exam which is conducted by one of the ten central universities on a rotation basis every year. Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET) is organised to offer admission in various UG and PG courses. Qualified candidates of this examination gets admission in their desired central University and other participating institute across the country. Through this article, we have mentioned complete details regarding CUCET 2021 syllabus.

CUCET 2021 Syllabus 

Before starting preparing for the examination, candidates should have complete knowledge about upcoming syllabus. Without knowing the syllabus preparation will be more time consuming but with less effect. So, candidates should follow the syllabus given by the admission authority before start their preparation.

Below candidates must check the complete syllabus of UG/Integrated, PG and Research courses in detail.

For UG/Integrated Courses Syllabus:

For Integrated M.Tech./ B.Tech/ Integrated Science B.Sc. M.Sc/ Integrated M.Sc./B.Sc Courses:

Physics Syllabus:

Measurement, Motion in one dimension, Laws of Motion, Motion in two dimensions, Work, Power and Energy, Linear Momentum & collisions, Rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis, Gravitation, Oscillatory motion, Mechanics of solids and fluids, Heat and thermodynamics, Wave, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effect of Current, Matter, Electromagnetic induction, Ray Optics and optical instruments, Wave Optics and Modern Physics.

Chemistry Syllabus:

Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Redox Reactions, Chemical Equilibrium and Kinetics, Acid – Base Concepts, Electrochemistry, Catalysis,  Colloids, Colligative Properties of Solution, Periodic Table, Preparation and Properties, Thermochemistry, General Organic Chemistry, Reaction intermediates, Isomerism, Polymers, Carbohydrates, Preparation and Properties, Solid State and Petroleum,

Mathematics Syllabus:

Algebra, Probability, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate Geometry, Calculus, Vectors, Dynamics and Statics.

Biology Syllabus:

Zoology: Origin of Life, Organic Evolution, Mechanism of Organic Evolution, Human Genetics and Eugenics, Applied Biology, Mammalian Anatomy (Eg. Rabbit), Animal Physiology and Comparison between Periplanata and Blatta.

Botany: Plant Cell, Protoplasm, Ecology, Ecosystem, Genetics, Seeds in angiospermic plants, Fruits, Cell differentiation Plant Tissue, Anatomy of Root, stem and leaf, Important phylums, Soil and Photosynthesis.

For Integrated MA/BBA/ Integrated BA LLB (Hons)/ Integrated M.Sc./ B.Voc/ Diploma Courses:

There will be only one test paper for these courses. The syllabus will be comprised of English, Numerical Aptitude/Data Interpretation, Analytical Skills, Reasoning, General Aptitude, General Knowledge subjects/topics.

Click here to view CUCET Syllabus

For PG Courses Syllabus:

For L.L.M (Master of Law) Course:

General Principles of Contracts, Constitution, Law of Torts, Family Law-Hindu Law, Criminal Law-Indian Penal Law, Contract-II, Company Law, Property Law, Administrative Law, Family Law-II: Mohammedan Law and Indian Succession Act, Environmental Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law-II, Jurisprudence, Public International Law, Human Rights Law and Practice, Right to Information, Banking Law, Insurance Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems, Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act, Intellectual Property Rights-I, Penology & Victimology, Law relating to International Trade, Women and Criminal law & Law Relating to Child, White Collar Crimes (Privileged Class Deviance), intellectual Property Rights-II, Taxation, Law of Evidence, Competition Law and Interpretation of Statutes  & Principles of Legislation.

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For MBA Course:

English/Verbal Ability, Maths/Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning.

For Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Course:

Basic Mathematics: Set theory, Algebra and linear algebra, Real and complex analysis, Combinatorics and Probability and statistics.

Digital Logic: Switching theory, Combinational logic circuits and Sequential m/c model.

Basics of Programming: The candidate should be familiar with the basic concepts of programming and should be able to write programs involving the concepts in any one of the languages: C, C++ or Java.

If you have any other queries about CUCET 2021 Syllabus, you can leave your comments below in the comment box.

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