Chandigarh University CUCET 2024 Syllabus, UG/ PG – Get Here

Chandigarh University (CUCET) 2024 SyllabusChandigarh University 2024 (CUCET) Syllabus can be checked on the website for various Undergraduate and Postgraduate subjects. It is private university offers admission into various UG & PG courses to the candidates. It is conducted two times in a year CUCET I & CUCET II. Candidates who want to apply in the field of management can apply through MAT/ CAT/ CSAT score. Those candidates who want to apply in the field of engineering, management, science, arts, commerce, fine arts, medical can apply. Through this article, we have mentioned complete details regarding CUCET Syllabus 2024.

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Chandigarh University 2024 (CUCET) Syllabus

Before starting preparing for the Chandigarh University 2024 (CUCET) examination, candidates should have complete knowledge about upcoming syllabus. Without knowing the syllabus preparation will be more time consuming but with less effect. So, candidates should follow the syllabus given by the admission authority before start their preparation.

The syllabus of CUCET 2024 will be divided into two parts and four sections:

Below candidates must check the complete syllabus various UG & PG courses in detail below.

Physics Syllabus:

Uniform and non-uniform motion, average speed, Vector addition and Subtraction, Zero Vector, Scalar and Vector products, Unit Vector, Resolution of a Vector. Relative Velocity, Motion in a plane, Projectile Motion, Uniform Circular Motion, Newton’s First Law of motion, Static and Kinetic friction, laws of friction, rolling friction, Escape velocity, Thermal equilibrium.

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Equation of state of a perfect gas, Periodic motion, Simple harmonic motion, Electric charges, Electric flux, capacitor, Electric current, Drift velocity, Ohm’s law, Electromagnetic waves and their characteristics, Reflection and refraction, Dual nature of radiation, atomic masses, isotopes, isobar, nuclear fission and fusion, etc.

Chemistry Syllabus:

Concept of atom, molecule, element and compound, Physical quantities and their measurements in Chemistry, precision and accuracy, Laws of chemical combination, Measurable properties of gases, Kinetic theory of gases, Classification of solids, voids.

Pauli’s exclusion principle and Hund’s rule, electronic configuration of elements, Formation of ionic bonds, calculation of lattice enthalpy, Quantum mechanical approach to covalent bonding, Resonance, Molecular Orbital Theory, System and surroundings, types of processes, etc.

Organic Chemistry:

Shapes of simple molecules, Homologous series, Isomerism, free radicals, carbocations and carbanions, Inductive effect, electromeric effect, resonance and hyperconjugation, Isomerism, IUPAC nomenclature, general methods of preparation, properties and reactions. Alkanes, Alkynes – Addition of hydrogen, halogens, water and hydrogen halides; Polymerization, etc.

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Mathematics Syllabus:

Union, intersection, Types of relations, equivalence relations, functions, composition of functions, Complex, modulus, square root of a complex number, Matrices, algebra of matrices, types of matrices, determinants and matrices of order two and three. Properties of determinants.

Binomial theorem, Arithmetic and Geometric progressions, Relation between A.M. and G.M, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions, Ordinary differential equations, distance formula, section formula, locus and its equation, slope of a line, Coordinates of a point in space, Vectors and scalars, addition of vectors, Measures of Dispersion, Probability, Trigonometrical identities, etc.

Biology Syllabus:

Flower structure, development of seed and formation of fruit, Male and female reproductive systems, fertilisation, Heredity and variation, co-dominance, multiple alleles and inheritance of blood groups, chromosomes and genes.

Structure of DNA and RNA, Origin of life, Pathogens, parasites causing human diseases Basic concepts of immunology, Improvement in food production, Plant breeding, tissue culture, single cell protein, Bio fortification, Apiculture and Animal husbandry, Genetic Engineering, etc.

English Syllabus:

Time and Tense, Parallel construction, Relative pronouns, Determiners, Prepositions, Modals, Adjectives, Voice, Transformation, Synonyms, Antonyms, Odd Word, One Word, Jumbled letters, Homophones, Spelling, Contextual meaning, Analogy, Content/ideas, Vocabulary, Referents, Idioms/Phrases, Reconstruction, Rearrangement, Paragraph Unity, Linkers/Connectives, etc.

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Computer Syllabus:

Basics of computer and its operation, Concepts of Accumulator, Instruction Register, and Program Counter, Word processing concepts, Spreadsheet Concepts, Creating, Integrating word processor, spread sheets, web pages, WWW and Web Browsers, LAN, WAN, Node, Host, Workstation, And bandwidth, Network Components: Severs, Clients, Communication Media, C++, Cascading of I/O operators, Java, etc.

ME – Electrical Engineering:

Dependent sources, R, L, C, M elements, resonance, two port networks, balanced three phase circuits, star-delta transformation, complex power and power factor in ac circuits, Coulomb’s Law, Electric Field Intensity, Electric Flux Density, Gauss’s Law, Divergence, Effect of dielectric medium, linear time invariant and causal systems, R.M.S. value, etc.


Logic Gates, Number Representation , Minimization , Multiplexers, Decoders, Encoders, Shift Registers, Minimization, Combinational and sequential circuits, ALU, data-path and control unit, Programming in C/C++ -Procedural Approach/Object Oriented Programming Approach, Data structures, Asymptotic Notations, Regular expressions, Finite automata, Lexical analysis, parsing, syntax-directed translation, Need for Operating System, ER‐model, etc.

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Chandigarh University 2024 (CUCET) Exam Pattern 

Candidates can check the complete Chandigarh University 2024 (CUCET) exam pattern below:

For 10+2 (Non-medical with Chemistry):


For 10+2 (Non-medical with Computer):


For MBA:

Quantitative Analysis30
Logical Reasoning30

If you have any other queries about Chandigarh University 2024 (CUCET) Syllabus, you can leave your comments below in the comment box.

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    1. You are advised to go through the official website to know complete details about the syllabus. Syllabus is available in the PDF format for all courses.

    1. You must have to selected subjects as per your choice and the closest to your subjects in last qualifying exam.

      1. You are advised to go through the admission brochure to know complete course wise syllabus.

    1. We have provided important topics from the syllabus in our article. To know complete syllabus you must visit official brochure

  1. Sir, i am a commerce student , so what will be my syllabus as i am not able to find , everywhere there is syllabus of science students. What about commerce students ? Please reply sir…

  2. What will happen if we select different course in cucet form filling
    As like I had filled btech in course 1 and political science in subject 2
    What will happen ?
    What will be my syllabus for entrance exam?

  3. Syllabus for msc.evs entrance test in central university jammu also for botany and zoology and previous year question papers of all these three subjects plzzz

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