GATE Virtual Calculator 2021, How to Use Scientific Calculator

GATE Virtual CalculatorThe Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2021 (GATE 2021) is the national level examination for examining the performance of engineering candidates in the B.Tech subjects, quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability. GATE 2021 exam is going to be regulated by IIT, Bombay. Many public and private sector companies accept the score card of GATE to offer jobs. Besides this, GATE 2021 score card is also used for admission to the postgraduate programmes like M.Tech. The candidates can get all the details related to GATE Virtual Calculator from this article.

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GATE Virtual Calculator

The applicants can access the virtual calculator at the time of examination only. The candidates need not to bring the physical calculator as it is not permitted. Online virtual calculator is the online calculator that contains all the functions and operators to carry out operations. The candidates can access the virtual calculator on the examination day. The online calculator will be accessible only through the mouse; no use of a keyboard is needed.

GATE 2017 CalculatorThe GATE virtual calculator is the online calculator that will be accessed at the time of examination. The virtual calculator is same as other physical calculators with all the operations and functions, but the basic difference is that the GATE virtual calculator will be available online and can be accessed through the computer available at the examination centre.

The idea of using virtual calculator in the GATE exam was proposed in 2015, but it was imposed since GATE 2016 exam. Candidates must make sure to get sufficient practice to familiarize it with all aspects & functions. With the help of practicing, you will have a fine speed while using it in main exam. It is very important for candidates to have a good command over virtual calculator so that they can operate it easily.

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Salient Features of GATE 2021 Virtual Calculator

  • On the right hand side of virtual calculator, there are numeric keys for input the digits and operators for carrying out operations.
  • On the left hand side of virtual calculator, scientific functions and operations are available. The candidates can easily perform the calculation by simply clicking with the help of mouse.
  • The hyperbolic functions and trigonometric functions like sin, cos, tan are grouped together and their inverse is provided just below them.
  • Inverse functions will have separate keys so the candidates will not be required to click SHIFT or INV keys.
  • At the top of virtual calculator, there are two boxes. In the top most box of the calculator, all the operations are performed while the second box of the calculator shows the result.
  • [M+] will add displayed valued in memory.
  • [M-] will subtract displayed valued from memory.
  • [MR] will recall the value stored in memory.

Don’t’s of GATE Virtual 2021

  • Leave parenthesis unbalanced.
  • Performing multiple operations together.
  • Change the angle unit (Rad or Deg) before beginning any calculation.

Important Points

  • GATE virtual calculator is a non-programmable calculator.
  • It is not used for solving cubic, simultaneous and quadratic equations.
  • Students can use virtual calculator any time during the examination.
  • No permission will be granted for the physical calculator.
  • All the calculations with a virtual calculator will be done through mouse; no usage of keyboard is required.
  • Be sure to press [C] when you will begin a new calculation.

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  1. divya parashar says:

    can be solve matrix and imaginary terms

  2. priya says:

    Can we solve matrix by using virtual calculator

  3. Ashwini T says:

    cant we calculate direct answer for matrix?

  4. Jugal kishor mali says:


  5. Anil says:

    Is it able to solve equations using virtual calculator pls reply me

  6. Anil says:

    Is it able to solve equations using virtual calculator pls reply me

  7. sonali mahajan says:

    how to do operation like 2* 10^-5 operation on virtual calculator

  8. Akilan says:

    Please give website for use this calculater and detail of this calculator,

  9. junaid says:

    its a simple calculator bro…

  10. Abhishek Nalwade says:

    please, show how the virtual calculator work easily? (if you have any video about working of all the key send me please)
    how to make calculation faster so as to save time in exam??

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