How to Prepare for EAMCET 2019, Check Preparation Tips & Tricks Here

How to Prepare for EAMCET 2019EAMCET 2019 Preparation Tips helps the students to crack the examination. EAMCET is a state level exam. It will be conducted for the state of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh separately. This exam will be organized for admission in Engineering, Agriculture and other courses that is offered by the government and private colleges located Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. There are two examinations are organized AP EAMCET for Andhra Pradesh aspirants and TS EAMCET for Telangana students. Here, candidates can check the helpful information for How to prepare for EAMCET 2019.

AP EAMCET 2019 is a state level entrance test for Andhra Pradesh students which will be organized by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada on the behalf of APSCHE. It is a gateway for admissions in engineering, agriculture and other courses.

TS EAMCET 2019 is a state level examination conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad on the behalf of TSCHE. This examination is organized for Telangana aspirants for admissions in various courses like engineering, agriculture, etc.

Previous Year Question Papers & Mock Test

Apart studying from books, students should also prepare from the previous year question papers. With the help of question papers you will get detailed information about the type of question, difficulty level of exam and many others. Candidates should also practice mock test for better preparations. Through mock test, students can also analyze their performance.

Manage Your Time

Time management is one of the important thing in your exam preparation. Candidates have to make a suitable time-table for their study to give an equal attention for all the subjects. They have tried to cover the complete TS EAMCET syllabus of all the subjects. In case, candidate find some doubts in any of the subjects related to other subjects, they have to give extra time to those subjects.

Plan Your Preparation and Study Material

Students have to prepare the easy topics first then study the other topics. They should not leave any other topics for the last moment. They have to make a study plan for the exam preparation. When the students are selecting the study material, they ensure that it covers the complete AP EAMCET syllabus.

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Candidate will not get the enough time for the revision because of the lengthy syllabus. Due to lack of time, candidates will forget to revise the important topics. Before the 3 to 4 days of the time of examination, candidates have to try to revise the complete syllabus and important topics. Students will absolutely get good marks if they give last 3 or 4 days for the revision.

Stay Healthy and Fit

During the exam preparation, candidates have to stay healthy and fit. At the time of preparation, most of the students ignore their health and this will lead to ill and unfit. Candidates have to take a minimum 7-8 hours a day. To make you healthy and calm your mind, you have to do yoga and meditation. Breathing exercises will be included in order to reduce the anxiety and be prepared for intellectual challenges. All the candidates have to stay away from the fast and junk foods and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

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If you have any queries about How to prepare for EAMCET 2019, you may leave your queries below in the comment box.

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  1. ... says:

    I got only 580 in ipe.. what rank should i get in emcet to get seat in ou??

  2. shubham says:

    Sir by taking neet instead of eamcet we can prepare for agriculture exam

  3. deepika says:

    sir…! I have got 92% in ipe. How many marks I should get to get a rank of below 12000?

  4. Deepika says:

    Sir I got 89 percent in IPE and if I get 100 marks in eamcet what will my rank in eamcet be? And to get 10,000 below rank how many marks should I score

  5. bio says:

    Sir I got 97.9% if Igot 120/160 which rank l got in eamcet

  6. Alekhya says:

    Sir,my marks are 70 in mock test can I get 15000 below rank

  7. smiley says:

    Plz sir tell that is it enough practising previous years papers for getting 100 marks in TS emcet

  8. Deepika says:

    Maths chapterwise weight age for eamcet 2018

  9. Sk.Raheem Pasha says:

    Sir ,I am mpc student i have secured 81% can I scored good Rank in emcet give me advice regarding my comment

  10. Your Name... says:

    Sir,is previous question paper is enough for preparation of Eamcet to get more than 100
    Sir please help us by providing an information

  11. Prabha prabhakar says:

    Eamcet all in one… Is it enough to prepare

  12. Anonymous says:

    What is lesson wise weightage for EAMCET?

  13. Jyothi says:

    Sir previous eamcet papers enough for preparation to get 90+

  14. Saikirangoud says:

    Sir I a’m a MPC student,applid for both engineering and agriculture exam can you please give me valuable information about it and question paper pattern

  15. chetan says:

    previous papers are enough for the preparation of eamcet exam i have doubt on it

  16. chetan says:

    are previous papers are enogh for preparation of eamcet exam

  17. Rohit says:

    Are previous questions papers are enough to prepare to get 80 marks 8n eamcet

  18. shree.k says:

    Through mcet can we get mbbs seat

  19. Adity dwivedi says:

    I dont have enough time for eamcet preparation …even my inter 2nd year exams are approaching …so i dont have proper time …can you please guide me to complete my whole portion ..i have planned to study very perfectly for the 2nd year exam that i can give more time for 1st year portion but still please help me out…to get below 1000 rank….please

  20. Your Name... says:

    I want to secure a good rank to get an admission into osmania university ….but what kind of good rank (the number) would make my hope come true ??

    • Puneeth Satwik says:

      I too have the same goal
      So i think getting above 90 marks for 160 is enough to get a seat in osmania university but if u want a specific group(like cse,ece or eee)u need to score above 110.

  21. says:

    How to start the preparation for competitive exams and from where to start??.I am in lot of confusion and doubtful and afraid too for preparation..

    • PavanYour Name... says:

      Don’t be afraid.. There’s a lot of time …Start preparing from now ..With a prep of just 20 days I secured a rank of 14k ..So u still have time …choose correct books like academy books for prep … They ll help u get through for sure…

  22. Fatima says:

    How can I get 90 marks in EAMCET and jee mains.

  23. Dhathri says:

    How much rank should I get in ts eamcet so that I can get cse seat in mvsr clg.

  24. Zoya says:

    How many marks do i need to get in ipe and eamcet to get a seat in osmania university?? I will be writting eamcet 2018

  25. Ch. Nani says:

    Sir, iam iti student I can also write a EAMCET???

  26. Vidhi says:

    Important chapters to prepare???

  27. Koushiktupurani says:

    Sir,i am very confused .. how to attend EAMCET 2018 exam can u plz provide the timetable to prepare fr EAMCET to get 130+marks in exam

  28. A.Anusha says:

    important things that should be carried to exam hall

  29. R Anil says:

    Sir i interesting veterinary cource so how many marks i got the eamset

  30. Sneha says:

    How to get marks above 120 in eamcet .I got 94percentage in ipe and IAM very scared about eamcet

    • karthik says:

      Believe in you

    • KarthikYour Name... says:

      You have got 94% in IPE, still u r confused…means u had not concentrated on the subject which u r learning. I think you should understand the subject and then u open your material, it is easily to solve the problems….

  31. mukesh goud says:

    How to get 100 above score in ts eamcet n plz reply with perfect solution

  32. bathini mukesh goud says:

    How to get 100 marks in ts eamcet and plz help me

  33. sahithi says:

    what are the requirements needed to take into the examination hall . will you please suggest me

  34. ravi says:

    how many marks should i get seat in osmania i am from ap and iam st catagory and got 759 marks in ipe

  35. Kalavala.Rakesh says:

    How to get a good rank in eamcet without coaching? Is it(coaching) is neccessary to get rank

  36. Swaroopa laxmi says:

    Need study plan for ts eamcet for my son to get rank less than 9000…n how to prepare .pls help in planning ..

    Thanks n Regards

  37. sumanth says:

    sir,i need a complete revision with day to day plan for eamcet preparation from today i.e. 3/4/17

  38. Divya says:

    1 month left.How can i prepare for eamcet.please suggest a time table….

  39. kishore says:

    Telugu academy books is in if for eamcet

  40. ayyappa says:

    is it emcet online ? how to we prepare we near wrote any online exam

  41. Nick says:

    Can I good rank for veterinary seat in 2017 eamcet in 70 days

  42. sai shivani says:

    hi sir\madam i am mpc student i am average studying student i got 80 % in my first year i am so scared about eamcet please can u help me how should i study from where please…

  43. sowjanya says:

    is home preparation good for eamcet?

  44. vijay says:

    how to score 130+

  45. Shaik irfan says:

    Sir..i got 97 % in 1st yr & will score good in second year too…am confused how to prepare for eamcet….& is there any weightage for eamcet…plz reply me …

  46. Milkajenifer says:

    Suggest me how to write eamcet and to complete MBBS which group should i select in intermediate…..

  47. nihal reddy says:

    How I should prepare eamcet in 9 days

  48. Alok Reddy says:

    during the exam… which would be better? , bubbling the answers immediately after getting the answer or bubbling all the answer once we complete the whole question paper

  49. Please suggest me a book name to prepare for eamcet... I m confused... says:

    I’m confused….. Plz help me out….I’m writing the medical entrance eamcet exam….which syllabus I have to study….

  50. Coolguy says:

    Sir what steps should I need to follow to get a good rank in Eamcet for professional courses??? Plz suggst some good tips for my preparation

  51. Swati says:

    Im confused which material should i use for eamcet

  52. Tahseen Sultana says:

    plz give some tips on easy solving physics and maths for a simple problems given in multiplex way as I want get a seat in reputed college on rank basis and I’m a simple person cannot understand the triggy matter

  53. Gafoor says:

    Sir, what kind of study material do you suggest me for engineering stream ??

  54. Unnith says:

    Does bit Sat material suitable for eamcet material ?

  55. shivani thakur says:

    Sir,i am Bi.P.C student i have secured 87% percentage can i score good rank in EAMCET AND I AM ALSO HAVE PROBLRM IN PHYSICS CAN u give me advice regarding my coment.

  56. jeevan says:

    Sir, I am the student of iiit basar. Sir, I had taken biology as my optional course and I am fully excelled in the subject. I have good command on all the subjects except maths. Can I take eamcet in medical field. And if I got medical seat then what are the subject marks that are taken into ipe 25% consideration? Please reply me. Very urgent.

  57. pavan kalyan says:

    can we prepare for eamcet in 4 months

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