MH CET 2024 Preparation Tips, Mock Test (Out) – Check Here

MH CET 2024 Preparation Tips

MH CET 2024 Mock Test is available now for practise of candidates. Preparation Tips helps candidates to score good marks in the examination. MH CET (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test) is a state level examination also known as MHT CET.

Government of Maharashtra, State Common Entrance Test Cell organises this exam for providing admission in various Engineering, agriculture, pharmacy, technology & other courses. Through MH CET exam, students will get admission in various colleges of Maharashtra state. Here, we are providing some tips and tricks about How to Prepare for MH CET 2024.

MH CET Preparation Tips 2024 – Mock Test Out 

newiconMH CET 2024 Mock Test is available for practise of candidates for PCB/ PCM exams. Click here for mock test.

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MH CET is one of the difficult examinations and preparation for this exam needs special tips and tricks which can help you to achieve good marks in the examination. These preparation tips will help you to prepare better for this exam. Some preparation tips are given below:

Plan Your Preparations

Planning is the first step to prepare for MH CET exam. It is important to know all details about the MH CET 2024 syllabus. You should gather all details about the syllabus and prepare accordingly.

Plan your preparation so that you can finish the syllabus on time. Every single topic from the syllabus plays an important role in the preparation. So, try to cover all syllabus in your preparations.

Time Management

You should make sure to divide your time equally for all the subjects. Make a proper time-table and prepare wisely. Firstly, measure your time allotted for each subjects and also make some time for extra activities.

Never allot long hours study periods. Try to include short breaks between each hour.

Study Materials & Sample Papers

Preparing from the best books & study materials will help you achieve good rank in the examination.

Find out the best books and prepare from them. Also, practice the previous year question papers to know the MH CET 2024 exam pattern well.

Try to solve questions papers or sample papers on time it will help you to manage your time to solve questions. By practicing you can know about the type of questions, weightage of questions, difficulty level of the exam, etc.


Last ten days before the examination should be used only for revision. At the time of revision you should be more focused on the main exam and refreshing topics.

Practice all the topics during the time of revision. Practice mock test to boost your preparations.

By practicing mock test, analyze your performance, time management as well as weak points or subjects. Find out your weak points and work on them.

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Take Care of your Health

With better health you can prepare well in the examination. It is always important to maintain your health during the preparation. Keep calm and put your best in the preparation.

Take healthy and nutritious food and try to avoid oily and junk food. Don’t take any stress and tension about your preparation. Practice yoga and meditation it will help you to calm your mind.

MH CET 2024 Syllabus

Here, candidates can get some important topics of MH CET 2024 syllabus:


Environmental Chemistry, Solid State, Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetic, Solutions and Colligative Properties, Chemical Kinetics, General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements, p-Block elements Group 15 elements, Electro-chemistry, Aromatic Compounds, d and f Block Elements d-Block Elements


Applications of Derivative Trigonometric Functions,  Permutations & Combinations, Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem, Limits, Integration, Statistics,  Mathematical Logic Statements, Matrices, Pair of Straight Lines, Complex Numbers, Differentiation, Circle, Conics, Vectors, Three Dimensional Geometry, Line, Plane, Linear Programming Problems, Continuity, Differentiation


Wave Theory of Light, Electromagnetic Waves Circular Motion, Oscillations, Elasticity, Surface Tension, Wave Motion, Gravitation, Stationary Waves, Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiation, Rotational Motion, Interference and Diffraction

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  1. I have select the option of PCM in mht CET form but I want to take admission in pharmacy can take admission in pharmacy??

  2. How can we study for CET can you please give some suggestions of books from which we can study.
    All faculty students will have the same subjects to prepare???

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