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NATA 2024 Preparation TipsNATA 2024 Preparation Tips is aimed at providing valuable points for the preparation of the NATA 2024 examinations. Through these tips & tricks, candidates would be able to secure good marks easily. COA (Council of Architecture) will organize the NATA exam. It is a national level examination conducted to offer admission in B.Arch courses offered by various colleges & institutions of India. In this article, we have provided NATA Preparation Tips 2024 along with some important things to remember for the candidates.

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NATA 2024 Preparation Tips

A few points regarding the NATA Preparation process are mentioned below. The candidates are advised to go through these tips and prepare accordingly:

Study & Practice Every Day

The candidates must study the preparation books and study materials every day without failing. They should keep updating themselves every day and must revise the topics which are required to be completed on time.

The candidates must not take time off for days as it will make them forget everything they would have studied.

There is nothing that can replace hard work and dedication. A candidate must dedicate themselves toward the preparation and should only focus on clearing the examination with good results.

Practice on Old Question Papers

The older version of the test will provide a very important insight regarding the format of the NATA exams.

The candidates must go through the NATA 2024 syllabus and decide which book/study materials they have to collect for preparation and collect it in advance before beginning of the preparation.

Not only practicing on it will make a candidate familiar with its structure and pattern but also will make the candidate aware of how much time he/she should dedicate to each section of the question paper.

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Consult your Teachers/Tutors

Asking help from teachers/professors is a great way to clear doubts and get information regarding where a candidate is actually making mistakes. The academicians can easily spot the point where an individual is having problems.

By getting consultation from teachers/tutors a candidate will be able to overcome obstacles while preparing for the exams.

Prepare a Better Time-Table

The candidates must take into consideration every aspect of the preparation process and must dedicate sufficient amount of time to each component such as completing the syllabus, revision of the completed parts, preparing on the older question papers etc.

The candidates must focus equally on all the components as a balance between these will guarantee success. The candidates must study for at least 5-6 hours per day.

Additional Preparation Tips

Given below are some of the additional preparation tips that candidates must practice in order to get good results:

  • The candidates must keep practicing without losing patience.
  • Practice on mock tests.
  • Prepare short notes and keep referring to those while preparing.
  • Take sufficient rest in order to avoid stress.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat well and exercise daily.

Things to Remember

There a few things that the candidates are required to remember in order to perform better at the entrance examinations. Some of them are detailed below:

  • Always focus on memorizing the important concepts of the topics.
  • Keep practicing on paper as it helps in memorizing in a better way.
  • Form a study group with friends and keep discussing the topics in order to get a third perspective regarding your preparation.
  • Don’t skip any part of the syllabus by considering it to be less important.

Only through a better preparation, a candidate gets successful in clearing the entrance examination. The more dedicatedly a candidate prepares for the examination, the better the result. These tips & tricks can guide candidates for how to prepare for NATA 2024.

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  1. Hello,
    Can you please provide some good websites for downloading the NATA question papers and all such material needed for preparation???

  2. The scheduled NATA Exam (online) to be conducted on 29th Aug, 2020, I have opted to give the Exam online from my doubt is that while answering MCQ,whether paper and pen is allowed for rough calculations without which correct Answer cannot be derived,specificaly for Mathematics and Physics.Clarification is urgently needed. Kindly Clarify..

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