NEST 2021 Preparation Tips, How to Prepare for NEST- Get Tips & Tricks

NEST 2021 Preparation Tips

NEST 2021 Preparation Tips help the candidates to crack the entrance exam. NEST is a national level screening test. This exam is conducted for the admission into the 5 year integrated programme of M.Sc. This test enables candidates to take admission in the Institutes of UM-DAE CEBS, Mumbai and NISER, Bhubaneswar. In this article, we have provided all the details related to NEST Preparation Tips 2021.

NEST 2021 Preparation Tips Mock Test Released

newiconNEST 2021 Mock Test has been released on 4th August 2021. Click here for mock test.  

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By the below mentioned some preparation tips & tricks for how to prepare for NEST exam. With the help of these tips, students can make themselves ready for the entrance test without much stress:

Review the Syllabus:

Before starting the preparation of NEST 2021 entrance exam, candidates must go through the complete syllabus. Candidates must note down that they study, according to the prescribed syllabus.

Review the Exam Pattern:

Understanding the NEST 2021 exam pattern is also necessary for the candidates. Without knowing the pattern, candidates will not be aware of a number of questions, time duration, marking pattern and other details of the entrance test.

Understand the Concepts:

Candidates must go through the concepts and then prepare for various topics. Understanding the concept must be primary thing to be followed by the students.  Without clearing the concepts, candidates will not be able to clear his confusion and make various mistakes.

Make Smart Strategy:

Working hard without a proper strategy is nothing. Candidates must prepare an effective and smart strategy for the examination. By preparing a good strategy candidates will increase their chances of qualifying the examination.

Prepare Notes:

Preparing notes for the exam is an important part of preparation. Candidates must note down all the important points at one place. This will help the candidate to go through these notes at the time of revision before appearing for the exam.

Have Good Study Material:

Candidates must study for their appearing test from good sources of material. Candidates should prepare themselves from the study material which is recommended by the professional teachers and qualifying candidates.

Practice Mock Tests:

Attempting mock tests helps to know how to cope up with various types of questions in a limited duration of time. Candidates must attempt various online or offline mock tests to make their preparation better.

NEST 2021 Syllabus

NEST 2021 Syllabus will consist of topics from the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and General ability.

  • Physics:General, Mechanics, Sound, Fluids, Thermal physics, Rotational Dynamics, Wave Optics, Electricity, Magnetism, Semiconductors, Capacitance, Modern Physics, Electromagnetic Induction, Ray Optics, X Rays.
  • Chemistry:Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Thermodynamics, Mole Concept, Solutions, Chemical Kinetics, Periodic Table, Metallurgy, d-block Elements, p-block Elements , f-block Elements, s-block Elements, Metals and Non Metals, Colloids, Coordination Compounds, Surface Chemistry, Solid State, Solutions, Hydrogen Element; Organic Chemistry-Reactive intermediates, Alkanes, Nomenclature, Alkenes and Alkynes, Isomerism, Haloalkanes (Alkyl halides), Aromatic compounds
  • Mathematics:Algebra, Quadratic equations, Probability, Arithmetic, Harmonic and Geometric Progression, Arithmetic, Harmonic and Geometric Means, Permutations and combinations, Logarithms, simultaneous linear equations, Binomial theorem, Matrices
  • Biology:Ecosystems, Evolution, Biotechnology, Anatomy, Genetics, Humans and Environment, Biology of Plant Systems, Reproduction, Physiology, Human Health and Diseases, Ecology, Biology of Animal Systems
  • General Ability:There is not any prescribed syllabus for General Ability section. However, this section will contain questions from Science, History, Geography, English, Mathematics, G.K and Current affairs. Questions from mathematical ability of class 10thcan be asked in the paper. Passage type questions of science may also be asked.

NEST 2021 Preparation Tips will help the candidates to prepare for the exams in a planned and easier way. These tips will help the candidates to prepare in a less stressful and smarter way.

If you have any query related to NEST 2021 Preparation Tips, you can ask your query in the comments section provided below.

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