How to Prepare for 10th Board Exams?

Board examinations are the decisive factor for the most of future endeavor. The students, pursuing for the 10th board examination this year have to prepare hard for their study. Till now you had have faced some ground competition with your classmates but this time you will face a great competition with numerous students across the India. Here we are providing you some tips which will help you in preparing for your 10th board examinations.

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Follow your Class Lessons

Class lessons are the best way to understand your syllabus systematically. Class lessons are the best introduction of the topics of your syllabus. Always be present in your class and concentrate on the class studies. After coming home, revise the topics what you have studied in the class. In case of any confusion, clarify these topics with your teacher on the next day.

Study Corner at Home

Try to find the best and quite study place in your home where no one can make you distract. Try to avoid all entertaining gadgets like TV and radio from your study place. Make sure that proper ventilation and illumination exist at your study place.

Solve Sample Papers

Various sample papers and 10 years previous papers are available at the bookstores in the market. Buy such sample papers and 10 years previous papers and try to solve them, besides the questions given in your books at the end of each topic. It will certainly help the students for their perfect preparation and students get the better idea of the format as it will appear in their board examinations. Also try to solve the questions given at the end of the each topic.

Make Brief Notes

Making brief notes has been very helpful always while your preparation and study for board examinations. Always note down and make precise notes from your textbooks and reference books and from your class lessons. Highlight important headings and formulae in your notes and books as you could find easily when needed. Your notes will be the good stuff for revision at the near time of your examinations. Make separate notes for each subject.

Don’t Leave for the End

Some of the students usually do one common thing this include leaving some topics and lessons for the end. This habit may create a pressure on you at the end or at the revision time. Always cover all topics before 2 months of the examinations start. So that you can revise once whatever you have studied during your preparation.


Do not buy any new book or do not read any new reference right before the examination. It will make you confused and you will mesh-up whatever you have studied. Now you have made your notes. It is a good time to revise these. A good revision can make your best score in board examinations. Always concentrate those topics in which you are comparatively weak . Before revision make sure that you have complete your entire syllabus.

Stay Fit

Follow the proper exercise, healthy diet and complete & comfortable sleep. Beside good preparation and study, rest and sleep are also essential for best learning. Follow a healthy diet while preparing for the exams. Do yoga, exercise and meditation, it will help you to concentrate better in your studies and stay completely free of stress. Avoid junk food and over eating, which will make you lethargic. Stay motivated, if you are doing revision and preparing well for the exams then you will do it fine.

Go through the Syllabus

In 10th class standard, there is a rare possibility of awareness about the syllabus among students. Students have a tendency to follow the instructions and directions which have given by their teachers. Students are needed to be aware about the syllabus which is prescribed for the examination. Students can consult with their teachers about the prescribed syllabus. To get high marks, you will need to cover the entire syllabus with revision.

Make a Time-Table

Planning is the most important factor while preparing for the exams. Prepare a time table for board preparations and give enough time for each subject. Choose the time as per your daily schedule. Never allot long hour of studies in your time-table. Try to include short breaks between long hours of studies. Also make sure to give some time for playing and re-energizing yourself.

Strength & Weakness

Firstly, find out about the strength & weaknesses. Work on your weak points or topics and try to improve them. If you find difficulties in solving some questions you can take help from your class teachers, classmates and tutors.

Stay Positive and Confident

You must have to stay positive at the time of preparation and stay away from the stressful people. Meditation is going to help you in improving concentration, so do meditation, yoga daily.

Practice Writing

At the time of examination, you will have to do a fair amount of writing. You should have to maintain a uniform speed of writing throughout the entire period of examination. It will help you to complete the exam in the given time period. While learning long answers, try to form a link between the different events. For example, try to relate the concepts by asking yourself questions like what happened after this and why.

Subject Wise Tips


  • If you are clear with the basic concepts, Mathematics could be a high scoring subject for you.
  • Sometimes calculations can be time consuming you should have to practice a lot to gain speed and accuracy.
  • Practice common square root & cube root questions it can help you to solve questions quickly.


  • Have a good grip on the fundamental concepts.
  • Practice formulae and theorems from previous years question papers.
  • Practice both direct formulae and theorem based questions for better preparations.


  • Pay attention to the important diagrams and their theory.
  • It is mostly a theoretical subject so go through the important definitions of each topic.
  • Make sure to memorize the important topics and their respective functions.


  • Chemistry is a high scoring subject which requires less time for preparations.
  • Study reactions and make chart of the formulae and practice them.
  • In-depth study of the subject can help you to increase speed and accuracy in solving questions.


  • Try to practice map pointing on a daily basis.
  • Practice questions related to latitude and longitude they could be high scoring questions of the subject.

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