How to Prepare for 12th Board Exams?

The board examination are very stressful in the career of a student. A better preparation for board examination can lower down the stress effectively. We are providing some useful tips in the subsequent part of this article which will help you to get the best score in your 12th examination. Some students copy to another brighter student in preparation which is almost wrong. Know your capability and do not waste your precious time to know about the other’s method of preparation. Focus your mind to start your own preparation and do not drop your confidence.

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How to Prepare for 12th Board Exams?

12th board exams are the deciding steps of you future career. This exam holds a deciding factor of colleges and institutions. Students who are appearing in the 12th class examinations can surely take help from these tips and tricks:

Always remember “the failure to try is the only real failure of life”. So follow the below preparation tips:


Some of the brilliant students lack in their confidence. They have a better idea to learn, good concentration and interest in their study but they always think negative about the result. They always took the study as seriously as it becomes a load over them. Therefore, try to learn with fun. Take your study seriously but do not get this seriousness over your confidence.  Always think positive about your examination. Positive attitude towards exams in the main important fact which you should have in yourself to successfully crack your exam.

Time management

Time management is another important thing in your preparation. You need to maintain a time-table for your study and give equal time to all subjects. If you follow this tip, you will certainly be able to avoid the stress and fear which arise in the students during preparation of the exams. Set a deadline for each subject, and then only you will able to complete your studies within time.


To complete the study in time is important, but revision is more important in your study. Revision is just like a final touch to your study. Don’t wait till the end to revise. Select your weekend day as the best day for your regularly revision about whatever you have studied during the entire week. Complete your all subject around 2 months prior to the final board examination, so that you could do the revision again.

Study method

Set your study hours and right study place. Allocate more time to the subjects which are tougher than that of others on which you already have a grip. It will make such subjects easier at the time of examinations.

Write notes

Writing is a good habit to learn effectively. Always write the subject wise notes including definitions and formulae over the topics what you are studying. At the time of examination these notes will help you in your revision.

New topics

Always avoid reading new topics at the time of examination. It will make your thoughts negative that you did not have prepared well and ultimately you will go under the stress which is not good at the time of examination.

Refreshment and rest

Allocate some time to the refreshment activities daily. Take a good 6-7 hours comfortable sleep. Ensure that your bed is much comfortable for sleep. Take a regular exercise and yoga. Eat a healthy diet. These all above said things will make you fit for the next day study and make your brain fresh and able to increase your output.

Time before the Exams

Students are strictly advised that do not try to read any new topic just before the exams. Get up early in the morning and revise the important topics you have marked. Stay relaxed and stress free and be self confident about your preparations for the examination.

Go with the Syllabus

Grab details about the syllabus of all subjects clearly. Besides preparing from reference books, you should also prepare from your syllabus books like NCERT books (in case of CBSE students). Syllabus books are designed by keeping in mind the strict syllabus of the examination. Stick with the prescribed syllabus and read accordingly.

Work in your Weak Points

Have a look at what are your weak points and how can you make them strong. Check your answer sheets of class tests and pre board and take a deep look into them and find your mistakes. Make a list of your weak points for each subject and start doing hard work on your weak points and make them strong.

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Subject Wise Preparations

Higher secondary (12th) exam is divided into three streams, i.e. Science, Commerce and Humanities. Here we are providing some subject wise tips for all stream students:

Science Stream Tips


  • Carefully read the fundamental and concepts of the subject.
  • Practice hard on direct formula and theorem based questions.
  • Take last year question papers and use formulas & theorems to solve questions.


  • Questions related to organic and inorganic chemistry are fact based questions that can be solved quickly with good practice.
  • Work on your speed and accuracy while solving a problem.
  • Carefully study the name reactions along with their examples.


  • You should practice a lot the diagrams along with their theory.
  • This subject has difficult terminology, so you should practice spelling and writing such terms.
  • Also try to solve objective type questions it will give you an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Mathematics Tips:

  • Firstly, clear the basic fundamentals and concepts of the subject.
  • Try to solve questions with short cut methods to increase your speed.
  • Some calculations can be lengthy you should practice a lot these types of questions.

Commerce Stream Tips


  • This subject is a combination of theory, calculations and diagrams, so you should practice each of them equally.
  • Practice the calculations & diagrams on a daily basis.
  • Read out all the important definition and formulae.


  • Make sure that your basic concepts should be clear about fundamentals and calculations.
  • Solve calculations properly with the sufficient explanations and narrations.
  • Make your doubts clear about the various statements of accounts.

Humanities Stream Tips


  • You should memorize the names, dates and periods of the various important historical events.
  • Regularly revise the historical events.
  • You can also watch movies and TV programs related to historical events.

Political Science:

  • Stay updated about the recent political developments at national as well as international level.
  • Make sure to focus on world politics and its politic scenario.

For any other queries related to How to Prepare for 12th Board Exams, you may leave your queries below in the comment box.

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  1. Awnish rao says:

    I am studying in a college that dont have a good records….will it affect on my results….and I am a good student I have score 92% in my 10th board examinations….plzz rply.

  2. prasansha Singh rajput says:

    Sir I have only 8 months for my preparation for 12th board .i am a commerce student. I wish to secure 95% please suggest me The right study time and proper study plan and a time table for scoring 95% .plzzz give me a timetable which included schooling hours mirroring 7am to noon 3pm .plzz suggest me time table plzz .i am also preparing for clat. .plzzz suggest me the better time table and study strategy for 12th as well as clat.

  3. prasansha Singh rajput says:

    Sir I have only 8 months for my preparation for 12th board .i am a commerce student. I wish to secure 95% please suggest me The right study time and proper study plan and a time table for scoring 95% .plzzz give me a timetable which included schooling hours mirroring 7am to noon 3pm .plzz suggest me time table plzz

  4. Abhishek says:


    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Make a good time table, given equal time to important subjects, practice previous yr papers, be disciplined with your studies.

  5. Nivetha Shree says:

    thanks for ur advice

  6. Sonaa says:

    What will happen if I forgot to fill in the details like are you a person with disability,scribe required?
    Is is mandatory to fill both these details?
    Please Help.

  7. Sumedha lawande says:

    Which books, additional to score max. Marks…??

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