TS EAMCET Rank Predictor 2023 – Predict Your TS EAMCET Rank

TS EAMCET 2022 Rank PredictorTS EAMCET 2023 Rank Predictor is a effective tool which will help the candidates in calculating their estimated rank. The rank can be calculated on the basis of candidates marks in TS EAMCET and percentage in class 12th. Telangana state Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Examination is conducted for admission to engineering, agriculture and medical allied courses in Telanagana state. Through this examination, admission to the government & private engineering, agriculture and medical colleges of Telangana is offered. After the examination, candidates look for the rank predictor through which they can predict their rank. Here, we are assisting the candidates with the TS EAMCET Rank Predictor 2023. Get details about the usage of rank predictor.

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TS EAMCET Rank Predictor 2023

TS EAMCET rank predictor enables the candidates to calculate their rank in the exam. TS EAMCET 2023 Examination will be held in the second week of August 2023 and official rank list will be available in September 2023. Candidates who are going to appear in the TS EAMCET 2023 examination can estimate their rank with the help of our TS EAMCET Rank Predictor 2023 tool.

This tool provides the probable rank to the candidate as per his/her expected marks. To calculate the estimate marks in the entrance examination, candidates can use the TS EAMCET answer key 2023.

Rank predictor tool will only provide a estimate rank that candidates can get in the TS EAMCET 2023 Examination. Candidates are advised to wait for actual rank which will be prepared by the conducting authority of Examination. Actual Rank Card will be release along with the declaration of TS EAMCET 2023 Result.

Candidates can expect the official rank link till September 2023. With the use of this rank predictor, you can forecast in advance that whether you will get admission in the desired college or not.

How to Use TS EAMCET Rank Predictor 2023

Candidates are required to enter their expected marks and category/quota (if applicable) in the tool for calculating his/her rank. After analyzing marks, the rank predictor tool will provide your estimated rank. Every college announces its separate cut-off marks for granting admission. Rank list will be prepared on the basis of candidate rank in TS EAMCET 2023. The qualifying percentage of marks for the TS EAMCET 2023 will be 25% of the maximum marks considered for ranking. No minimum qualifying marks for reserved category candidates.

Rank will be generated on the basis of combined score by providing 75% weightage to the marks secured in TS EAMCET 2023 and 25% weightage to the marks secured in the PCM/PCB of the qualifying examination.

Last year, the rank was as follows:

For Engineering:

RankTS EAMCET Weightage + Intermediate Weightage
1000 78.07
10000 61.08
50000 47.19
100000 41.75
150000 37.29
200000 31.29
205000 29.43

For Medical & Agricultural

RankTS EAMCET Weightage + Intermediate Weightage
4000 72.32
5000 70.16
6000 68.38
7000 66.76
8000 65.26

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In case of any query regarding TS EAMCET Rank Predictor 2023, you may ask us by commenting below.

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  1. Sowmya says:

    In ipe my percentage is 90 in ts emcet I got 56 marks and I am oc but I have ews how much rank nearly got

  2. SK Riyana says:

    I got 31.45% in EAMCET. How much will be my rank??

  3. Pranav says:

    sir , I have got 84 marks in ts eamcet in agriculture and medical and in i.p.e I have got 947.
    But i didn’t understand what is meant by 600 marks in ipe so , please help me to calculate my rank in ts emcet

  4. Shivani says:

    My ipe marks bipc is 937 and I got 73 marks in eamcet what is my predicted rank in telangana

  5. Amulya balne says:

    My ipe marks bipc is 780 and I got 60 marks in eamcet what is my predicted rank in telangana

  6. SRINATH says:

    I got 446 out of 600 in ipe mpc and 42 in eamcet.what is my rank

  7. Bhageerath Reddy DENDI says:

    I got 64 out of 160 in eamcet . 24 out of 25 in ipe. Total 54 how much rank can I expect sir. Plz reply as soon as possible . We are waiting for your reply

  8. Monika says:

    I got 41 marks in ts eamcet and 563/600 ipe what is my rank?

  9. Papa says:

    Sir I got 55 marks in emcet and 915 marks in inter mediate which rank I got in emcet





  12. Nawazia says:

    I got 870 in ipe and 65 marks in ts eamcet.Can you please tell my expected rank

  13. Jeevana jyothi says:

    If I got 90 marks in ts eamcet and 563 marks in ipe can get seat in government clg I belongs to au category

  14. Meghana says:

    If i get 942 marks in ipe and 54 marks in eamcet how much rank could i expect

  15. Peddolla Shailaja Reddy says:

    Sir,I got 62 marks in Eamcet and intermediate marks 586/600.what will be eamcet rank

  16. Sravya says:

    I got 45 marks in eamcet ipe 937 how much rank

  17. Koti Deekshitha says:

    I got48marks in ts eamcet in ipe549/600can I get top college

  18. Arun says:

    I got 51 marks in eamcet and I got 923 marks in ipe can i get top college

  19. Aishwarya says:

    Sir i got 46 marks in eamcet and I got 945 marks in IPE which rank I would get

  20. Balaji B says:

    IPE – 97%

    TS EAMCET Marks – 89

    Please let us know the TS EAMCET2020 rank for the above score.

  21. Kalyan says:

    I got 507 for 600 in ipe and 100 in eamcet i am having sc reservation what is my rank

  22. Fayaz says:

    I have got 57 marks in TS EAMCET and Ipe weightage of 404 out of 600 what would be my rank

  23. Pavan says:

    I have scored 60 marks in ts eamcet 24.48 percentage would be my rank ?

  24. Grace says:

    I got 924 in Ipe and 56 Mark’s in emcet how can I guess my rank

  25. vikky says:

    i got 53 marks in ts eamcet and 855 in intermediate public examinations what would be the rank

  26. Sathvika says:

    Sir i got 96% in inter and i scored 43 in emcet what is my rank

  27. Keerthi says:

    I got 808 marks in intermediate and 52 marks in emcet which rank I would get

  28. Saicharantej says:

    I got 67 Mark’s in eamcet and 956 in ipe
    What is my rank

  29. Manoj says:

    I got 58 marks in eamcet and my Intermediate marks are 706/1000 what is my rank plz predict

  30. Afra says:

    I got 44 in the eamcet and 863 in ipe how much rank do I get?

  31. nithya says:

    my marks are 66 for eamcet and 580 for ipe can you predict my rank

  32. Boosa srivani says:

    I got 534 marks out of 540 in ipe and 62 marks in eamcet.Then what is my expected rank

  33. Hari deep Gaddam says:

    Sir I have got 81 marks in ts eamcet my ipe marks are 590/600 in groups I am from ap what will be my rank

  34. Sawood Ahmed says:


  35. Sneha says:

    I got 476 marks in intermediate (MPC) 50marks in eamcet TS 2020.what could be my rank?

  36. Spandana says:

    Sir I am not qualified in ts eamcet can I apply for counseling

  37. R.Thanmayee reddy says:

    Sir I got 983/1000 in ipe and total score for maths physics and chemistry for two years is 535/540 for mpc (oc_female)..and I got 65 Mark’s in Mark’s eamcet how much rank would I get

  38. Adithya says:

    I scored 927 marks in inter board and if get get 100 marks in eamcet what would be total percentile how do we calculate it

  39. SAMPATH says:

    Ts emcet if I get 55 marks, IPE marks 911. Which rank can I except

  40. darshan says:

    i scored 88.83%in boards and i got 73in pcb of kcet what will be my rank?

  41. LOKESH says:

    576 Marks out of 600
    73 in eamcet then my rank is

  42. Harsha vardhan ambidi says:

    If i get 80 marks in MCET wht type of colleges can i get in TELANGANA..

  43. chukesh says:

    Sir my inter percentage is 74.4%nd i scored 60 marks in tseamcet nd i am sc does i hd any seat

  44. dooda akhila says:

    I got 107marks and 10722 ran in ts eamcet3.. I belongs to sc girl… any chance in mbbs seat in conver quota

  45. Parameshwar says:

    I got 135 marks in eamcet 3 my marks in inter 983 what would be my rank

  46. Your Name... says:

    Presently 37,198 students are appear tsemcet medical stream. In that situation how much rank estimaedfor the marks of 64.776

  47. Srinivas says:

    Is previous ranks were computed on the basis of correct data

  48. ch srinivas says:

    for 110 marks in tseamcet-3, what could be the rank

  49. dooda akhila says:

    I got 100 marks in ts eamcet 3… ipe 24 percentage… am belongs to sc girl.. how much rank and any chance to mbbs seat in convener quota..?

  50. S.Gnanpavan says:

    Igot 87 in ts eamcet3. Ipe weight is 24. Pls tell my rank

  51. S. Manasa says:

    Sir, I got 2800 rank in TS eamcet medical and 89% inter ip

  52. Ooha says:

    Can u suggest an app to check rank wise college allotment

  53. Paramesh says:

    I got up total 599 Eamcet 2 marks 123 what would be my rank

  54. Paramesh says:

    Inter marks 599 Eamcet marks 123 what will be my rank

  55. J D Naik says:

    I got 101 marks in Ts Eamcet II and my intermediate marks are 571 except languages. Please inform me how much rank i will get after result thank u.

  56. J D Naik says:

    I got 101 marks in Ts Eamcet II and my intermediate marks are 571 except languages. Please inform me how much rank i will get after result.

  57. ramu says:

    i think it is 200-300 ranks false

  58. Hafsa says:

    My medical eamcet 2 marks are 105. My TS Eamcet weihtage + Intermediate weight age is 74.65. What is my expected rank

  59. madhu says:

    i hav got ts mcet medical
    62marks n my ipe is with 550/600 cam i know my rank n chances of getting any other courses

  60. m.sai maheedhar says:

    i got 49 marks in ts eamcet and ip marks 346/600 i had bc-d reservation can u say a rank

  61. A K VISHWANATH says:

    my son got 76 marks in ts eamcet and 476/500 with 92% marks in delhi cbsc exam what will be his rank

  62. Sunita says:

    Eamcetmarks43,inter marks587 get agriculture rank

  63. srinivas says:

    my daughter got 950 marks in ipe and 88 marks in eamcet and what would be her rank?

  64. jegadeeshreddy says:

    98 % in inter.96marks is emcet.what my engneerig rank please

  65. E S Naik says:

    I may get 67 in tseamcet. My inter weightage is 22.25
    What will be my rank approximately

  66. Suresh says:

    I scored 60 marks in ts emcet 2016&94percentage in ipe &what is my rank pls tell

  67. saikumar says:

    I’m cbse student my inter marks are 90 percent and emcet 70 my rank

  68. manasa says:

    Can u please help me about non local cutoff ranks of ts eamcet medical 2016.

  69. Arshad Ahmed says:

    I have scored 80 marks in ts eamcet 2016 what could be my rank?

  70. raji says:

    Can we believe that we would get approximately these ranks reply fast

  71. rank says:

    i got 126 my cbse ip percentile is 82.6 my rank

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