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XAT 2024 Answer KeyXAT 2024 Answer Key & Response Sheet will be released in second week of January 2024. On the behalf of XAMI, Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI) organizes this aptitude test. This exam is known as Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT). It is conducted to get admission in XAT Associate Member Institutes and into academic programmes of XLRI. The XAT marks are used by more than 100 institutes for the admission. XAT 2024 Answer Key will be released by the exam conducting body through login. XAT 2024 Candidates Responses has been also released by the authorities. Candidates can get the information related to XAT Answer Key 2024 through this article.

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XAT 2024 Answer Key

The Answer Key will be published for XAT Exam after the completion of exam. It will be released in second week of January 2024. The XAT answer key 2024 will be available through online mode. XAT exam will be conducted on 7th January 2024.

With the help of answer key, candidates are able to calculate the estimated score that help them to understand the opportunity to get shortlisted by XLRI or other top colleges accepting XAT score card. On the basis of the marking scheme candidates can calculate the score. The answer key contain all the answers of the questions asked in the examination.

How to Download the XAT 2024 Answer Key

To download the XAT answer key 2024, candidates have to follow the following procedure that is given below:

  • Visit the official website. (Link will be given above)
  • Click on that link.
  • Enter your login details like XAT ID and DOB.
  • After entering the details click on the “Login” button.
  • The answer key along with responses will be opened on the screen.
  • Download the answer key & take a printout of it.
  • Take some extra printout of the answer key for further reference

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XAT Previous Year Papers

Candidates can go through the below given previous years question papers of XAT to know the pattern and type of questions asked in the exam:

XAT 2021 Memory Based Answer Key:

Q.1: 5 phones are there in market. 2 black, 2 white and 1 red. 3 costumers came to buy that is one each the colors that they predicted. What is the probability that shopkeeper will satisfy them for their phone requirements?

Answer: 2/3

Q.2: A tiger is 40 steps away from a deer. The deer takes 5 steps in the time the tiger takes 6. 2 steps of the deer is equal to the 5 steps of the tiger. How many steps away will tiger catch the deer?

Answer: 200

Q.3: Three adjacent faces of a cube are painted red. Then it is sliced into 2016 cubes. How may cubes has no sides painted?

Answer: 125

Q.4: Between 2:30 and 3:00 what is the lowest possible angle that can be formed between the 2 hands of the clock?

Answer: 90º

Q. 5: A, B, C, D decide to jog for 30 minutes on a circular track and they can cover one round in 60 sec, 90, sec 80 sec and 40 sec respectively. How many rounds would they have done when they meet?

Answer: 47

Q.6: Who is the CM of Jharkhand:

Answer: Hemant Soren

Q. 7: What is the debut event in Olympic 2024?

Answer: Breakdance

Q. 8: Mohan invites M Rs. in ratio 1:2 in two scheme. The smaller amount earns r% interest while the other earns 2r% interest. Interest is compound annually and the total interest is Rs. 830. If each amount is more than Rs. 1000 and one of the rates is 10%, then what is the value of M?

Answer: 6000

Q.9: Sneha covers 12 km upstream and downstream in 1 hour less. Her speed in still water is 5 kmph. What should be the distance such that her time taken is not more than 2 hours:

Answer: 4.8 km

Q. 10: Who built the MHS Minden?

Answer: Wadia Group

Q. 11: Who is the CEO of CCD?

Answer: Malavika Hegde

Q. 12: A courier boy starts from city A and have to deliver courier at city B, C and D in given order. AB line is perpendicular to line CD at point E. BC line is 1.3 km. CE is 0.5 km and ED is 2.5 km. Then what is the total difference he needs to travel?

Answer: 11.5

Q. 13: Who is the first women CM?

Answer: Sucheta Kripalani

Q. 14: In a triangle ABC, the 3 sides are integers. If AB=1, BC>1 and CA>1 and D is the mid point of AB, then what is the maximum possible values of angle ACD?

Answer: 15

Q. 15: What is the first GI tagged product in India?

Answer: Darjeeling tea

Q. 16: Who is the first women to lead an IT company?

Answer: Roshni Nadar

Q. 17: The password for a safe is a 6 digit number. The second and third digit from the right are 4 and 2 and is divisible by primes below 15. What is the first digit?

Answer: 4

Q. 18: Passengers going from the city A to B. One third go via city C and rest go straight. On third of those going via city C, deboard at C and rest go to B. What fraction of total passengers from A to B go via city C?

Answer: 1/7

Q. 19: Mr. Jose bought some eggs. Two of them were rotten which he threw away. Five ninth of the remaining he kept in fridge and rest gave to his mother. She cooked 2 and kept the rest in her fridge. If the fridge can carry maximum of 5 eggs, then how many maximum were bought by Jose?

Answer: 11

Q. 20: Identical circles P and Q of radius 2 pass through each other’s centre. Also they intersect at A and B. A circle is drawn by diameter AB. What is the area common in this circle and circle P?

Answer: 17π/6-√3

YearQuestions Papers
XAT 2018 Question PaperClick Here
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XAT Exam Pattern 2024

The XAT 2024 exam will be held in two sections: Paper 1 & Paper 2. The Paper 1 of XAT composed of 78 questions. Each question carry 1 mark according to the marking scheme. There is negative marking of 0.25 marks for each incorrect answer.

Candidates have a choice of not attempting 13 questions after that any attempted question carry the negative mark of 0.05. The Paper 2 compose of 25 questions. There is no negative marking in Paper 2.

XAT 2024 Result

XAT 2024 Result will be declared through online mode. Any other offline mode will not entertained to check result. Candidates will be able to check their result on 31st January 2024. Based on the XAT 2024 scores, candidates will be invited for the GD and PI rounds.

Candidates can download their score card from 31st January 2024. Candidates can check their result by entering enrollment ID and password. A merit list will be prepared based on the marks obtained by the candidates in XAT examination.

Candidates will have to participate in the counselling. Final admission will be done based on the marks secured by the candidates in XAT examination, GD and PI rounds, and etc. Documents verification process will be done at the time of admission

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