Courses in Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal

Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal

The college is offering various courses in graduate and postgraduate engineering disciplines. The college is also offering MCA and MBA programs.

The courses offered by the college are as follows:

Under Graduate Courses

B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) – 4 years

  1.  Computer Science & Engineering
  2.  Information Technology
  3.  Electronics & Communication Engineering
  4.  Electrical Engineering
  5.  Mechanical Engineering
  6.  Chemical Engineering
  7.  Civil Engineering
  8.  Material Science & Metallurgical Engineering
  9.  B. Architecture
  10.  B. Planning


Post Graduate Courses

M.Tech (Master of Technology) – 2 years

  1. M.Tech in Engineering Materials
  2. M.Tech in Stress and Vibration Analysis
  3. M.Tech in Structural Engineering
  4. M.Tech in Environment Engineering
  5. M.Tech in Geotechnical Engineering
  6. M.Tech in Hydro power engineering
  7. M.Tech in Transportation Engineering
  8. M.Tech in Water resource
  9. M.Tech in Geoinformatics
  10. M.Tech in Thermal Engineering
  11. M.Tech in Industrial design
  12. M.Tech in Maintenance Engineering
  13. M.Tech in Electrical drives
  14. M.Tech in Power system
  15. M.Tech in Material science and technology
  16. M.Tech in Digital communication
  17. M.Tech in VLSI and embedded systems
  18. M.Tech in Information security
  19. M.Tech in Advanced computing
  20. M.Tech in Computer net working
  21. M.Tech in Renewable energy
  22. M.Tech in Green technology
  23. M.Tech in Bio technology
  24. M.Tech in Chemical process design
  25. M.Tech in Nano technology
  26. M.Tech in Computation and system Bio informatics
  27. M.Tech in Bioinformatics
  28. M.Plan in Urban development
  29. M.Plan in Housing


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