Courses in Ujjain Engineering College, Ujjain

Ujjain Engineering College, Ujjain

The college has 10 departments and offering various courses in graduate and postgraduate engineering disciplines.

The courses offered by the college are as follows:

Under Graduate Courses

B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) – 4 years

  1.    Computer Science & Engineering
  2.    Electronics & Communication Engineering
  3.    Electrical Engineering
  4.    Mechanical Engineering
  5.    Civil Engineering
  6.    Chemical Engineering


Post Graduate Courses

M.Tech (Master of Technology) – 2 years

  1.    Computer Aided Structural Design and Drafting
  2.    Industrial Engineering and Management
  3.    Civil Engineering (Specilation in Environmental Engg.)
  4.    Electronics & Communication Engineering  (Digital Comm.)
  5.   Chemical Engineering (Specialization in Environmental Management)
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