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Have you always got fascinated by the stardom of the actors working in the entertainment industry?

Do you see yourself talented enough to become a good actor and are looking forward to make your career in this field?

Well, the road towards this fame and glamour has much hard work and years of struggle. But with the right amount of knowledge, skills, and training one can become a successful actor.

With no amount of experience, the young artist usually get confused where to start. They tend to choose the wrong road to get into this field. Therefore, to avoid such confusion study and training is considered as an essential part for growth in this field.

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“Acting” is a sort of performing art. But it is more than art as it is a talent. An actor can bind the audience with a chair with his performance. “Acting is an art of express and to perform the different emotions”.

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Some usually undergo modelling as an option to get entry into acting field. However, this may not be a proper way to get into acting industry.

There are some characteristics which are considered to make career in acting. Some of the basic requirements are:

  • You have to be talented & creative
  • You have to be bold
  • You need to have a good character and behaviour
  • You need to have a pitch and throw in you
  • You need to be versatile
  • You should have a pleasing personality


With proper training, course and guidance of experienced trainers, one can excel in this field. There are few schools of drama in India that offer the acting programmes round the year.

Many celebrities have opened acting classes and schools for providing the training and short-term certificates and diploma courses in acting.

As we have discussed that this is a type of performing art. There is just one degree in performing art and drama which offers by the few of schools of arts.

There is no requirement of a degree course to become an actor or actress. You should have a zeal for this and you can go for the short-term, certificate and diploma courses offered by various small and big banner schools in India.

These courses can cost you 35K to 150K per complete. Short term or certificate courses can take the duration of days to maximum six months and diploma courses can take the duration of 1 – 2 years. The B.A in art and drama takes the duration of three years as the graduation degree programme.

Three months certificate course:

  • Facing Audience & Removing Inhibition, Freeing Mind & Body
  • Clap Board, Ask Yourself Questions
  • Voice Projection & Voice Modulation stresses & pauses
  • Body Language
  • Acting Exercises, Mirror Exercises
  • Cinemascope
  • Getups, approaching a character, Observation, Improvisation
  • Camera Facing, Miming, Understanding Different Emotions, Mannerism
  • Discussing films
  • Biography of famous actors/actresses
  • Sound – Background music, SFX

Six months certificate course:

  • Diction Exercises
  • Elements of Modelling
  • Dance – Exercises, Movement, Dance Steps
  • Stunts – Basic Ground Movements, Exercises for Flexibility, Action Reaction, Jumps & Acrobats, Choreography of Stunts, Use of Spring Boards
  • Acting in Side Roles & its importance
  • Lip Sync, Feeling the Lyrics
  • Character Dubbing
  • Synchronization of steps with others
  • Setting full song with other artists
  • Complicated Dance steps
  • Making of Show reels


As acting is a sort of performing art but it doesn’t mean that only arts students can go for this. The students having Science or Commerce stream in 12th standard, can also go for acting courses if they are really interested in it.

One must understand the fact that while making career in the acting field, one have to face lot of struggle as the competition is high. You should have good memorisation, communication skill and passion for this.

For admission into top institutions, first you have to search one of the best schools of acting. Then you should get into contact with the authority, follow the admission criterion, fill the form/ pay the fees and start pursuing course.

After the completion of the course you must search for the right way to get into the industry. Go for the trusted agents or make contacts with well known personalities of the industry. Some of the schools also provide the opportunity to work in advertisements, films and TV serials.

Another option to get into acting field is you need to find a platform or location of audition or talents hunts organised in the country. Students must enroll and appear for such auditions and show your full zeal and performance to grab the career opportunity in the acting field.

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Career & Jobs

There are ample of job opportunities in this field but the competition is high. You can start your career right from the Bollywood or TV channels. There are number of growing TV channels, TV serials, game shows and reality shows where you can be provided opportunities.

There is no age bar to work in the acting field. You can be a child, young or senior actor/ artist. An actor may play a lead role in any serial as per the physical features and experience and skills. Besides the lead role, he/she can also take part in the side roles which can be positive or negative role.

To make a movie or serial or even an advertisement, it may required performance of number of actors. You can be out of them if you give it a try.

There is a good opportunity to work in Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood with various big banners and with various famous like Salman Khan, Katrina, Saif, Karan Johor, Saroj Khan, Akshaya Kumar and many more.

The job profiles of this field are:

  • Actor/actress
  • Lead actor/actress
  • Co-actor/actress
  • Supporting actor/actress
  • Crowd actor/actress
  • Acting instructor
  • Dialogue instructor
  • Villains
  • Co-villains
  • Stunt man


The various top recruiters or production houses where you can grab the job opportunity of acting are listed below:

  • Aamir Khan Productions
  • Balaji Telefilms
  • Dharma Productions
  • Eros International
  • Gemini Studios – Chennai
  • Mukta Arts
  • PVR Pictures
  • Rajshri Productions – Mumbai
  • Reliance Big Entertainment
  • R.K. Films
  • Trimurti Films
  • T-Series
  • UTV Motion Pictures
  • Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
  • Vishesh Films
  • Yash Raj Films


The salary of the actors varies according to the roles offered to them. The lead actors enjoy an attractive package as comparison to the side actors. According to recent surveys, it has been noted that the leading actors across the Indian cinema have an average maximum earnings of more than a billion per project.

However, fresh actors who have just started their career and are struggling on TV channel can earn average salary of 5000 to 15000 per episode. An experienced one can earn average salary of 40000 to 200000 per episode.

Options are not only available in the bollywood industry, one must make sure of that. One can also go for Tollywood or other cinemas an option for making their career in acting.


  1. Hlo..i wanna become an actres,am really interested in acting,what should i choose in degree to go in acting??..and after degree is anything more to study for acting??and which is the best school for acting??..anyone give me a rply..thnku?

  2. Acting is not a job or a career for me it is a gift for me from the god and I will proof one day to everyone who says you do nothing in your life I do my best and I do harwork those who with me contact me – instagram – @the.akshaypatel

  3. I’m at high school, from Jharkhand, Bokaro
    I’m interested in acting So I want a chance to do well and if I not being an actress it’s okay but I tried ,I want to feel this art
    how is it felt if someone is an actress/actor

  4. I want to become an actress
    That’s my dream to become an actress
    but no body is supporting me (parent also)
    So requesting you all plzzz plzz support me a lot

  5. I want to become a actor,I am interested to become a actor and going this my way it’s a good field.i love to become a actor and model

  6. After completing school with commerce in 12th class, I can simply go and join an acting shool and would have a film or serial in television company after completing the course.

    Is it like this?

    Or, if it is not like that I am thinking, please make me aware of all the other things.

  7. Hi im baraa annabi from Tunisia im 19 old year i want to become an actress and dancer in Bollywood with t series company

  8. I am confused that on which field I should choose….as I have completed my graduation through science in 2021….Joining acting classes or become an actor will help me or I should think about other field…I am unable to decide…if possible pls help me to take decision …….

  9. Hello sir or mam
    I want to become a experience acterss through which I can tell those people who think that girl should not do any things.only she can become a house wife only. If u should help me then I will achieve this desire goal. Thanks.

  10. i want to become an actoress but my family is not supporting me ,but i know i m the best in acting please suggest me , i am in class 9

  11. Hello sir/mam

    I am 15 years old. Muje actress banna hai,mai actress banne ke liye kuch bhi kar shakti Hu. Agar muje chance mila to mai apne aapko proof kar shakti Hu. To mere liye koi chance ho to kahiyega.


  12. Dear sir, I am studing in class 7 but I want to become a kid actress for tv serial . It’s my dream to work in film industry so if there are such auditions plse notify me i am ready to give auditions. I live in Bhandara near Nagpur, Maharashtra. Plse ??????? sir notify me whenever there is a need. I am always ready

  13. I’m in fifth form but after I’ve completed, I will start my studies in the Drama department… and I will also start learning hindi, so I can cope with others and build a career in indian television… After that I just need you guys help to reach to India to join an acting school so I can develop the skills of acting and dancing…Please help me in some way or the other…Please I’m begging you guys!!!!…I dont want to become an actress just for the money or fame, but because for some reason I love acting even though I have no experience…But I know that I can work hard and become successful one day and with your help I will be thankful and always be grteful o you guys!!!

  14. Hello, my name is Navita Gunraj, I’m from Guyana and I’m really interested in becoming an actress…Can you guys just give me advices on what I have to do…Can you please help me develop the skill of acting….Can you guys help me ?…please!!!!

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    I’m a model..
    I’m doing modelling..

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