animation“Animation” is one of the most popular and sought fields of multimedia. The professional education in Animation wasn’t very popular field in our country. But since the last ten to twelve years we are very developed in animation field.

You have ever heard about the “Mogli”, In a general way it was the one of very first Indian animation characters. After this the animation industries has been bloomed and produced various animation characters like Chota Bheem, Hanuman, etc.

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“The animation is related to an art field in which we create the characters and passing the numerous subsequent frames rapidly so that it looks like a consequently movement”.

Animators are the artists who are specialized in the field of animation. An animators creates multiple images and give them the illusion of motion when displayed in rapid sequence. The method and way of creating images depends on the animator’s creativity and artistic styles.

James Stuart Blackton was the British filmmaker who created the first animated film in America and uses the techniques of stop-motion and drawn animation and thus known as the “Father of American Animation”.

The first Indian 3D animated film was Roadside Romeo. It was the joint venture between Yash Raj Films and the Indian division of the Walt Disney Company and directed by the Jugal Hansraj.

After the completion of all play you may put the voice and audio effects in the film. Now the animation is developed in various dimensions like 2D, 3D, clay animation and puppet animation. 3D animation make the use of computer graphics while 2D animation is used for stylistic, low bandwidth and faster real time renderings.

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Animation is a tool that gives life to a character. It is totally computerized field. The animation is sweet illusion that takes us in the world of cartoon and fairy tales. It is basically used for entertainment purpose.

Animation and cartooning are inter-related to each other. The distinction between these two fields is that cartooning is just to draw a sketch of character. It is a form of art, like painting or sculpting. On the other hand, Animation is the art of breathing life into these characters. It can be done with the help of various modern computer based sequencing techniques.

Skills Required

To become a successful animator, you must have the following skills:

  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Good Computer Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Drawing and Modelling Skills


There is a range of courses in animation and multimedia field. The students who wish to pursue the animation course after 12th or wish to get the job opportunities in this field, have to go for a diploma or a graduate courses.

The courses of animation cover the basic knowledge of computer operation, sketching, designing, and framing, application of the software, editing, rendering and movie making.

To pursue degree and diploma in animation, the minimum academic qualification required is 10+2/intermediate passed with minimum 45% marks.

The professional education in ‘animation’ has three levels of study after 12th as the following:

  1. Certificate courses: Certificate courses are taken for the duration of six months after 10th. The list of certificate courses:
  • Visual effects
  • Editing, mixing and post production
  • Flash
  • Web-motion
  1. Diploma courses: Diploma courses are taken for the duration of one year after 12th in any stream. The list of diploma courses:
  • 2D Animation VFX & Post Production
  • 3D Animation & Visual Effects
  • 3D Animation Filmmaking
  • Animation Engineering (DAE)
  • Classical Animation (DCA)
  • Digital Animation
  • Fusion Animation
  • Graphic & Web Designing
  • Video Editing & VFX
  1. Degree courses: Degree courses are taken the duration of three years after 12th in any stream. The list of degree courses:
  • B.Sc in Multimedia and Animation
  • B.Sc (Hons) Multimedia production and Technology
  • B.Sc (Hons) Digital Art and Technology
  • B.A in Digital Media (3D Animation)
  • B.A in Digital filmmaking & Animation)
  • B.A in 3D Animation & Visual Effects


For the admission to the professional study of animation & multimedia, students must have passed the 12th standard in any stream. Various institutes are prospected the entrance examination for the admission in graduate degree.

The students who wish to be an animator should have a good hand over sketching or art. It is a field of software, computer and application. It is necessary to have proficiency in computer in order to pursue career in animation field.

Career & Jobs

Animation Industries in India is quite large and growing at a rapid pace. The animation field offers exciting career options. You can choose any of the specialization and work profile depending on your expertise.

In India, the animation industries are expanding their arms. By a survey, the Indian animation industries have generated $424 million by the end of 2010. There are plenty of opportunities to get the career in animation industries.

Animation and multimedia industries are demanding professionals in the animation field . Several advertisement agencies, web development organizations and related industries are blooming day by day in India.

The job profiles of this field are:

  • Animator
  • Sketcher
  • Designer
  • Planner
  • Editor
  • Composer
  • Movie maker
  • Writer
  • Software developer
  • Pre production
  • Post production


After the completion of this course, you can get the job opportunity in:

  • Multimedia industries
  • Animation industries
  • Animation media
  • Movie producer firm
  • Advertisement agency
  • Walt Disney
  • Max
  • Sony
  • Cartoon pictures
  • Media agencies
  • Documentary firms


The employability in this career is very satisfactory. It is a good paying professional course. Salary in this field depends on the skills and creativity of ones.

A fresher can get the 12000 to 18000 per month in India. After gaining the experience and expertise he/she can get the Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month in India.

In abroad, an expert can get the salary $52000 – $65000 per year.

Books & Study Materials

Interested in Animation Profession!!

Here, we are providing some books that helps you to learn about animation. You can go through these books and get knowledge in this field. The names of the books are as follows:

  • The Animation Book by Kit Laybourne
  • The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard E. Williams
  • Cartooning: Animation 1 – Learn to Animate Cartoons step by step by Preston Blair
  • The Animation Bible: A Practical Guide to the Art of Animating from Flipbooks to Flash by Maureen Furniss
  • Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair
  • Timing for Animation by John Halas, Harold Whitaker, Tom Sito

If you’ve any queries related to Animation, you can leave your queries below.


  1. Right now I’m doing my graduation in BA. But I’m good in sketching and also have a creative mind and i want to learn more about animation. I can’t join any university for any professional course , are there any good and valid online courses for animation?

  2. I m bsc fresher in physics,chemistry and maths.
    But i m very confusion what are doing after bsc
    I have no ?
    I like a drawing painting etc .
    Tell me how can i make a my professional future.

  3. Hi sir I complete my 12th in science (pcmc) and I want to do BSc. 3d animation I am good in drawing and good knowledge in computer do you think it will be right career and what will be salary plz reply

    1. yes their is good scope in this field, if you have good skills in drawing and you are a creative sort of person, then you can earn a good salary in this field.

  4. Which diploma course has better job opportunity, 3d animation or VFx ?

    Also tell about the institute that has lowest fee structure as these courses are quite expensive.

  5. Hi,I’m arya I just completed my 12 with Commerce stream and I firstly want to do then can apply for this course or not ? And my drawing skill are good I don’t have enough knowledge but computer……..plzzzzz. Help me out

  6. hi sir i am passing my 10th class but my mind is always in computers so is there any animation course for me in which i can get a job easily by any not very costly course

  7. Sir, I am writing 12 CBSE exams right now, and I want to pursue my career as animator…. But the same time I need good salary package after my studies… So what are all the animation courses I need to do for my ambition…… Please tell me….

  8. After my graduation in Science, when I was directionless about a right career, I enrolled with an Animation course for a 2 year advanced career course. Today, I cannot believe that I find many job offers coming to me.

  9. Hey , I’m currently in 11th science , and cartoons have always fascinated. Me.I want to pursue a career in animation , can i learn 2d as well as 3d both ? Where do I get started? Which institute is the best? Should I have already taken in a course after 10th? Or doing it after 12th is OK?
    My drawing is good and I can fair enough for 2d animation. , but how much time will it take for me to learn and master the 3d? , plz reply

  10. hii, I m sonam and i just completed my 12th by arts stream and I want to be a professional fashion designer and i m intrested in fashion designing but I don’t know is there any bright future for me in this field can anyone help me??

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