Career As Archaeologist

Archaeology is one of the best courses that you can choose for a bright career in the future.

What is Archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of the ancient or recent human past through material remains. It is also a sub-discipline of Anthropology, which is the study of all human cultures. The experts are called as Archaeologist.

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The word “Archaeology” has been derived from the Greek word “arkhaiologia” which means ancient history.

“In short terms, Archaeology is the study of human history.”

Archaeology includes the study of artifacts, architecture, biofacts (eco-facts) and cultural landscapes.

Who are Archaeologists?

Archaeologists are the scientists who study the remains of groups of people and past civilizations. They study the things people from long time ago left behind such as their homes, clothes, tools, bones, dishes, etc.

Archaeologist gathers the different types of evidence of human past from various places and observes & examines the result. If you want to become an archaeologist, then you must possess depth knowledge of history and geography.

The responsibility of an archaeologist is to do survey in various sites using different methods and instruments, manipulate the data using drawing, notes and photography.


Types of Archaeology:

Prehistoric Archaeology – It focus on the study of past culture that did not have any written language.

Historical Archaeology – It is the study of cultures or civilizations that existed during the period of recorded history.

Underwater Archaeology – It studies the physical remain of human activities beneath the surface of the oceans. It also includes maritime technology.

Urban Archaeology– Urban archeology is a branch of archeology specializing in large towns and cities with long stratigraphic histories of work. Some archaeologists also use urban archeology to refer to any archeology conducted in an urban areas.

Skills Needed to Become an Archaeologist

  • Enthusiasm & zeal to know with the developments in archaeology
  • well-organized approach, with effective attention to depth detail
  • strong team work skills, particularly at the time of fieldwork
  • self-motivation and focus
  • extra communication skills and the ability to effectively work with other professionals
  • master in using various tools and instruments
  • patience and dedication
  • having good IT skills
  • an analytical and peace mind, with a keen interest in the archaeology

Courses & Eligibility

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Now, lets talk about courses in this field.

There are plenty of courses like diploma, bachelor, masters and doctoral courses are available in this field. The basic requirements to pursue bachelor courses are candidates must have passed 10+2 standard from any stream.

For master courses, students must have a bachelor’s degree in the related field like Archeology, Indian History Culture, anthropology, etc. For postgraduate diploma, students should have a master’s degree in Ancient/Medieval Indian History or Archaeology.

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Diploma in Indian Archaeology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Indian History Culture and Archaeology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Museology

Master Courses:

  • MA in Archaeology
  • MA in Ancient Indian History and Archaeology
  • Master of Science in Archaeology
  • Master of Philosophy in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Archaeology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology

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For admissions in these courses, firstly you should meet the eligibility criteria mentioned for those courses. In India, some universities organize their own entrance exams for screening candidates for admission in Archaeology courses.

Where to Study Archaeology in India?….. Here we have listed the top colleges to pursue courses in this field:

  • Institute of Archaeology, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • Barkatullah Vishwavidhyalaya, Bhopal
  • The Delhi Institute of Heritage Research & Management, New Delhi
  • Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (Haryana)
  • Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Career Scope

India has a rich cultural heritage that’s why demand for archaeologists is higher in India.

Qualified students can apply for various job profiles in government and private sectors. Once you get a post-graduate diploma in archaeology you can apply as a lecturer in various universities or institutions.

As an Archaeologist you can work in private or government-owned museums for the safe upkeep and management of museum artifacts.

In this profession of archaeology, the jobs are offered to those who have interest in knowing past of the humans, animals, or civilization that existed thousands years ago. Aspirants can find job in government sectors through exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission or Staff Selection commission. A degree holder in Archaeology can also work as tourist guide, heritage mangers, interpreters’ resource persons of trip organizers in tourism. Archaeology graduates have great scope in for jobs as well as research in various colleges and universities.

Jobs you can get with a degree in this field:

  • Archaeologist
  • Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer
  • Museum/gallery curator
  • Heritage manager
  • Lecturer
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Museum education officer

Top recruiters companies are:

  • Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)
  • National heritage agencies
  • Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR)
  • Government and private museums and cultural galleries
  • Universities and colleges

Duties of an Archaeologist:

  • Preserve, restore and clean artifacts.
  • Collecting data about the archaeological site.
  • Collect artifacts made of stone, metal, bones and preserve them.
  • Create drawings and maps of unit profiles, stratum surfaces, features, and findings.

Salary & Payscale

Thinking about Salary??…. Here the sky is the limit, depending upon the individual determination and ability.

In India, as a fresher Archaeologist you can expect a salary between Rs.2.5 to 3.5 lakcs per year.

Experienced and well-qualified professionals can expect salary packages between Rs.5 to 8 lakcs per annum.

Salary packages will also depend upon education, working area, sector, level of skills, experience and many other factors. A doctoral degree is a must need for a better career and a good salary package in this field. Below we have mentioned the average salary of job profiles related to Archaeology.

Job ProfileStarting Salary per annumSenior Level Salary per annum
Archaeologists (Government)Rs. 3,50,000Rs. 10,00,000
Documentation SpecialistRs. 2,60,000Rs. 5,00,000
Museum/ Gallery Officer or CuratorRs. 1,50,000Rs. 5,00,000
PalaeontologistRs. 3,50,000Rs. 10,00,000
LecturerRs. 2,50,000Rs. 6,00,000
Assistant ArchaeologistRs. 2,00,000Rs. 6,00,000

Books & Study Materials

Some good books to pursue Archaeology are listed here:

The Mind in the Cave by David Lewis-Williams

The Prehistory of the Mind: A Search for Origins of Art, Religion and Science by Steven Mithen

Before Civilization by Colin Renfrew

Sinews of Survival by Betty Kobayashi Issenman

Religion Explained by Pascal Boyer

Return to Chauvet Cave by Jean Clottes

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