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“Arts” is a common word for everyone in the world. We have been known about the arts since our childhood.

But, what is the actual meaning of “Arts”.

An art is a diverse range of one’s activities. It is a human expression influenced by the culture and driven by the human impulses. It can be described as visual arts, literature arts, performing arts, decorative art and tangible arts.

What can I/we do after 12 arts or what is the scope of arts after 12th?

What entrance should i appear after 12th Arts?

The art which we are using in our education and profession is a “contemporary form of arts”.

Art contains all features and practices regarding painting & drawing, sculpture, design, weaving, fabrics, pottery, photography, films, video, computer art, animation, novels, short stories, epics, poetry, music, opera, theatre, dance and comic.


Now, the art has two divisions:

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In fine art all literature and performing act and activities have been included. In applied art the visual and decorative (architecture) practices are involved.

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Courses after 12th Arts

Students who wish to do something in this field or wish to adopt this field as the career. They have so many questions regarding this field.

Are you puzzled with these questions like the best diploma and degree courses available after 12th arts with or without math.

It is a vast area of education, learning and job, means the good field for career. The scope of art after 12th is very bright.

What to do after 12th arts, should I join computer courses or should I continue in art stream? It is one of the most asked questions by arts students.

Do not worry. We are here to guide you about all above queries.

Arts, as an educational field has the following genre:

1. Visual art/decorative art

This class of arts contains:

  1. Painting
  2. Drawing
  3. Sculpture
  4. Photography
  5. Conceptual arts
  6. Architecture
  7. Weaving
  8. Fabrics

2. Literary arts

This class contains the:

  1. Poetry
  2. Novel
  3. Short stories
  4. Epics
  5. writing

3. Performing arts

This class of the art contains:

  1. Music
  2. Theatre
  3. Dance
  4. Singing
  5. Acting
  6. Comedy
  7. Direction
  8. Choreography
  9. Editing
  10. Martial art

4. Games

  1. Designing
  2. Animation
  3. Computer programmer

5. Gastronomy/culinary arts

  1. Chef
  2. Catering

All above are the core courses in the expand field of arts education. Beside these there are a lot of educational courses.

Art education starts from the schooling up to PhD degree. Commonly it has divided into four segments:

  • Diploma courses
  • UG Degree courses
  • PG degree courses
  • Doctoral degree courses

List of Course

Most of the time, the students ask about; After 12th Arts stream list.

The best courses after 12th arts are as the following (We’ve listed these courses in arts section, it doesn’t mean that these are only for arts students. Science/ Commerce/ Computer/ Math students can also opt some of these courses after 12th):

  • Air Hostess
  • Anchoring
  • Animation Film Making
  • Animation Master
  • Animation Standard
  • 3D Animation
  • Advance Diploma in 3D Animation- Expert
  • Advance Diploma in 3D Animation
  • Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Advance Diploma in Interior Designing
  • Advance Hair Diploma Holder
  • Advanced Diploma in Digital Animation (Diploma in VFX & Animation)
  • Advanced Diploma in Multimedia
  • Advanced Editing
  • Artistic-Basic Jewellery Design Programme
  • B.A. (Honors in Political Science)
  • B.A. (Hons.) Economics
  • B.A. (Hons.) Humanities and Social Sciences
  • B.A (Hons) Marketing
  • B.A (Hons.) in Marketing Management
  • B.A. (Hons.) in Social Work
  • B.A. (Hons) English
  • B. A. Programme with Functional Hindi
  • B.Sc Degree in Fashion, Interior and Textile Design
  • B.A (Honors in Sociology)
  • B.A (Honors) Economics
  • B.A (Honors) History
  • B.A (Hons) English
  • B.A (Journalism)
  • B.A (Media & Communication)
  • B.A (Psychology)
  • B.A – Tourism, History & Journalism
  • B.A Economic (Hons)
  • B.A Hons in English Economics and Hindi
  • B.A LLB
  • B.A (English)
  • B.A. (Apparel Design & Merchandising)
  • B.A. (Economics)
  • B.A. (Economics, English, Politics)
  • B.A. (Fine Arts)
  • B.A. (H) English with Journalism
  • B.A. (History)
  • B.A. (Mass Communication)
  • B.A. (Sociology)
  • B.A. Economics
  • B.A. Hons
  • B.A. in Mass Communication (BMC)
  • B.A. LL.B.
  • B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)
  • B.A. Philosophy Hons.
  • B.A. Sociology
  • B.A (Economics, English, Philosophy)
  • B.A (Journalism & Mass Communication)
  • B.A in Digital Film Making & Animation
  • B.Des. (Accessory Design)
  • B.Des. (Fashion Design)
  • B.Des (Textile Design)
  • B.Law
  • B.M.S
  • B.Sc (Electronics Media)
  • B.Sc (Hons) Digital Art & Technology
  • B.Sc (Hospitality Studies)
  • B.Sc (Mass Communication Journalism & Advertising)
  • B.Sc – Animation (Distance Education)
  • B.Sc – Fashion Designing & Apparel Designing
  • B.Sc – Jewellery Designing & Management (B.SC. JD&M)
  • B.Sc Fashion Technology
  • B.Sc Games & Interactive Media from Sheffield Hallam University
  • B.Sc in Fashion Technology
  • B.Sc in Jewellery Design
  • B.Sc in Textile Design
  • B.Sc Mass Communication, Journalism & Advertising
  • B.Sc Multimedia
  • B.Sc Multimedia & Animation
  • B.Sc. (Fashion & Apparel Design)- FAD
  • B.Sc. (Fashion Communication)
  • B.Sc. (Fashion Design)
  • B.Sc. (Mass Communication, Advertisement & Journalism)
  • B.Sc. (Mass Communication, Advertising & Journalism)
  • B.Sc. in Fashion Technology
  • B.Sc. in Interior Design
  • B.Sc. Mass Communication, Advertisement & Journalism
  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Diploma in Textile and Leather Designing
  • Diploma in Human Resources
  • Diploma in Banking
  • Diploma in Company Secretary ship
  • Diploma in Infrastructure and Construction
  • Diploma in Marketing
  • Diploma in Interior Designing
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship
  • B.B.A.
  • B.B.M (Bachelor of Business Management)
  • B.A (Fashion Communication)
  • B.M.M. ( Bachelors Degree in Mass Media)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) + Graduate Diploma in Retail Management (GDRM)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – Hotel Management
  • Company Secretary (CS)
  • 5 years integrated MBA course
  • Fashion Designing
  • Interior Designing
  • Law
  • Hotel Management
  • Bachelor in Environmental Management
  • Bachelor of Foreign Trade Management
  • Aviation and Hospitality Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Management studies
  • Fashion Technology

Some students ask questions about the courses after 12th arts merchant navy.

No, there is no prospect in the merchant navy for art’s students.

Arts Courses in Delhi University (DU)

Delhi university offers the below courses after 12th arts.

  • B.A. Programme
  • B.A. Vocational Studies
  • B.A. Functional Hindi
  • B.A. (Hons) Punjabi
  • B.A. (Hons) Sanskrit
  • B.A. (Hons) Social Work
  • B.A. (Hons) Sociology
  • B.A. (Hons) Spanish
  • B.A. (Hons) Urdu
  • B.A. (Hons) Applied Psychology
  • B.A. (Hons) Arabic
  • B.A. (Hons) Bengali
  • B.A. (Hons) Journalism
  • B.A. (Hons) Music
  • B.A. (Hons) Persian
  • B.A. (Hons) Philosophy
  • B.A. (Hons) Political Science
  • B.A. (Hons) Psychology
  • B.A. (Hons) Business Economics (BBE)
  • B.A. (Hons) Economics
  • B.A. (Hons) English
  • B.A. (Hons) French
  • B.A. (Hons) Geography
  • B.A. (Hons) German
  • B.A. (Hons) Hindi
  • B.A. (Hons) History
  • B.A. (Hons) Patrakarita Evam Jansanchar
  • B.A. (Hons) Italian
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Anthropology
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Home Science
  • B.Sc. Home Science (Pass)
  • B.L.I.S
  • Bachelor of Business Studies
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Financial & Investment Analysis
  • BFA Fine Arts

After 12th Arts jobs

It is an essential question in the student’s mind that what are the opportunities after 12th arts.

At very first, we shall have to set our mind that we need to go for the higher qualification after 12th, if we have to get a good job.

Art is an innovation, creativity, design and practice to make the things valuable and incredible. The candidates who believed in these terms and having the education in this particular field have the full opportunities to find the career easily in the arts and related organizations.

There are so many industries working in the field of Animation, Architecture, Design, Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Material, Working, Painting, Photography, Sketch & Drawing are offering the job for the candidates who have a valid degree or skilled in the field of art and humanities.

You can find the job in your own interest in below:

  • Theatre Careers
  • Journalism Careers
  • Dance Careers
  • Graphic Design Careers
  • African Studies Careers
  • Anthropology Careers
  • Art History Careers
  • History Careers
  • Classical Studies Careers
  • Communications Careers
  • Criminal Justice Careers
  • Criminology Careers
  • Economics Careers
  • Education Careers
  • English Careers
  • Film Studies Careers
  • Fine Arts Careers
  • Music Careers
  • First Nations Studies Careers
  • French Careers
  • Interior Design Careers
  • International Development Studies Careers
  • Linguistics Careers
  • Outdoor Recreation Careers
  • Philosophy Careers
  • Political Science Careers
  • Psychology Careers
  • Religious Studies Careers
  • Social Work Careers
  • Sociology Careers
  • Theology Careers
  • Urban Planning Careers
  • Women’s Studies Careers


Salary is a negotiable aspect in art’s career. It depends your ability, keen witness, creativity, skills and enthusiasm and moreover the degree which you have.

It has a wide range of salaries in India and abroad.

In India a fresher can get the 2 to 3 lakh per Annum.

In abroad you can get the $40000 to 60000 per Annum.

Still not satisfied, want to learn more about after 12th courses, follow our:

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  1. Monis Mirza says:

    Hello I have read your article which is very helpful, my ques is I am a Dance instructor and working in a dance academy as a instructor I like dancing but sometimes I feel it doesn’t have any future.My friends & parents say take this as a hobby not as career find a govt.job or do some professional course etc…..Should I continue my dancing with hobby or career & what course is best for me to do?

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      In my opinion the best career is that which is your hobby. But the chance is less in this field. so carry your hobby and try to find out your career in some other interesting field. But during the passion (dance) if you would find any good platform then go ahead with your hobby.

  2. palden says:

    where can i find archaeology course

  3. Zosia Narzary says:

    I am studying in class 12 right now in arts stream so I have a question in my mind and I am confused with this question? HOW is hotel management course after 12 and what are the scope in it and what are the careers ?

  4. shubham says:

    Hello sir
    I am in 11th arts.and my subject is history geography economics english and hind after 12th what can i do…like what courses i do…

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      you may pursue those courses in which you are interested, the best options for you will be Law, management, foreign languages etc.

  5. Richa says:

    Hello, I’m confused about one thing that is can I do Ph.d lit. directly after 12th or I have to do B.A?

  6. Tejesh chavan says:

    Hi..i am tejesh and I am confused what I do after completing b.a (economics)….Now I am in 2nd yr please suggest me..

  7. Richa says:

    My problem is that can we do phd directly after 12th or we will have to do b.a.

  8. Sarat Jamatia says:

    I Love Computer Science. But I am Very Weak in Mathematics and Science. I am Thinking of Pursuing Diploma in Computer Science. But I am Afraid That Whether I am Choosing a Right Career

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Math and Science are the fundamental course for CS. First you need to have the grip over these both subject otherwise you will have to face the problems in future.

  9. aditya says:

    i have fine arts as my 12th subject but i am confused which kind of visual art i should opt for

  10. Chayanika says:

    I am currently in tenth standard and I’m planning to take up humanities but I’m confused about what I want to do after I’m done with twelfth. I am particularly interested in subjects like criminology and would like to know everything about it. It’d be hugely helpful if you could guide me.

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      criminology is the study of crimes and their investigation, after having a degree in this field you may apply for police and investigating departments, adviser to various firms etc.

  11. deepak arora says:

    Hi i m deepak.i m studying in 12th class. I am interested in journalism, acting ,and anchor i am confuse that what i do next .plz sir and mam guide me..

  12. Limakumba says:

    I completed my 12 (arts) and now i want to go for BCA..So is it possible that i can study BCA being from an arts background..

  13. rahul says:

    sir,can i do bca after 12 arts without math?

  14. ravi says:

    hi.. i hv done 12th with arts n i want to do carrier in media field. plz sugest me some courses..

  15. rahul says:

    hello sir,can i do bcs after 12 arts?

  16. rahul says:

    hello sir, can i do BCS after 12 arts.

  17. Shubham says:

    Hello i am in 12th art
    So i am intersted in camera with tourism realted courses plz help me what is scope
    What is duration define me whatever plz rply my msg

  18. Dhaval says:

    ,hello sir I am student of mechanical engg. My intrested area is painting can I make career in.painting field?

  19. Vishakha jadhav says:

    Hello sir i m confuse in my career now i m studing BA plz help me what should i do i m good in computer can i joind computer programmer plz tell me what is the bst way for me..

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Yeah computer courses are mandatory now a days, you must be having basic computer skills to work in any company or organization.There are many computer oriented you can choose like web designing, database, tally, graphic designing etc.

  20. anisa says:

    I want to take science stream coz I wanna b a paediatrition..(child specialist) but m not good in maths physics n chemistry,. I don’t know what I’ll do if I quit science n take humanities stream… Plz help 🙁

  21. Rajesh says:

    I m pursuing B.A PROG corresponding !I want to bcome a teacher so what should I do????

  22. Ramandeep Kumar says:

    Hello sir, I have passed my 12th in arts. I am a handicapped. For financial problems I have a gap in my study, but I want to restart my study. I am confused that what I do next. Please please please guide me sir/ma’am. Need ur guidance. I want to do degree in sound engineering. Is this is right way? If not then tell me what I do next? Thank you..

  23. kazhihrii says:

    I’m studying 12 arts, and my course is about to finish. I’m very interested in music. But my parents doesn’t support what is the best way for me?

  24. rohit kumar soni says:

    i am in 12 from arts first i wont to became an actor plz… buggest me

  25. Vimol Negi says:

    Hello sir..
    I m now in +2 arts. My subjects are economics, mathematics, English, political science and physical education. First I was thinking to do law. But now my opinion is changed. Sir please suggest me something

  26. Bhaskar Raj says:

    I want to become an actor.

  27. Bhaskar Raj says:

    Just help me to become an actor(theatre).

  28. tanushri says:

    I am in my first year BA I have been very confused about my career and I have wasted two years already my field of interest is events I have been doing events and promotions for those two years I enjoy interacting with new people and I would want to do something which has adventure some sort of PR course or anything where I can talk I want to pursue a degree I am already 21 and I don’t want to risk my career anymore please revert back thank you . Please tell me if a radio jockey course is preferable

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      A B.A degree courses will be quite good for you, for the two reasons 1st you will be graduate and 2ndly you can do other short term job oriented courses side by side, like radio jockey, hospitality, or foreign lanuage or technical writing. Also if you are serious about your career ahead, you can prepare for competitive exams like banking, SSC, or you can pursue MBA after graduation etc.

    • manish says:

      I was thinking ki mujge BA ke sath hardware and networking ka cours krna chahiye

  29. shalini rai says:

    Sir hum biology se 12 pas h hume fashion design se krna h hum kr skte h aur entrance exam me kis type ke questions pucha jayega

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      You should had the math subject in your 12th syllabus for appearing for the B.Tech. If so then you may get the entrance.

  30. Maneesh nair says:

    I would be copleting my plus 2 (humanities ) this year…Iam quite confused about which course to pick..I would like to get into clerical, bank or govt jobs…so which degree course should i opt for> kindly help..thanks

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      First ensure that what subject you like very much and in what subject you are quite potential. find the way and go ahead. try for the govt job is good but equipped with for the private also.

  31. Soumya says:

    I’m very confused as to whether I should opt for arts or for medicAl, I know they both are very different from each other but I am equally good in them and love both Biology and Literature. Also, if I opt for arts,do my writing skills have scope of success?
    I would appreciate if you help me make my decision!

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Evaluate your self whether you are more potential in arts or medical. Do what in which you have a sound potential. If we talk about the career and opportunity then medical is the best than the arts.

      • jameel says:

        I have passed 12th and i pursuing ba from sol.
        And i am also doing a job ad a erp computer operator and question is that i am much interested in computer field please suggest me what should i do in computer field i am done iti and basic from it

      • Sarvgyan Team says:

        Do any specialization and job oriented course in Computer. If you can then join the polytechnic diploma.

      • athri says:

        I currently studying 12th arts strem ,and my Interested subject Is Economies, if I pass class 12, with marks 60 above in economics, can I join in engineering, that’s my qustion?

      • Sarvgyan Team says:

        engineering requires math, chemistry and physics subjects not economics.

  32. dips and shimo says:

    we are studying in 12th std right now.we are interested in geography.suggest some courses in relation with that.

  33. Rahul Prata says:

    Sir now i am in 12th im good in drawing and also make useful or decorative itens from waste materials……….so is there any course which is good for me ..i like animation too and i belong from middle class family plzz suggest me which option is best fo me

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      You have two options. one is go for the B.Sc in animation and search your career in that field or you may opt the interior designing (Art courses).

  34. Ramandeep Kumar says:

    Hello sir. I am Ramandeep Kumar. I am 12th pass in arts. I am a handicapped. I want to do degree in sound design. Am I eligible for this if not please guide me what I do now

  35. Shreya says:

    I am interested in studying mass communication…but after that what should I go for?

  36. manpreet says:

    Hello sir , I m student a12 arts can do BA in pshcology

  37. Pritam Das says:

    sir i am just passing out 12 th exam… and i have 65% marks in the stream of arts…. i am interested in gaming…. so what can i do??? pls tell me the way…

  38. sourav says:

    Hlllo ! Yr. Mai 12 mai hoon. Mri. Drawing achie hai. Mai eco nd pol sci m bht. Acha score kr leta hoon but. Career nai chose kr paa rha hoon. To plz koe kuch acha sa btao yr !

  39. nived says:

    hello..i am failed in commerce 2nd puc exam but iam doing animation course
    am intrested in arts can i go with that..

  40. pooja says:

    Hi pooja dis side i had some financial issue so i dropped my studies now i would like to continue my studies i am very confused what to do exactly and i completed my 12th from arts stream kindly assist me with this

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      We will sure assist you but first you tell us your area of interest and your potential and the subjects what you had in 12th.

  41. khushi says:

    Hey me khushi here me in 11 standard arts nd i m realy vry cnfused about my career I hv psychology,music,pol.sciencend fine interest is in psychology nd music plz guide me wid some career options …..

  42. Deeksha Sharma says:

    I have completed my 12th from NIOS. My subjects were Hindi, eng, sociology, pol. Sc, home sc, computers. I am looking for banking or hotel management. Which course should i pursue for better future and I could get good package to as I have financial problems. Kindly help…
    Thank you

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      See, opportunity more matters than the package. I understand that if there is some financial prob. Both fields are having a good scope in account of opportunity and packages but as your chosen subjects HM will be better for you. banking requires accounts or finance or economics or math but you did not have theses subjects in your 12th. so keep up for the HM.

  43. Adeel says:

    Hi plz shed some light on all the aspects ofhotel management as a career for boys..

  44. Nishant says:

    How to be a district megistrate ?

  45. Aishter m says:

    Hi im a student of class 11 arts n i have taken comp sc as additional and till now dont know what carrier option would be good in comp n what options are there in computer and also interested to join arm force in si sub inspec but which of this carrier would be faster to get job can u plz help me with this …

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Hello Aishter, their are many career options available in Computer science, you can do BCA if you have Maths in 12th, or you can do in CSE or B.Sc(IT) if you have PCM in 10+2, at the same time you can keep your preparation for other competitive examination like CDS, SI, SSC and Bank exams.

  46. Nupur .... says:

    Hii i m in 11th humanities so plzz suggest me after 12th what field should i go i m intrested in mass communication.. Journalism want to become news reader but i m confused that it is a gud carrier option for me or not plzzzzzzz suggest me i m very confused 🙁

  47. Mansi says:

    I’m in 12 th nd my subjects are English,political,economics,hindi nd computers wd one additional subject maths…can uh Plz suggest me some career options…???

  48. Shreeya says:

    Is hacking a career in India?Please help me out to know this..and if yes,what are its requirements?

    Please also help me know the information about BCA course. Is maths necessary to pursue this course?

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Yes hacking is a good career, and you can pursue course in hacking after your BCA, or etc. The candidate should have sound knowledge in the field of computers and must be quite creative and enthusiastic to learn new techniques.

  49. meghna says:

    i am in my 11th right now. the end of the school year is nearing and soon i’ll be giving my 12th boards. i’m really confused. i want to take up history, or maybe sociology. can someone please tell me what are my options?

  50. phebe varghese says:

    can i be able to get a career in interior designing even if my art and maths is not good??

  51. Ashish Lather says:

    Dear sir I am in. 12th my subjects are Eng, Hindi, psyco,, Economics. I am totally confused what course I choose. I am interested in basket ball game.

  52. Vaidehi Desai says:

    Hi I am in 11th. I am a science student but I’m finding it very difficult and I want to do arts. Can I do arts in 12th?

  53. Ramya teja says:

    Im interested in animation..but dnt knw how to proceed after completion of 12 th standard [Mpc]…can any one of you plzz suggest …

  54. Kirti says:

    Hey,I m in class 12 with commerce stream..I m interested in fine arts bt I m confused that whether I would get better salary for my creativity n talent or not…
    plz help me out

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Salary is not a question for a right candidate, if you have got good skills and creativity then surely you will succeed in this field.

  55. rahul kumar says: rahul kumar im study at 11th class. I m interest in cartoon, dj, wedding maker but i cumfuse .what to do after 12th? Pls reply

  56. rohit says:

    hi… I m rohit i m in the 11th class my sub. Is history, english,, hindi, and sociology.i m intrested in pole science but i m very confuse what to do after 12th? And also in IAS And hotle managment…

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      don’t be confuse. you better concentrate your study first. now you are in 11th. it will take around one and half year to become the eligible for higher study. by thinking and becoming confuse you will loose your present. over the period you will come to know your potential field.

  57. prajakta says:

    I have just pass ssc exam.. Now i m in 1st year diploma in computer engineering…as i dont have intrest in eng,it is difficult for me to study bz for eng maths n sci should be our best subjects i m weak in tht subjects. Now i m thinking to change my stream n take arts.I know my one year will waste by doing such.but i want to be perfect in my life
    Just bz of my father told i taken eng but now i m sure
    I will listen what my heart says…. .i m intrested in mehndi,painting,music,soical work so plz tell me on what subjects i should focus more to be much better n after 12 wht should i take. . plzzz

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      It’s good that u have realized your area of interest, but make sure before taking any step you should consult your parents and see the future career scope in the field that your are choosing, you can also consult to a career counselor for other advice related to career.

  58. Rajat says:

    Hi sir
    I m very confused, my subjects are economics, political science, history, English, physical education what should I do to get a well paid job

  59. akanksha says:

    i m very confuse about my career.
    Right now i m in class 12 ,having arts stream .
    My subjects r eco,political nd drawing.
    i want to do event management nd something which is related to political nd economics.
    Plz tell smthng more about event management course with some details..

  60. priya says:

    I am so canfuse about my career .what i do after 12th. now i am ba 1st year

  61. lucky says:

    What about bcom private after 12th arts

  62. raja says:

    Is bms possible after 12th arts??????

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Ofcourse, Yes.

      • raja says:

        What about bcom after 12th arts?

      • Sarvgyan Team says:

        yes, you can B.Com after 12th arts but you should have any of three subjects as Accountancy, Business studies, Office Management and Secretarial Practice, Economics, Mathematics, Business Maths, Computer Science, Banking, Insurance, Marketing, Information Practice and Commerce in your 12th (arts) class.

  63. Jessica Verghese says:

    Nice information! I would like to add one more option. After 12th one can opt for liberal arts degree for graduation. It’s a 4 year full time bachelor’s degree where aspirant get exposure to lot of subjects such as – Law, Business, Media, and Language etc.

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Thanks for your feedback..we will surely add more courses and career options in arts and humanities after 12th.

  64. kanika says:

    i am in class 12th should i change my sub or arts can be a good option if i do BA in marketing management

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Hi, Kanika,
      you did not mention that what subjects you have in 12th class. if you are a student of arts and you wish to do the marketing management then go with the subjects what you have. there is no any problem with arts.

  65. yazhini says:

    i am presently doing my 12th .. and i want to know whether
    dance or
    hotel management or
    event management …
    which one is a good choice…??

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      depends on your interest. dance is very competitive and hardworking field without any good platform you will have to face the problems. there are a large number of guys who have complete the HM. event management is now in good trend rather than others. so my suggestion is event management.

  66. Nirja says:

    Hey im in 10th right now and what’s haressing me is my career.. My maths is nt good bt i lyk to write poems n i have written sm too, sm in hindi n sm in english… I thought of law at 1s as im evn interested in law at tyms… So can u suggest something

  67. Shreeya says:

    I want to make my career in the field of computer. But i’m not good at maths. I want to do something new and different. Pllzz suggest me something.

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Their are many short term courses you can pursue in computer field that doesn’t require mathematical skills, some of which are Animation, web designing, tally etc. If you are looking for degree courses than you can pursue BCA or in computers.

      • neelu kumari says:

        iam also a art student nd i m doing 12 right now, i have intersting computer n web designing, tally i m so confuse about my carrier …plz help me

    • nitesh says:

      haveing same problem tell someone other to help us……

  68. Prateek says:

    I am in 12th right now!
    I am interested in acting but my dancing skills is not good and money problem also! so suggest me!

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      hey Pratik, you need to remember one thing always that “where there is a will, there is a way”. this time you are standing at the very sensitive band of your career. your one bad selection will push you in the dark and your one good decision will make you brighter in the sky high. To respect your interest is good but not give it too much time to decide. If you are interested in acting no matter how better dance you can do.

    • aadarsh says:

      Yrr aap theater join kro okk, bt give a suggestion ki bro is line mai risk bhut hai to bro soch kr krna okkk good bless u

  69. isha says:

    I am in 12th right now!
    I am in a dilemma about what to do after I am done with my school
    My drawing is nt good
    But I am interested in animation
    So could you just tell me can I do animation ?
    Else any other course which does not require good drawing

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Animation is a field that requires skills and creativity, if you have them then you can go ahead and choose some good animation institute. But again in animation you need to have good drawing skills, before animating in the computer you need to draw them by hand…but i feel with good practice you can improve your drawing and make a good career in the animation field.

    • Prateek says:

      Hi isha you can improve your drawing skills by joining a drawing class

    • Nirmal Singh says:

      I am like the animination i very like that your comment

  70. Tigin says:

    Im currently studying 12th arts stream and im confussed about my career. Suggest me

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      don’t become confused. you have many options as you have seen in the article of art and humanities course. you just need to select the path of your interest and run over that. you may choose the journalism, mass comm., animator, designer etc.

    • rohit soni says:

      i am in 12

    • Afreen Khairdi says:

      I know that selecting a good cource is difficult . I m also confused about my correar… heapl me also… 🙂

      • Sarvgyan Team says:

        check our list of various courses and career options for the arts students after 12th.

  71. D.K. says:

    I am also a arts student and I am doing 12th right now. I have alot of confusing I just want to know that after I done 12th can I do wedding planner diploma or not? And from where I can do that diploma? Please inform me about that and thanks for all information

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      Hi D.K,
      Weeding planning is a good field and has got good scope, weeding planning is a part of event management, so we suggest you to go for event management courses since it will have a broader scope. But if you are looking for a specialized course in wedding planning then there are some colleges that you can choose like Wedding planing EMDI Mumbai, COEM college of event and Media.

    • Megha Saini says:

      I m in class 12th in humanities section i m confuse what should i do after my 12th i want FD but my parents wants HM which one is suitable for me n what about sellary in both these fields?

      • HUMPTY SHARMA says:

        Hlo megha main your selection is good but your parents right pr aap ka jis main jaada interest ho or aap ko lagta ha ki aap fd aacha kr sakti ho to aapye hi karo kyu ki agar aap ka hm karne ka maan nhi h to aap is main apna best nhi de paoge aap ko jis main lage ki aap apna best de sakte ho aap vo karo and aal the best aap jo karoge aacha hi karogi 🙂

    • yogi says:

      i want gaudiens

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