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Introduction “Animation” is one of the most popular and sought fields of multimedia. The professional education in Animation wasn’t very popular field in our country. But since the last ten to twelve years we are very developed in animation field. You have ever heard about the “Mogli”, In a general way it was the one of very first Indian More...


Fire & Safety

Introduction “Fire & safety” these two words stand very important meaning for us. It refers to the precautions against the fire and others to access the safety. How much rich we are, how reputed we are or More...


Paranormal Science

Introduction Paranormal is an English word since 1920. It consists of two words; ‘Para’ and ‘Normal’. Everything in our world and around us comes in the meaning of normal. On the other hand, we must say More...


Library Science

Introduction “Library Science” is a subject of allied science. The word library science is built to compile the two words as library studies and the information science. “Library science involves the collection, More...


Online Law Courses

Introduction: Looking for a career in law? But don’t have time to attend the regular classes! Well if this question is puzzling you then we have a solution for it. Why not go for the online law courses that will More...



Writing is an art field. it is the way of expressing one’s thoughts, feeling and imagination to the others in the textual form. Writing can be a hobby, it can be a profession or it can be the amalgamation of both. Who More...



Introduction Most people dream that “how to become a musician”. Someone has the god gifted talent and someone get the talent by hard-working in this field. It is very tough to become a professional musician. More...


Drawing and Painting

Introduction Painting is one of the types of fine art study. Painting is simply a hobby course. There are so many students who wish to find the career in fine art and obviously in painting because it is one of the More...

foreign language

Foreign Languages

Introduction“A good knowledge of foreign languages can open a gateway to the wide range of careers”. By the globalization of the industries, our work, our education and others, it is being compulsory to learn More...



Introduction Journalism is one of the fastest emerging career fields among the today’s young generation. “The pen is all time powerful than the sword”. This is one of the basics of journalism. In today’s More...

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