Aeronautical Engineering


Aeronautical Engineering is one of the most popular fields for the students who wish to make their career in aircraft, airplanes, jet planes and space shuttles.

Aeronautical engineering is the deep study of “Aeronautics”. Aeronautics term has come from the ancient Greek word “Aer” which means ‘Air’ and Nautike which means ‘navigation of the air’.

Aeronautics is the art or science of the manufacturing, design, and study of air flight capable machines.

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“Aeronautical engineering involves the study, design and research of the machines or airplanes which moves in the space and air sphere of the earth”.

Aeronautical engineers use their technical knowledge in designing, constructing, maintaining and testing the aircraft and related systems.

The field, Aeronautical engineering is the best career oriented field. It is one of the challenging fields of engineering. The aeronautical engineering deals with the technology and development in aviation, defense and exploration system.

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Course & Duration

Aeronautical engineering is an emerging field of engineering study. The basic requirements for the course, that the students’ must have a good command over the mathematics, physics and chemistry. The students’ have a choice to choose the field after 10+2 with good percentage.

There are three types of courses in India of aeronautical engineering.

  1. Polytechnic diploma course with the duration of 3 years after 10 or 10+2 examination.
  2. UG degree courses leading to the BE/B.Tech with the duration of 4 years after 10+2 examination.
  3. PG degree courses leading to the ME/M.Tech with the duration of 2 years after the completion of UG degree in engineering.
  4. Doctoral degree courses leading to the PhD domain with the duration of 1-2 years after the completion of PG degree in AE.

Admission Process

Students need to appear in JEE Main to get the admission in UG programme. For admission to PG engineering courses like M.Tech candidates have to appear in GATE exam.

All IITs and NITs conduct the engineering programme in aeronautical engineering. There are some other universities and colleges in India (Punjab, Tamil Nadu & Maharashtra) which offers the same programme.

The student who had a B.Tech degree in electrical engineering, electronics engineering or mechanical engineering can get the admission in M.Tech with aeronautical engineering.

To get admission in M.Tech programme, it is mandatory for the candidates to qualify Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). Through this entrance test, students will be able to take admission in IITs or NITs regulating M.Tech in Aeronautical engineering.

Some states and institutions/Universities also organizes its own entrance exam to provide admissions.

The students are taught about the navigation system, control systems, communication & radar system, structural design, maintenance, quality check, testing launch, development and manufacturing of the aircraft and spacecraft.

Top aeronautical colleges in India are listed below

  • Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Bombay
  • Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Madras
  • Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Kanpur


The specializations of aeronautical engineering are as the following:

  • Electronic Systems
  • Aerospace Propulsion
  • Ground Vehicle Systems
  • Aircraft Structures and Materials
  • Structural Analysis
  • Transportation Systems
  • Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics
  • Structural Design and Engineering
  • Instrumentation And Communication
  • Navigational Guidance and Control Systems

Skills Required

  • Team working and communication skills
  • Ability to think creative
  • Problem solving and analytical skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Flexibility

Jobs & Career

There are lots of companies which recruit the aeronautical engineers. The work fields of the aeronautical engineers are becoming the broader with the growing technology over the world.

All government & private aviation organizations and aircraft & spacecraft manufacturing and testing units generally require the trained candidates.

The career in aeronautical engineering is very reputed, respectfully and challenging and moreover, it is very good in order to the handsome paying job.

After the completion of degree in aeronautical engineering you are eligible for not only in design & production of aircraft and spacecraft but also in turbine, high-speed trains (bullet trains), flying gadgets and turbine production & design.

Some of the job profiles are as the following:

  • Thermal Design Engineer
  • Consultants
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Aerospace Designer Checker
  • Graduate Engineer Trainees
  • Assistant Technical Officers
  • Assistant Aircraft Engineers
  • Aircraft Production Manager


Some of the reputed recruiters of aeronautical engineering are as the following:

  • HAL
  • DRDO
  • ISRO
  • Air India
  • Indian Airlines
  • Helicopter Corporation of India
  • DRDL
  • NAL
  • ADE
  • Civil Aviation department
  • Private air lines
  • Flight clubs


An aeronautical engineer earns the average salary in India between the 5lakh to 6 lakh per annum. It has a great opportunity to work in the government sector. The salaries in the government sector are decided as per the pay scale for the particular post.

The aeronautical engineering has a wide scope of getting high salaries by merging their skill and innovative ideas on one field.

A good academician background also triggers to the career and salary.

It has a good scope of careers in Abroad also. You can get the initial package of $70000 to 100000 per annum in abroad.

Books & Study Material

Some of the preferred books and references are as the following:

  • Modern Compressible Flow with Historical Perspective By Anderson, J.D
  • Elements of Gas Dynamics By Liepmann, H.W., and Roshko
  • Fluid Mechanics By Landau, L.D., & Lifshitz, E.M
  • Aerodynamics, Aeronautics & Flight Mechanics By McCormick, B.W
  • Flight Stability and Automatic Control By Nelson, R.C
  • Dynamics of Flight By Etkin, B. and Reid, L.D
  • Aerodynamics, Aeronautics, and Flight Mechanics By McCormick, B.W
  • Aerodynamics for Engineers By Bertin, J.J
  • The Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Compressible Fluid Flow By Shapiro, A.H
  • Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students By Megson, T.H.G
  • Aircraft Structures By Peery, D.J. and Azar, J.J
  • Jet Propulsion By Cumpsty, N
  • Gas Turbine Theory By Saravanamuttoo, H.I.H., Rogers, G.F.C. and Cohen, H
  • Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook By Boyce, M.P
  • Air Transportation: A Management Perspective By Wensven
  • Global Airline Industry By Belobaba, P., Odoni, A. and Barnhart, C
  • Airframe Analysis and Sizing By Niu, M.C
  • Airframe Structural Design By Niu, M.C
  • Elements of Gas Turbine Propulsion By Mattingly, J.D
  • Fundamentals of Jet Propulsion with Applications By Flack, R.D
  • Aerothermodynamics of Aircraft Engine Components By Oates, G.C
  • Airline Operations and Scheduling By M. Bazargan, M
  • Airport Planning and Management By Wells, A. and Young

For any queries regarding Aeronautical Engineering, you may leave your comments below.

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  1. Shirin Siddiqui says:

    I am shirin and presently I am in 11th and i really wish to do Aeronautical Engineering ,can you please help me with this field and let me know every exam that i need to give after 12th and the percentage that i need to have and what books should i refer to.This is my sincere request if i could get every single detail required for this stream as soon as possible .

    • Hanif Khan says:

      Hi ! Shirin, it’s good to see your zeal about AE. if you belongs to such state where a state level engineering examination is conducted then get the preparation from today onwards or you may prepare yourself for the JEE Main 2016. if you will do the same, surely you will crack the examination with best rank. All top IITs of India offer the AE and to get the admission in IITs you need to study hard. we have mentioned in an article headed as JEE Main Syllabus, visit the article and get the entire detail of syllabus. the best way is that you prepare by your 11th & 12th syllabus accordingly. do ask again if not satisfied.

      • Nagaram srivardhan says:

        Sir I am 12th mpc 2016-17 I want to do aeronautical engineering I am from Hyderabad can u say some tips plz

  2. Hemant Sharma says:


    I am a graduate in Electronics but want to make my career in Aeronautics. It is quite difficult for me to get in Mtech in Aeronautics stream due to my electronics background. Can you suggest me the possible way ?
    Also an institution named as TAAL is getting me into its 6 months training program in “Aircraft Structure designer & Analyst”. Should I really enroll in that program as my personal view says that since my EC background I wont get what they are telling me. What you say ?

  3. Avneesh yadav says:

    Hi sir! I love very much this field.

  4. jerry says:

    Hello sir, I am doing ME Thermal Engineering after completing B.E Aeronautical Engineering. Is it cross major?? Can I get job opportunity in aviation field???? Or mechanical field??? Where I start to get job…????

  5. suraj janawade says:

    Hi sir…can I get admission in AE after completion of degree in production engineering????

  6. Ben says:

    Hi sir..
    I wil complete by BE in june2015.
    Plz tell me the details regarding ME.
    And which all jobs i can be done.

    • Hanif Khan says:

      Get the preparation for GATE 2015 examination. The admission to the M.Tech programmes are done through the GATE examination. It will be a national level examination. More details we will update you soon through our website.

      • sk dastagir says:

        Hai sir iam from Ap ,Iam pursuing Btech final year of Mechanical Engineering and iam intrested in aeronautical engineering .so can u plz tell me how can I get a job in Ae

      • Sarvgyan says:

        In you PG study you can avail the stream of AE.

  7. abhishek jain says:

    scope for aernatical engineering

  8. arif says:

    after completing BE aeronautical engineering which course i can prefer for further

  9. pankti. prajapati says:

    I am in 12 science.My question is-for aeronautical engineering how many marks(minimum ) need in jee exam?

    • Mohit Negi says:

      You have to score well to get a good college for areronautical engg.

      • Vibhas Rai says:

        Hiii Hanif Sir,
        First of all i want to give a thank you for sporting we who are the feature of India, And we are the youth of India.
        So, Now I m very exicted to do AE.But I have one query is there compulsory to reach the JEE Main Examination ?? Through JEE appearance we can’t get admission in AE.??
        How many percentage in 12th should we get?? I hope you will reply fast.
        Vibhas Rai

  10. Shubham,Sharma says:

    Hello sir!
    I am thinking to take admission in aeronautical engineering situated in Delhi
    I want to take your advise on my thought.Is My decision right ir wrong?

    • Mohit Negi says:

      To be very frank, aeronautics industry is experiencing a downfall, there are not many jobs available for freshers in this field, also the institute that you have mentioned is not a reputed one…Do check the placement stats of the college before taking admission.

    • Raghunathagowda D K says:

      Absolutely right Bcz aeronautical is most important and fashion course more than that which field u interest go that field

  11. Danish says:

    Hi Hanif,
    My name is Danish from Thane (mumbai). I done my 12 in 2006 and i left my studies for some family reason. But in 2010 i had again join my studies and completed my second year in BMS field Also pursue in TY but on that time i had too much stress that why i failed. Now currently i am working in travel verticle process related to airline and now i want to make my career in airline please help me to choose my career.

    • Hanif Khan says:

      Hi Danish,
      See, first you need to decide that whether you would like to go with technical or non-technical field of airlines. Maharashtra is referring the JEE pattern and to get the admission in technical or engineering field of aviation or aeronautics you must have passed the 12th not back than hardly 3 year of the year of admission. So the technical side (as an engineer) is blocked. But there is another option which is that, you may join the management programme in hospitality or aviation management. you may also get the short term course in aviation (flight steward) on the basis of your 12th standard.

      • Danish says:

        Thank you hanif for the prompt reply. Can you giude me about the aviation management courses like which course are having better career. I am currently in airline cargo field so which course i givin me brighter career. Please help…..

      • Hanif Khan says:

        Logistic management is suiting your profile. with this course you may apply in any department which maintain the store and logistic department. Besides this you should do the hospitality management.

      • Danish says:

        Thank you so much…….

      • Your Name...Shahkar ahmad says:

        Hi Hanif… I am Shahkar from jharkhand, I am in class 10 and I want to know that is their guarantee to get my placement easily abroad after BE aeronautical engineering

      • Sarvgyan says:

        No. But if you will outstand in your then would be placed sure.

  12. Magesh waran says:

    Sir after finishing BE in aeronautics can i go for MS in aeronautics or which is best ME or MS in aeronautics please direct me a right path

    • Hanif Khan says:

      You can go for MS but there are no any college found who offer the MS aeronautics in India. all over that ME and MS not not so untouched to each other. You must do the M.Tech first.

  13. Betsy says:

    Hallo sir. I’m currently doing btech on aeronautical engg. 3rd yr. Can you please suggest me on good colleges abroad so that I can do my pg well. Are there good colleges in India providing mtech?

  14. sathish says:

    hello sir i am doing BE aeronautical engineering(1st year) in coimbatore i would like to work in airline company what should i do or whether any exams are there to write or any other option, i hope u will be help me

    • Mohit Negi says:

      One is the campus placement, the other option for you will be apply in the recruitment programmes conducted by various airliner companies, you can also submit your resume in the Jobs site like naukri or and may get a call from there.

  15. om says:

    after complaining BE in mechanical engineering which cource i can prefer for further

  16. Nifin says:

    I have completed my aeronautical engineering in 2012. Unfortunately I have colour blindness (failed in the Ishihara test). I have 1 year apprenticeship experience in Air India, Mumbai. I heard that most of the airline companies do a colour blindness test.
    I am totally confused. Is there any field which I can apply in airlines (which have growth)?
    or Is it better to take PG course ? If yes, which is the best PG course I can apply (I am confused because I have color blindness, i don’t know whether it will affect my PG also).
    I am totally confused.Please help me.

    • Hanif Khan says:

      We are sorry for that. but education never fails. Yes it is true that around all air lines industries conduct the color test before recruiting the candidates, but there are opportunity to work in aeronautical field work like in hangers or plants. so you need to get a PG degree in such specialization which has no bar for the color blindness test. Don’t loose your core stream.

  17. Avneesh chita says:

    My name is Avneesh chita from bhilai “CG”.I have completed my btech in aeronautical engineering from Aeronautical Society of India” Delhi”…I am totally confused. Is there any field which I can apply in airlines.Do i also apply for any public sector examinations

    • Mohit Negi says:

      yes you can apply for airforce, Navy and army as an aeronautical engineer. you can also appear for engineering exams like IES and GATE.

  18. rajnish singh says:

    sir I have passed my 10+2 with maths in year2013 but some problems now I am so confused what I do sir please guide me ? is it possible now for me get admission in engineering

    • Hanif Khan says:

      Possible but you need to appear the exam.

      • rajnish singh says:

        sir which test is better for me to get admission in aeronautical Engineering
        I have drop my study for last two years does there is any way to get Admission in these courses
        and the most thing I use -3.5 power eye contacts then it is possible for NDA like exams

      • Hanif Khan says:

        No matter with eye power. It is OK.

  19. mary says:

    i have completed my btech from aeronautical engineering and now dng my m tech(aeronautical) project mtech(throght pgeset)

  20. KAVYA says:

    can u give good advise im not understaning about further procedure. Icompleted my BTech&MTech in aeronautical engineering.

  21. manu says:

    hi sir,
    afteri cmpleted Btech nd Mtech in Aeonautical engineerin. this wat ull advice further for Agood carrier

  22. SUBHASH says:


  23. SUBHAM says:


  24. SIVAKRISHNA,J says:

    HI! its my ambition

  25. sivaKrisshna.J says:

    Hi!Friends,Iam sivaKrishna.J{sankarapuram}age:17Years old. I will have requested bY 3 question? 1>which college i will choose bY aeronatical studY? 2>HowMuch Fees a Year? 3>where i will worK? PLEsE HELp ME……

    • Hanif Khan says:

      There are so many colleges in each state providing the AE. Now you should see the list of college provided by our site for every state. Fee is depends on the status of the college but as per AICTE norms. after completion you can work in airlines, air and space research centre and related sectors.

  26. Ashik pb says:

    I completed my +2 this year . I’m interested to go to aeronautical eng.Can i do it with in Kerala? Is there any best collages in Kerala for this? Or will with in India be a best choice?

  27. p.vignesh says:

    Sir iam p.vignesh I’ll love are very much than all please tell me cut of mark and preparation to be an aeronautics

  28. Pratik Deore says:

    Hello sir,
    Now I am in std.12 th science. So what can I do get admission in Aeronotical engineering

  29. Akshay says:

    When Admission opens 2015-16 for best colleges for aeronautical engineering for b-tech in india

  30. Harshitha M says:

    I am intersted in AE. Now i am in 10.. Can u help me with what i should take after my 10,to become an AE..
    Any exams or aaaan books ashould i refer to..

    • Mohit Negi says:

      you have to go with PCM and english…just focus on your board exams and text books…and prepare for engg entrance exams like JEE MAIN, TNEA.

    • Raghunathagowda D K says:

      Harshitha u should complepuc puc or 10+2 in science like pcmc or pcmb and u write entrance exam in karnataka k-cet and u join BE aeronautical course

  31. Aadil says:

    What are the things I have to do to be a Aeronautical engineering

    • Hanif Khan says:

      you must have passed the 12th with physics and maths and appear the JEE Main exam, secure the good rank with good percentage in 12th and get your dream college.

      • rahul says:

        Sir, I am in 10th standard I want to do ae and like very much in designing the airplane and how to make it fly. So i am some what weak in mathematics,physics,and what’s ur suggestion sir.plzzzz plzzz tell me

      • Mohit Negi says:

        AE is the branch in which subjects like Maths and Physics play a huge role, and you should have good command in these subjects. Now you’re in 10th so you have enough time to work on these subjects.

  32. rajeshkanakala says:

    I am studying diploma. 2 yr mechanical
    I wish to study aeronautics
    will u please suggests me the bestway for my entry in to aeronautics after completing diploma

    • Mohit Negi says:

      you can apply for aeronautical engg, after completing your diploma through lateral entry exams, many universities admit students on the basis on entrance exam.

  33. Thejas raj G says:

    now i’m in 10th(waitng for the result).I’m interested in AE.Can u help me with what i should take after my 10th,to become an AE.Please help me

  34. anusha says:

    After complting AE WITH OUT MASTER DEGREE will i get job opportunity..plz suggest me sir

    • Mohit Negi says:

      you may get a job, but more important you have to pursue this course from a good college with good placement record.

  35. maurya nilesh says:

    I want study about this field .. . My 12th is running so pls suggest me what I do ……I am from guj gseb

  36. kavya says:

    Hai sir i am kavya i have finished my 12 i am interested in aeronautical then say the cut off for this and also girls have oppurunity in this field pls reply sir

    • Mohit Negi says:

      aeronautical is a good branch, but there are only few good colleges which provides decent placement. Most of the colleges in this field don’t provide campus placement to the students.

  37. Moin says:

    Recently i had appeared for 12th sci. I am really upset because i got only 19 marks in jee. And i want to be an aeronautical engg.
    Will i get admission?
    Plz recommend me best colleges in maharashtra.

  38. Dibya says:

    hello sir..i jst wanna knw which wld b d best colleges in bengaluru for doing BE in aeronautics engg?

  39. Nishant says:

    hello sir.. my ques. is that. That can a average student can also perform well in AE and will he be able to get a job.??????????????

  40. sahil giri says:

    Hii, i am in 12th std and i really wish to do btech in aeronautical engineering .. So.. Can u plss guide me how should i prepare fr the entrance exams..??

  41. harsh shrivastava says:

    anyone please help me that is i am at presently studying in 10th class and i heard about the exam which was conduct by ISRO,after3 yeras i need to register on it so please help me by giving its actual site if regestrating in exam and what prepration i have to start from now onwards for this exam guide me about it please

  42. Shahabudeen Siddique says:

    I am shahab. I was completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical.
    Guide which courses will be better to me to enroll soon a job in aviation field.

  43. Nifin Shams says:


    I am Nifin Shams, completed my aeronautical engineering degree in 2012 with good GPA (9.06/10) and I have one year experience in Air India (Quality Control and Technical Services division).Unfortunately I have color vision deficiency (Deuten defect – red green colour). I can detect red and green thoroughly, but when I did the Ishihara test I could’nt read some plates. Doctors said I have little colour vision deficiency in green.

    I am totally confused. I don’t know which field to take for PG (I am afraid if I take that course whether colour blindness will prevent me from getting a job). When I ask my boss in Air India, they told me that most of the airline companies don’t take guys with colour blindness.

    I am totally confused sir. If that is the case my entire 7 years is gonna be a waste. If I take PG in logistics, wil the scenario be the same?

    Please help me sir.

    Thanking in advance
    Nifin Shams

    • Hanif Khan says:

      with that deficiency you cannot work in air but you can work in ground in your field. Beside this it is not genetic in your case means may be soluble.

  44. Jayasoorya SJ says:

    Sir,what about hindustan university in coimbatore ??its a private college but the college provides placements from many international companies..

  45. akshith says:

    Iam interested in AE I atend the CET in karnataka but Iam not atend the jee mains what should I do I get the better colleg in karnataka or not in AE Ple help me

  46. K.Ranjithkumar says:

    I like become an aeronautical engineering. Because I need to know more about space vehicle and its

  47. K.Ranjithkumar says:

    I like to become an aeronautical engineering. Because I need to know more about space vehicle and its

  48. SAUD says:

    Hi sir; I am very much interested in aviation technology and thus I wish to do my graduation in AE. Currently , I am in 12th (pcmb) . How can I make my way to this career ? Please let me know.

  49. vishal kumar says:

    I gets 31mark in the exam of jee.I want make an aeronautical engineer and aircraft mantinense engineer. Please tell me about Best college for ae and ame. Please help me sir.

  50. vamsi krishna says:

    Sir. I am vamsi . Iam studying 12th standard in andhra pradesh. I love the field of aeronautics and wish to start my carrer at nasa. What are the steps i must follow?

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