Military Engineering

Before moving further let us acquaint ourselves with the term “Military Engineering”.

What does it mean?
How we can make our career in this field?
Is it will be beneficial for us in future??

Answers of all your questions is mentioned here…

It is basically a art, science & practice of designing & building military works & maintaining lines of military transport & military communication.

Military engineer must know how to create war weapons and disable machines, minefields and other assets related to military.

What comes in your mind after listening the word “Military”!!

In my mind it strikes that something related to army or armed forces.

Yes, it is correct to some extent but exact meaning of military engineering is as discussed below.


“Military engineering is the practice of building and designing military works and maintaining lines of military transport and Communications”.

Military engineering is one of the engineering courses that is taught in the schools of Military Engineering. It not only deals with the maintenance and operation of vehicles, vessels, aircraft, weapon systems and equipment’s but also focuses on engineer intelligence, force protection and military search.

The discipline of Military engineering includes the techniques of other engineering disciplines that include mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Military engineering

Wait, there’s more!

The construction and destruction task relevant to military engineering are done by the military engineers. During the peacetime, the military engineers of some countries are also engaged in the non-military construction tasks such as flood control, etc.

Military engineers are trained in engineering and construction work. Military engineering also uses the concept of civil engineering and sometimes also performs the tasks of civil engineers.

Is Military Engineering different from Civil Engineering?

Yes, definitely..

Modern military engineering differs from civil engineering.

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Now, you are fully familiarized with the term “Military Engineering”!

Are you excited?? Want to learn more..

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Courses and Duration

In India, various Universities & Institutions which impart diploma, undergraduate & postgraduate courses in military engineering.

The courses are categorized as follows:

  • Diploma courses leading to the polytechnic diploma3 years duration.
  • UG courses leading to the B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree – 4 years duration.
  • PG courses leading to the M.Tech (Master of Technology) degree – 2 years duration

College of Military Engineering, Pune is one of the military colleges that offers engineering courses.

Skills Required:

  • Disciplined
  • Physical Endurance
  • Ability to Handle emotional distress
  • Team work Skills
  • Self confidence
  • Ability to take decisions under pressure
  • Practical Intelligence
  • Leadership Ability

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Eligibility & Admission

For entering in Military Engineering, one must have passed diploma and 12th with mathematics and physics as the compulsory subjects.

Entrance Exam – JEE Main 2024, CUET 2024

How to Become a Military Engineer?

  • First step include an accredited engineering program. Minimum requirement of bachelor’s degree in engineering is required for military engineers.
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge required in this field by taking requisite training/internship.
  • After completion of full-time bachelor’s degree in engineering, you have to apply for the professional engineer (PE) exam.
  • After the successful accomplishment of PE, you will become a licensed engineer and can apply in the armed forces as a military engineer.

Those who are the part of armed forces and want to become a military engineer can pursue engineering course in a military college.

Am I eligible to become a Military Engineer?

Yes, you are eligible if you completed your B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.

In fact, the candidates who have completed their bachelor’s degree in engineering discipline with electrical, civil or industrial engineering also have the choices to be the part of military engineering.

If you have passed 12th examination with PCM then you are eligible for pursuing B.Tech in electrical, civil or industrial engineering.

For further career advancement, you can go for the higher studies.

It’s not over yet!

Jobs & Career Scope

After completing the course, everyone is worried about the job..Where to get the job?

There are a lot of career opportunities for you in the field of military engineering. You will get the job in government sector. Also, you can be recruited in government jobs in armed forces. As an engineer, you can support to various formations of Army, Navy, Air Force & DRDO.

Duties of Military Engineers

What is the role of engineers in Military?

The tasks of modern military engineering is divided into three fields namely: combat engineering, strategic support and ancillary support.

  1. Combat Engineer: Combat Engineer also called as field engineer who performs construction and destruction tasks under battle conditions. The tasks include constructing and digging trenches, bridge and road construction, clearing land mines, etc.
  2. Strategic Support: Engineer provides service in communication zones that include construction of airfields, improvement and upgrade of ports, roads and railways communication.
  3. Ancillary Support: The services include provision and distribution of maps, disposal of unexploded bombs, mines, and other warheads.

Other duties of military engineers include building bases, roads, bridges, airfields, etc. In peace time, military engineers also plays the role of civil engineers by taking part in the civil-works project.

Military Engineers are mainly involved in the construction & design of infrastructure for use in combat zones, military bases & occupied areas.

Some recruiters are listed below:

  • Military Engineer Services
  • Indian Army
  • PAC Constructions
  • MedGulfPunj Lloyds Ltd
  • PCC
  • Contromet

Your job designation is..

  • Chief Military Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Building Systems Engineer
  • Power Plant Engineer
  • Professional Engineer

Let us learn about the Salary package!!


Salary depends upon the rank/designation you are holding. An average salary of military engineer is $77,000 per year in abroad. After gaining some experience in the field, you will get hike in your salary package. In India, basic pay of Rs 16000-39000/- (excluding HRA and other incentives) will be offered to the Military engineers holding position in Indian Army.

Books & Study Material

Here, we are providing some books which help you to study about Military Engineering:

  • Technology in Warfare: The Electronic Dimension by Abdul Karim Baram
  • Dark Territory by Fred Kaplan
  • No Moon Tonight by Don Charlwood
  • The Art of War by Ralph D. Sawyer
  • Security Studies by Paul D. Williams
  • One Shot, One Kill by Andy Dougan
  • Mauser Military Rifles by Neil Grant
  • The Future of Violence – Robots and Germs by Benjamin Wittes

If you have any other doubts about Military Engineering, you can leave your query in the comment box.


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  2. Sir i am pursuing clerk course in indian army and already completed b-tech in electrical engineering then what is process i join mes ?

  3. Being a girl can i join military engineering services. Currently i am pursuing my b. tech (civil) 1st year. Which entrance exams i have to take. Please tell me whole procedure.

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