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Energy Engineering

energy engineering

What is Energy? In physics, we can say that energy is the property of objects that can be transferred to other objects or converted into a different form. Some of the common energy forms are: kinetic energy, radiant energy, potential energy, chemical energy, elastic energy & thermal energy.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});That’s More...

automotive engineering

Career in Automobile/Automotive Engineering

Are you passionate about Automobiles? Do you want to design your own car? Then a career in Automobile Engineering will be best for you… In present scenario, Automobile/Automotive Engineering is one of the most More...

ceramic engineering

Ceramic Engineering

When we talk about Ceramic Engineering. The first question that comes in your mind: “What is Ceramic Engineering?” & “Why you want to make your career in it?” Let’s know about it! Ceramic Engineering More...

audio engineering

Audio Engineering

Are you a music lover? Do you love to play with music? Then Audio Engineering will be the right choice for you. It is one of the disciplines of engineering courses. This field is best for those individuals who want More...

Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering

Basic Question arises on mind – “What is Marine Engineering?” The term ‘Marine’ hits everyone mind that it is something related to water. Yes, you all are right! But, it is more than More...

aerospace engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Have you ever seen the big spacecrafts & rockets and imagined how they have been constructed?? How they have worked? The answer is right here “Aerospace Engineering” Aerospace Engineering is that branch More...

chemical engineering

Chemical Engineering

Introduction “Chemical engineering” is the branch of engineering stream deals with the design, control, construction, supervision, installing and operating of equipments and the plants for manufacturing the More...


Food Technology

Introduction “Food technology”!!! Guess the combination of technology with food. Food is simply the stuff that need to make us alive. Food is the plant, animals, vegetable, milk, glucose and many things what More...


Agricultural Engineering

Introduction “Agricultural Engineering” is one of the disciplines of the engineering. This discipline of engineering is emerging faster than the other programmes. Agricultural engineering consists of two words More...

texttile engineering

Textile Engineering

Introduction “Textile engineering” is one of the popular disciplines of engineering fields. It is a big research field of technology. Textile engineering spins around the garment, color and fabric line of industries. “Textile More...


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