• retail-management

    Retail Management

    Introduction ‘Retail Management’ is one of the newest specializations of management study. Retail means sale of goods, service & satisfaction…

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  • event-management

    Event Management

    Introduction “Event Management” is an application of the Project Management. Event means occasion, celebration or a concert where the gathering…

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  • MBA in Operations

    Introduction What is ‘Operation Management’? Operation means the entire chain process of work. Management means the proper utilization resources. Operation…

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  • MBA in HR image

    MBA in HR

    Introduction What is ‘Human Resource Management’? Human means the workforce that involved in an organization. Resource means the limited availability.…

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  • MBA in marketing image

    MBA in Marketing

    Introduction The scope of MBA in Marketing is very good in today’s market trend. MBA in Marketing is one of…

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  • MBA in finance image

    MBA in Finance

    Introduction Finance is one of the most sought after specialization of MBA. A big community of students is attracting with…

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  • MBA in IB image

    MBA in International Business

    Introduction Let’s discuss about the “International Business”. Today, every business is going to expand itself in International market. It is…

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