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“Optometry is the healthcare profession of measuring vision, prescribes and fit lenses to improve vision, and detecting & treat various eye diseases”

The name “Optometry” comes from the Greek words opsis that means “view” & metron that means “something used to measure”.

The historical backdrop of optometry can be followed back to the earlier studies on the optics and image formation by the eye.

The term optometry appeared in book “A Treatise on the Eye: The Manner and Phenomena of Vision” that was written by Scottish physician William Porterfield in 1759.

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Optometry is a satisfying career in medical courses in various ways. It is a dynamic and challenging career that offers self-awareness, work flexibility, community respect, money related achievement & unlimited opportunities.

A career in optometry offers a high salary, job stability, tremendous potential for development and a decent work environment.


Courses & Duration

Many universities in India offering diploma, certificate, bachelor, master & Ph.D courses in Optometry.

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Diploma Courses: It is two years duration course. You can pursue this course after completing your 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English.

Certificate Courses: This course is of 1 year duration.

Bachelor Degree Courses:

  • Optometry (B.Opto)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

The duration of these courses is 4 years. The student has successfully completed H.S.C./10+2 or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics & Pass in English.

Master Degree Courses:

  • Master of Optometry (M.Opto)
  • Master of Science (M.Sc)
  • M.A/ M.Sc. (5-year Integrated) Courses

M.Opto & M.Sc are two years duration regular full-time course. For admission in these courses, students have to pass Bachelor degree in Optometry or equivalent course from any Indian University.

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Education required to become an Optometrists

To become Optometrists, you have completed 4 year bachelor degree program, preferably in a relevant field such as biology, chemistry, or physiology. You will require a bachelor’s degree to apply for optometry programs. Optometry programs typically take an additional four years to complete. All optometrists have to pass rigorous nationally administered exams to earn their license to practice.

Optometrists can pursue M.S, M.Phil, Ph.D or OD (Doctor of Optometry) degree after completion of Bachelors in Optometry.

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How I become an Ophthalmologist?

If you make your career as an Ophthalmologist, then you have complete at least eight years study that includes four years of college premedical education, four years of medical school, one year of internship, and a minimum of three years of hospital residency program in ophthalmology.

Admission in medical courses will be done through NEET 2020 exam.

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To become an Optician what qualification is required?

You can enter in this field, just by doing diploma after high school. You can also pursue certificate and associate’s degree programs in opticianry that may be preferred by some employers & be licensed.

Those students have a diploma certificate, they can directly begin earning by working with an Ophthalmologist, an Eye Hospital, and an Optician or even start his own practice as an Optician.

Top colleges in India that offers education in Optometry

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth University
  • All India Management Association
  • Government Medical College and Hospital, Surat
  • Government Medical College, Nagpur
  • Punjab Medical College, Amritsar
  • Medical College, Patiala
  • Birla Institute of Tech. Science, Pilani

Career Opportunities

After studying Optometry, you can make your career as optometrists, ophthalmologists & Optician.

Confused about optometrists, ophthalmologists & Optician? We Clear It Up for You.

Ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians each play very important role in providing eye care to consumers.

How about we begin with optometrists?

Optometrist is the independent primary health care provider who specializes in eye care and visual health. An Optometrist is medical professionals, but not physicians. They focus on regular vision care and prescribe eyeglasses and contacts. Optometrist examines the internal and external structure of the eyes.

An ophthalmologist is a physician (medical doctor) who specializes in the surgical and medical care of the eye & vision system. Ophthalmologists offer complete eye care services. These include: Vision services, Medical eye care, Surgical eye care, Diagnosis and treatment of eye, Plastic surgery.

Optician is also a very important part of the eye care team, but it is not an eye doctor. An optician uses a prescription that is written by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. Optician is a technician who is trained to design, verify fit eyeglass lenses and frames, contact lenses, and other devices to correct eyesight.

The career opportunities in all these fields are wide & huge in demand both in India and abroad.

Optometrists can work as post-secondary teachers, occupational/industrial safety programs, consultants in the eye care industry or do research in optometry colleges. Optometrists can also set up their own private clinics & work independently. They can also choose a career in sports vision, public health and government service or community health centers.

Ophthalmologist may choose to set himself up in private practice, as a solo practitioner or as part of a medical group. As an Ophthalmologist, you can work as a public health employee, professor in the medical universities, military doctor, & as an employee of a clinic, hospital & government agencies.

Top Job Profiles

Some most famous job profiles of Optometrists are given below.

  • Customer Care Associate
  • Private Practitioner
  • Professor
  • Trainee Optometrist
  • Vision Consultant
  • Optometry Researcher

Salary & Pay Scale

The initial monthly salary of an optometrist ranges between Rs.20, 000 to Rs.40, 000. Optometrist can earn Rs. 4 to 5 lacs per year as a fresher. An ophthalmologist makes different salaries depending upon their employment place, applicable skills and geographical area. In India, they can earn at least Rs. 9 to 10 lacs in a year. The median salary for an ophthalmologist in the US is $202,133 annually.

Books & Study Material

  • Clinical Anatomy of the Eye by Richard S. Snell
  • Anterior Eye Disease and Therapeutics by Adrian S. Bruce
  • Primary Care Optometry by Theodore Grosvenor
  • Clinical Ophthalmology: (A Systematic Approach) by Jack J. Kanski
  • The Neuro-Ophthalmology Survival Guide by Anthony Pane
  • Optometry: Science, Techniques and Clinical Management by Edwards, Logan, Nicola, Rosenfield, Mark

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  1. Madhusudan Majee says:

    Being diploma both in optometrist and naturopathy shall I affix Dr. Before my name.

  2. shahrukh khan says:

    after completing B.oph.T can i do M.S (master of surgery)

  3. anuja says:

    Please you help me for find a better job m a student of D Opto course

  4. Sunil kumar says:

    Which optometry course I can join after bsc there any distance mode?

  5. Dhanashri says:

    Hy i have got admission in Bsc paramedical in optometry does this filed is good and have scope ahead???

    • Hanif Khan says:

      It is good professional course.

    • Rajkumar says:

      Yes in this field career line is very good but hard work is very very necessary you earn nearly 10 to 15 lacs annually when you. Completed master pg and if you have good knowledge and good skills then you have also chances to settle in foreign countries. Country depends on your skills in america, Japan , France, UK , London, russia very good career line in Japan you earn nearly 30 to 55 lakh package in rupee currency.

    • Safina shaikh says:

      Ys there us big scope in optometry u cn earn upto 15k to 18k after diploma
      And after bsc u can earn upto above 20k
      U cn also open ur own optical shop

  6. issac says:

    I need gud salary job in india I m a fresher optometrist

  7. issac mathew says:

    I finished bsc.optometry
    Now I m willing to study (OD)
    Doctrate course
    How can I join wt is the way that I have to follow

  8. Swathika says:

    There is any chance to be an surgeon

  9. sunina says:

    im a b.optometry student,can i do OD in india?

  10. rutuja says:

    when can we do OD ? what is the criteria.

  11. ANIL KUMMAR says:

    what are critirea for studying optometry in AIIMS

  12. Ankan Dey says:

    how much pay can we get after becoming an optometrist? From that view is studying b.optometry really worth it in India??

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    Can a b optom can do master in surgery

  14. dr pravin yadav says:

    optometris traing job opportunties

  15. Faran nazeer says:

    Im a 12 student i need a job while studying plz give me a best solutionfor studying optomologist in coimbatore

  16. Manish says:

    i am a b.optometry student
    i want to do O.D(doctor of optometry).how i can do this ?please give suitable answer

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    Optometrists trener job opportunities

  18. Optometry traner job says:

    I am a optometrist i am searching job opportunities please help me to find a job.

  19. anushka says:

    Is optometry diploma suitable for girls? And how much can we earn in this in india nd foreign

  20. manish sethi says:

    After comleted the optometry course have i attach Dr. Front my name
    Dr. Manish sethi

  21. sakaram dewasi says:

    I am doing bsc optometry from GMCH udaipur.I want know what is scope of bsc optometry after completing the degree.

  22. Manish says:

    Sir i am doing b.optometry.i want to do m.phil in optometry. Is that is useful for me

  23. Kashish shemna says:

    Sir now i am doing an advanced diploma
    It is of two years
    I wanted to become a doctor
    So what next step should I take after completing my diploma?

  24. jayant says:

    Optometrist is an eye doctors are not ..?

  25. SHAIKH Sana says:

    Sir ,I Sana shaikh wants to enroll my self optometry. Plz give me information about to application form 4 addmisson.

  26. tamilselvi says:

    hiiii frnds,am completed my diploma optometry 1 year back.i want some ideas for next what i do my carrier in opthalmlogy.i dont like optometry .i think getting some idea for 1 year cirtificate courses.

  27. Anwesh says:

    Sir I have to join in IMSC course in optometry vision sciences ,,is this beneficiary? What future I have ? What can I bcom after this?

  28. Manmeet Singh says:

    After bachelor of Optometry I would like to go for MSc Optometry in Canada. Please guide me if there is any entrance exam for MSc Optometry in Canada?

  29. Name says:

    I want any contact number to clear my doubts about studying optometry

  30. rahim khan says:

    Best course of optometry
    I am d.optometry

  31. Chhavi says:

    Can we prescribe medicine after completing

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    Which course is better in terms of scope and salary bpt or b.optometry
    Plz suggest me

  33. Ravindra says:

    After graduation can we make surgery of eye or not.

  34. p vibitha says:

    if i complete my 3year bsc optometry course then what are the job opportunities for me and how much salary i will get??please inform me soon because its urgent….

  35. Yugasri says:

    Describe the optometry? what are the courses in optometry? which is the best course I can choose? and after master courses I am became an opthalmologist?

  36. Yugasri says:

    What is the difference between bachelor optometry and bsc optometry?

  37. jaydeep says:

    Hello sir, I need to know that if I complete B.optom and M.optom what salary will I get in future and another I want to ask is if I’ve completed m.optom then am I able to do surgery…. If not which course should I do for that….. Please help me With that…..

  38. Jeevitha says:

    Optometry had scope in india and after completing the course we can do surgery

  39. Ashitha Sainudheen says:

    If i complete my four year bsc optometry course ,which type job willbe get ,what will be its salary

  40. jebin raj says:

    Sir, i want to know about what are the pg courses after bsc optometry

  41. ajaygound says:

    detail coirse with salary i ned

  42. Md.Minhaj alam says:

    I want to do optometry course

  43. maria rafique says:

    Which college will be good for opteomtry

  44. Sruthi says:

    After completing optometrist and ms we can do surgery????

  45. Ishu says:

    Is it possible to do surgery by doing optometry

  46. Harini says:

    Sir it is possible to do surgery by completing optometry

  47. janymoljayson says:

    can you pls say the scopes of this course. and the procedure of the admission . i had finish my plus two (science)

  48. haritha says:

    i just want to build up my carrier in bsc optometry can you please tell what is the scope in this field in abroad..

  49. Haider says:

    Is it compulsory to pass NEET examination to get admission in BOPT

  50. Haider says:

    Is it compulsory to pass in NEET examination to get admission in BOT

  51. Asha says:

    I wanted to know about the subjects offered in b.optometrist

  52. akansha sachdeva says:

    Mai cnfused hu optometrist ke course ke bare m ki iska aage scope h ya nhe ap plz meri ye problem ko solve ks dijiye….I m very pleasure to u..

    • Sarvgyan says:

      Yes their is good scope in this field. Pursue your course from a good college and go for higher studies in this field.

  53. Namonarayandwivedi says:

    I want job in MP Birla of of eye hospital

  54. can bcom student ka do optometrist course says:

    Can bcom student can do optometrist course

  55. Haseena says:

    Sir,I am complete Diploma ophthalmic Assistant from 2016.mai chhta huo b.optometrist keliye to mujhe lateral admission ho sakti hai ?

  56. Vasanth says:

    sir , Right now i m doing B.voc(optometry) final year in Pondicherry University. which is 3 year vocational degree course approved by UGC
    My question is Can i do M.opto or after completed my B.voc degree.

  57. optom says:

    Please sir discribe the diploma optometry & B.optom

  58. Sunny says:

    I finished my graduation in Bsc.botany during year 2014. Which diploma course would be good for me

  59. swadesh agrawal says:


  60. Bheem yadav says:

    Which collage are best for b.opt

  61. Datta Patil says:

    After 10th can we do the course of D.O.T.A and after that can we do Degree in it…
    What is the correct process…? Please inform us.

  62. kajol kadam says:

    refercene clg for ms in optemetry

  63. Mihir Ghosh says:

    After completing B.optom can i use “Dr”before my name……?

  64. jalees khan says:

    Please sir discribe the diploma optometry fieald..

  65. aditya saikia (optom) says:

    To become a optpmetrist you have to join a good school of optometry as in bachelor of optometry in india, you will get a lisence to work.. and one more thing Optometry is not a distance learning course, you need to practise a lot, there are so many eye disease how will you treat patients without practise…anyways it is good course fun to learn n easy if you are familar with medical world… BEST OF LUCK

  66. Mohan kumar says:

    After optematry can we do surgery of eye or not for surgery what we have to study after optematry

  67. Heena says:

    Is it possible to do ophthalmology after doing bachelor in optometrist.
    What are the pg courses after optometrist.

  68. Venkatesha j r says:

    i want distance optometry

    • aditya says:

      Being a optometrist first of all i want to tell you that the peoples like you is making this optometry bad. its a pure based skill . how can you ever thought of doing distance learning, from where you will learn to examine patients who will teach you refraction to look for refractive error , what about vision field loss ? what you will do ? keratoconnus patients how will you treat without practise n what about contact lens (soft and RGp) . gonioscopy lensometry tonometery keratometery this are the basic skills from where you will learn just my looking at your computer? beware of colleges who offers distance learning courses for optometry becoz when you will be passed out your degree wont be recognised

  69. manik kundu says:

    How to admission in this course ?
    Date of admission?
    Course fees?

  70. maham says:

    B.s.c optometry k bad hmy koncy scale ke job mel skte h pakistan mae?????plz reply me

  71. jaanmohammaf says:

    Carrier in Opthalmology

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