Career In Veterinary

If you love animals and Science, then you might want be a veterinarian.

Who are veterinarians and what connection they have with animals?

Veterinarians are basically animal doctors who diagnosis and prescribe treatments for animals.

The physicians who treat human being when they are sick are called doctors and those who treat animals when they are sick or injured are called vets (veterinarians).

Simply, we can say that

“Veterinary is the branch of medicine that basically deals with finding, curing a prevention of diseases on animals”.

Veterinary medicine covers all types of animals either it is domesticated or wild. It is the field of Medical Courses.

Is there any career in working with animals?

Yes, it may be proud for you to be a veterinarian because this profession  not only requires higher education but also needs your love towards the animals.


What are the academic and professional requirements needed to become a veterinarian?

Here, is the answer…………..


If you have interest in this field of medicine and have passion for animals then you can continue your career as a veterinarian.

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The courses offered under veterinary science are as follows:

Bachelor Courses:

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc & AH) – 5 years
  • BV. Sc. in Animal Genetics and Breeding
  • BV. Sc. in Animal Production & Management
  • BV. Sc. in Veterinary Surgery & Radiology
  • BV. Sc. in Veterinary Medicine, Public Health & Hygiene

Master Courses:

  • Master of Veterinary Science (M.V.Sc) – 3 years
  • MV. Sc in Veterinary Medicine
  • MV. Sc in Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • MV. Sc in Veterinary Surgery & Radiology

Doctoral Courses:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Veterinary Medicine
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Veterinary Pathology
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology

For admission to UG Courses, you must have passed 10+2 with biology, chemistry and physics.

For admission to PG courses, you should have a bachelor’s degree in veterinary science.

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Admission Process

Previously, Veterinary Council of India conducts All India Pre Veterinary Test (AIPVT 2021) for admission to Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc & AH).  It was the examination of 3 hours duration and contains 180 objective type questions from PCB group. From the year 2017, this exam has been scraped by NEET 2021. So candidates have to qualify NEET exam to get admission in Veterinary courses.

Veterinary from USA:

  • Complete undergraduate degree in either biological or physical sciences. Undergraduate degree must focus on the chemistry, biology, zoology, physiology, microbiology and anatomy.
  • Earn the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited veterinary schools. To become a veterinarian, you have to attain the degree in veterinary science that includes the study of 4-years in veterinary school.
  • After the completion of 4-year DVM, you are required to obtain licensure to practice in this profession . You have to appear the North American Veterinary Licensing exam (NAVLE) for obtaining license.
  • You will be eligible to practice as a veterinarian after acquiring licensure.

Admission Process

All veterinary colleges doesn’t require bachelor’s degree for admission. Some of them requires a fixed number of undergraduate credit hours and pre-veterinary courses in organic chemistry, zoology, biology and physiology.

Admission to veterinary schools is also offered on the basis of satisfactory score in the admission test namely Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Medical Common Admission Test (MCAT) or Veterinary College Admission Test (VCAT).

Some colleges to pursue Veterinary Science courses are:

  • Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly
  • National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal
  • Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal
  • College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bikaner

Job & Career

Become a veterinarian and create a difference!

Veterinarians are high demanded in countries like Canada, US and many more. The career scope of veterinary science is large and is growing faster in this era of modern world.

Veterinarians work in private clinics, animal hospitals and laboratories.

Duties of Veterinarians

  • The job of veterinarian is not just limited to healing the illness of animals but it is expanded to research work also.
  • Veterinarians also carries out research about spreading of diseases from animals.
  • They have the responsibility of both human well-being and animal.
  • Being a veterinarian, they have the duty of providing education and suggestion to pet owners about general medical care and routine vaccines of animals.
  • Their job duties include treat and heals the wounds of animals.

You can choose your career as a veterinarian in any of the following specializations.

Veterinarians are of different types:

Companion animal veterinarians – They usually work in private hospitals and provides treatment to pet animals like dogs, cats, birds, etc.

Equine veterinarian – They generally work with horses and provides medical treatment to them.

Food animal veterinarians – Here, veterinarians treats the illness and injuries of farm animals like pig, cattle, ships and literate the farm owners about fooding and other health practices.

Food safety & Inspection Veterinarians – This type of veterinarians are generally involved in the research of finding and preventing diseases that is transmissible among animals and between animals and humans.

Research Veterinarians – They work in laboratories and involved in the research of finding new technical surgical techniques.

The Job Title of veterinarian may be:

  • Veterinarian Assistant
  • Veterinarian Technician
  • Veterinary physician
  • Veterinarian food inspection specialist
  • Associate veterinarian
  • Veterinary surgeon
  • Veterinary pharmacologist
  • Veterinary epidemiologist
  • Veterinary neurologist
  • Veterinary dermatologist


If talking about salary, then earnings is also good as compared to other ordinary professions.

The salary of veterinarian may vary country to country. They will get the starting pay of $60,000 to $80,000 and it can increase depending upon experience and your specialization.

In India, the remuneration of a vet exists in between Rs 10,000 to 50,000 per month depending upon the type of practice and experience.

Books & Study Materials

Here, some books are recommended for the preparation of veterinary medicine and are listed below:

Quick Reference to Veterinary Medicine by William R. Fenner

Veterinary Medical Terminology by Dawn E. Christenson

Text Book of Veterinary Internal Medicine by Abdel Khalek El – Sheikh, Hamed Attia, Hatem Selim

An illustrated guide to Veterinary Medical terminology fourth edition by Janet Amundson Romich

Veterinary Microbiology: Bacterial and Fungal Agents of Animal Disease first edition by J. Glenn Songer

Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs and Goats by Otto M. Radostits

Applied Veterinary Clinical Nutrition by Andrea J. Fascetti

For more information regarding Veterinary, you may ask your queries below.

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  1. Ananya says:

    Is admission to veternary is only through neet

  2. Chandrika says:

    sir cant we do veterinary course through eamcet exam?

  3. Chocobee says:

    Do we need to pass in NEET inorder to do BVSc?

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  7. waris says:

    Privet college fee in rajastha veteonary bvsc&AH course

  8. Abhiraj says:

    Sir veterinary bvsc ke bad government jobs zoological parks aur government section mein hote hai kya?

  9. kanishka yadav says:

    Hello sir , i want to settle in any european country . if u could help me to tell whether doing mbbs is good or being a veterian to get easy job there. and henceforth the path to follow

  10. Dhruvil Hirpara says:

    Sir I want to be a veterinarian but I wish to study and practise as a vet in any foreign country after PCB 10+2. Plz guide me through the exams required to be given for it and the good countries, colleges and scholarships for it.

    • devansh jindal says:

      dhruvil 1st you have to clear NEET then you have the exam for english after that you got addmission abroad

  11. Aniruddha says:

    What minimum score is required in NEET for bvsc

  12. Sumit Sehrawat says:

    Sir tell me the minimum marks to get addmission in vlda

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    Is Livestock Science and veterinary medicine (LVM)
    And Veterinary science are different courses of bachelor or they are the same.?

  14. Ajit says:

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  15. Jeevanreddy says:

    I’m want to become a doctor how rank.lshould get

  16. Kritika khanna says:

    It is important to do a 5 years course to become a veterniary doctor. And veterniary physician also requires to do this 5 years degree ??? If not what is the degree for it to become ?

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    Sir which exam I have to give for get admission in IVRI bareilly I m from Maharashtra.

  19. NM says:

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  20. vsm says:

    my son wants to b a vet doctor in future, please guide me is neet compulsory to take admission in BV.Sc.So I can start making him prepare for the same.

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      In most of the colleges the admission will be offered through NEET. However, some colleges have their own criteria for admission. So, its depend upon college to college.

  21. vitthal kshirsagar says:

    Sir muze private bvsc college Mai admission Lena hai college batavo na sir

  22. Smita says:

    I just completed my graduation in BSc biotechnology I want to pursue a career in vetenary science which exam I should apply for?

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    I passed out my 12th exams in 2017 with 66.6% in p.c.b.
    How can i apply for addmision in vaterinary??

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    Sir I am studying in Gujrat my dreams veterinary but I am not sure to admission to neet or gujcet please tellsir

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  34. Aishwarya S R says:

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  35. G.Divya sree says:

    Veterinary counselling date in ap

  36. Vishwesh kumar says:

    sir,Bds or Vaterinary which one is better?

    • Dr pk singh says:

      Bvsc is better bcoz its have 100% secure govt job and also have other career option but BDS suffering govt job crisis, a lot of dental college produce a lot of dentist, BDS admission very easy but career building is tuff, so my answer is bvsc as a veterinerian

  37. vikash choudhary says:

    Hy frd I got 510 mark in neet 2017 ,can I get veternery college

  38. Sakshi dubey says:

    Sir i scored 221 marks in neet 2017 so can i get vetniary clg in nagpur

  39. 123 says:

    Hi sir ,
    I get 340marks in neet 2017 .
    Can i get to admition any government BVSC collage in Maharashtra

    Reply fast sir plzz

    • Dr pk singh says:

      If u want take admission in bvsc course by 15% all India quata, u will have to score 480 to 510. Its minimum range for bvsc, the last year cut off, for all India quata was 508 for general and 490 obc, 470 sc, 465 st in AIPVT,state seat fill by state govt by state counselling, u can see state cut off in net but always cut off in state counselling always high if u really want veterinerian u should prepare again Neet or state veterinary entrance (many stare seat fill by neet score and some state have separate

      • Your Name...nick says:

        Sir plz bataye ki 2O18 mai veterinary CLG mai admission lene ke liye Confirm NEET exam dena padega kya I m from Maharashtra and muze 12th mai PCBE milake 49.25% mile hai and PCB Milake 51.75 I m eligible for veterinary or not I m from SC category plz reply

      • Sarvgyan Team says:

        Eligible. It is from NEET.

    • Nandhu A says:

      Sir I am from general category..I have attended the neet exam 2019 and hopes to get 150 marks..for what courses should I get admission?can I go for BVsc?

      Sir please reply fast…

  40. Shivam says:

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  41. Shivam says:

    i want admission in private vetrinary college…it is beneficial or not for govt. Job

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    I would like to know that how can I apply for the aipvt( all India quota).date and procedures for applying for aipvt.

  43. Krishna Yadav says:

    I am studying at Jaipur course neet vatenury rank 221 in year 2017 exam I salact or not

  44. shravya says:

    i got 780 rank in apmcet 2017.but i am frm can i get seat in gov agriculture?

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    How much fees in veterinary in surat

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    Am interested in studing in animal husbandary course so how can i apply to this course in this college kindly please reply that i can get there admission in this year.

  49. rishma says:

    Sir I got 7635 rank in 2017 ap eamcet. ..can I get veternary seat if I belong to bce caste

  50. Damodaram says:

    sir अभी 30/04/17 को मैंने अपनी मध्य प्रदेश पीवी&एफटी इग्जाम दी. जो की bvsc course के लिए है.सर मुझे यह जनना है की इस इग्जाम का cutoff मार्क्स कितना है और इसका रिजल्ट कब तक आयेगा. इसका लास्ट ईअर cut off क्या था. प्लज़ रिप्लाइ सर ???

  51. Navin says:

    After completion of diploma in veterinay , eligible for bvsc or not?

  52. Ser Alam Sk says:

    I’m not science student but I’m skim monipal university course doing .my mobile number 8145692064

  53. I says:

    If i get 350mark in neet obc catagory can i get govt vetenary college

  54. ravindra says:

    Hello, sir bvsc private karne par kitni total fees padegi Aur private college she bvsc karne se kya govt job mil sakti hai???

    • Yash Pratap Singh sengar says:

      It may vary from state to state….
      In Rajasthan u may get a Pvt seat at rs 2 lack and 5 lack

    • Dr pk singh Your Name... says:

      If u want take admission in bvsc course by 15% all India quata, u will have to score 480 to 510. Its minimum range for bvsc, the last year cut off, for all India quata was 508 for general and 490 obc, 470 sc, 465 st in AIPVT,state seat fill by state govt by state counselling, u can see state cut off in net but always cut off in state counselling, if u really want veterinerian u should prepare again Neet or state veterinary entrance (many stare seat fill by neet score and some state have separate entrance exam) or second option u can contact private veterinary college for admission against management quata, only qualifying mark mandatory for management quota, the fee range of management approx 4 to 8 lac per year course duration 5.6 year,and also private college charge donation, many agent also provide admission in bvsc under management quota.

  55. Akshay says:

    Is neet enough for Bvsc admission

  56. shobha chand says:

    After bsc wht to do for be a veterian?

  57. Rakshanda says:

    I want to get admission in West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences.
    I have seen the websites but there’s no information about the form, Can you please help?

  58. priyam bose says:

    is aipvt this year will conducted through neet ??

  59. Gourav says:

    Sir, what the hell going on V.S.
    V.S. and P.M.T. are get interconnected on this year.
    plzz sir give me specified detail.

  60. Sai says:

    Sir … I am a middle class student … studying inter first year … I have to become a veterinarian in west godavari district only but in short time that means 4 years .. wht can I do. ……….

  61. Narender Kumar says:

    Hi sir I am Narendra Kumar from sonipat haryana. I sercenig a Dairy farm veterinary job. My qualifications Diploma in livestock veterinary since. Experience 12y A. I, P. D Distokia nd vecsen etc all Dairy farm hard work. Please give me a Dairy farm veterinary worker job

  62. sameer says:

    Sir vetenariy diploma ki online form date kya hai please inform me

  63. Amit says:

    I am studying in vet nagpur I wanna join NCC and also want to do C certificate in ncc. Will u plez tell me what is the scope for an veterinarian in NCC

  64. Abhay says:

    Plz give me cut of mark for bvsc.
    &apply to the deploma inagricultural&science

  65. Himmat singh says:

    I want admission in veterinary science please give information to me

  66. Your Name...anuj says:

    how much fee of in gov coll

    • It varies according to college ... says:

      It varies according to college, category, gender… In Rajasthan fee is 15000 for general category boys and for girls 5000 …. BHU- 45000 hisar- 60000 bihar-30000 mathura- 56000

  67. Anand oza says:

    I want admission in veterinary science pls give information to me

  68. umesh chandra says:

    How much will be the fees for veterinary degree in private clgs in India????

    • Dr pk singh Your Name... says:

      Very few private college in India. Admission under neet score but if you are qualify in neet exam so u can get admission in bvsc directly the private veterinary college minimum fee range 5 to 8 lac per year. Donation also charge by college

  69. Varshita says:

    Vetarnary aipvt counciling dates pls

  70. MOCHAN DAYAL says:

    Sir, I am UR & I’ve apply for aipvt 2016. Plse give me cut off marks for UR

  71. SAURABH MANNA says:

    Sir, Required information for private veterinary college’s and admission process.

    • ManishaYour Name... says:

      There r no private veterinary colleges in India even if there r they r not approved by govt. So no use of taking degree from there

    • Dr pk singh Your Name... says:

      Only few private college in india(only five).private college seat fill by neet score by vci, but neet qualify candidate get admission under the management quata, fee range 5 to 8 lac per year, donation also charge, apolo veterinary college jaipur, khala veterinary college is best, but fee is very high, other veterinary college are mahatma gandhi veterinary college bharatpur, Guru angad dev veterinary college punjab fee range 5 to 8 lac per year one college also in karnataka

      • Rasheed Alam says:

        Sir my Neet 2017 marks is 532 and m belong to general category can I get government veterinary collage this year through 15% quota?

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