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paranormal-scienceParanormal is an English word since 1920. It consists of two words; ‘Para’ and ‘Normal’. Everything in our world and around us comes in the meaning of normal. On the other hand, we must say that the thing which can be describes as the normal experience or scientific method, is normal. And ‘Para’ indicate the things beyond that particular limit.

Paranormal Science is a branch of science in which we deals with theory, subject, process or knowledge of all activities and the reasons which compiles the paranormal term.

All activities and research including the ghost story, witches, telepathy, medium ship, demonic possession, extraterrestrial visited, psychic and spiritual healing and haunted house are the part of paranormal science.

In Paranormal Science, you can study about life-changing discoveries such as human existence, extraterrestrial life & place in the Cosmos. The main reason to study about paranormal science is to get closer about the truth of ghost & other supernatural powers.

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Paranormal Science Research

To get the depth knowledge about paranormal science from a research view is often difficult due to the lack of physical evidence. Any activity cannot be confirmed as a paranormal activity using the logical methods. Apart from this, paranormal studies are conducted by researchers from different disciplines on a yearly basis.

Some researchers simply believe that paranormal science exists objectively. It deals with several approaches to the paranormal such as anecdotal, investigation approach, experimental & observer approaches.


The scope of paranormal science in abroad countries is too wide. The demand of paranormal scientist is increasing day by day.  In India too, it is spreading at a very fast rate. It is slowly widening in India as the thinking of Indians changing.

The Indian Paranormal Society main aim is to examine more about the human behavior, life & the universe which lead to the interest of peoples in this subject. In India, there are many haunted places where you can go for a research on the study of paranormal science. There are so many job profiles in this field.


There are not specified university courses or any diploma programme in the field of paranormal science. The students, who wish to find the career in paranormal science or activities, should find the various training programme conducted by the researchers and scientist who are interested in paranormal science. The Paranormal Science & Parapsychology Degrees cover all aspects of parapsychology & paranormal research.

Yes, you can choose this field after 12th as an investigator. But it will be very fine if you will do the graduation or doctorate in life science, social science, psychology or psychiatry. There are only 40 scientists across the world that has been researched in paranormal activities.

There are no certificate required for paranormal expert. To have a career as a paranormal expert, one can choose Paranormal Science and  Parapsychology Degrees which cover all aspects of parapsychology and paranormal research after 12th class.

Course Content:

  • The science of parapsychology & paranormal science
  • Ghost hunting
  • Psychic healing
  • Precognition
  • ESP

Eligibility & Qualification

The qualification required to join the paranormal science study is to have the ability to work with mathematical concepts & operations. You must also have the knowledge of physics & psychology, which are important for the study. It is very much related to physical & psychological aspects of psi phenomena.

Professionals, those involved in the field of parapsychology have knowledge of statistical tools & understanding about scientific method and analysis.

Colleges offer Paranormal Science in India & Abroard:

  • GRIP Academy
  • Andhra University
  • Duke University
  • University of Amsterdam
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • The University of Arizona

Career & Jobs

To become a good investigator, you should have an immediately looks for a reasonable cause, excellent troubleshooting and research skills, confident and does not scare easily.

To become an investigator what you are? and where you are? does not matter. You may find the societies who run the training courses, pursue the trainings and start your research work. As more you research as much you will gain the knowledge in paranormal science.

To find the job in this field is very difficult. The professionals can establish their own freelance work for provide the help to such persons who really need your help. You may charge for your service.

After studying Paranormal science, you can work in paranormal or parapsychological research, write books on paranormal topics, start and lead a paranormal investigation team, present lectures & talks in the paranormal field, etc.

You can also participate in reality TV shows related to the paranormal activities.

Job Profiles

  • Paranormal Investigator
  • Paranormal Scientist
  • Paranormal Researcher
  • Trainee as Paranormal Investigator
  • Parapsychologists

Parapsychologists work for such type of activities that cannot be easily investigated by natural phenomenon. This profession is very uncommon in India, but in upcoming years, it might take up the peak value. They search for the reason or clue with their scientific devices to investigate the event. As parapsychology, you take it as a part time on the basis of your interest & curiosity to know more about paranormal science.

How to become a Paranormal Investigator?

Most of the people who have a keen interest in the paranormal studies, ask how to become a paranormal investigator. Paranormal investigation is very much popular in India as well as in abroad as a hobby. If you have an interest to become a paranormal investigator, there are various areas of training where you can make your career & ensure that you conduct yourself as a scientist in that area.

Characteristics of a Good Investigator

  • Calm and Sensible
  • Level-headed
  • Prediction power for upcoming of an unexpected event
  • Ability to handle the situation and research skills
  • Confident under pressure with a very calm behavior
  • Does not scare


As a beginner, you can earn approx Rs. 6 to 7 lakh per annum. It is a highly paid field in foreign countries. The expected salary in this field is median annual wage is $47,860. The salary depends on your work experience, job profile & skills.

Books & Study Material

  • Paranormal Experiences by Dr. Mehra Shrikhande
  • Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy
  • Paranormal Encounters Book 2 by Imusti
  • The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
  • Heaven and Earth (Three Sisters Island, #2) by Nora Roberts
  • Something in the woods is taking people by Stephen Young

If you have any query about Paranormal Science, you can ask your query below.

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    Any chance to share Sulemani Stone functions test taken,send me email..ID

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  11. Dhriti Pathak says:

    I’m graduate student with degree in Bsc Life Science and I’m now pursuing Msc in Bioanalytical Science but I’ve been interested in the paranormal studies as well can you suggest me some course which I can do to explore that field and also I will be great ful if you can share me some online courses or diploma course for the same

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    I am from “andhrapradesh state” “telangana state” I am very much interested in study of paranormal ,I want to become good “paranormal investigater/ghost hunter.i am dropout in engineering ,is there any possiblility to study paranormal science, if there can u
    plz inform study course or training related to study ??

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    My name is Saurabh Santosh kahar and i am in 12th std a commerce student.And my collage name is Nirmala Memorial Collage Of Science And Commerce. sir, is this possible to beacame a paranomal expert for a commerce student.Is it possible so sir please give me some ideas for my better education.And what cource i want to do after 12th.
    Thanks sir,for having my email.

    • Sarvgyan Team says:

      It is one of the rare but trending hobby in youth but unfortunately the training on this study does not commenced in India. You should approach abroad, however you may get online training.

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