philosophy“Philosophy” is the study of various and different problems of our life. What happen with us or with our society and what is the reason and what should be and is that would be good. These types of the question always rise in the field of philosophy and use to be solved or satisfied with proper reason.

Actually, philosophy involves in every subject either it may the science or the engineering. Philosophy is everywhere in our life. This is a different subject rather than other by its critical approach and the argument occurs in it on the various aspects of the life like law, truth, mind and existence.

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The term “Philosophy” was introduced by the “Pythagoras” a Greek thinker. In India, Philosophy is one of the most preferred Career in Arts. It is the study of problems and solutions related to the human existence.

A person who specializes in philosophy is known as “Philosopher”.

Scope of Philosophy

The term scope signifies ‘the area of work’ that you are doing. Philosophy is a subject which is somehow related to the questions which arises in any person’s mind that why we are exist on earth or what others things doing here. So, it is common thing which strikes the human’s brain.

The scope of philosophy is increasing day by day not in abroad but also in India. It may refer to the solution of many questions raised by the humans about themselves or other things in this world. As a teacher in philosophy one can achieve a good career. There are a number of opportunities in this field which you can grab with your skills.


The students, who are interested to pursue the course in the field of philosophy can, do the diploma course, degree course, and doctorate course from some of the Universities of India. The education in philosophy starts after the completion of the 12th class in any subjects’ set.

The courses in this field are as the following:

Diploma courses;

  • Diploma in Reasoning
  • Diploma in Philosophy

UG degree courses;

PG degree courses;

  • M.A. (Gandhian Philosophy)
  • M.A. (Philosophy)
  • M.A. (Philosophy, Culture & Tourism)
  • M.A. (Saiva Siddhanta Philosophy)

Doctorate courses;

  • M.Phill (Philosophy)
  • M.Phill (Saiva Siddhanta Philosophy)
  • Ph.D. (Philosophy)

The philosophy is a much extended field in term of study. It has many specializations. Some of the specializations are as the following:

  • Ethics
  • Theory of Knowledge and Reality
  • Moral Philosophy
  • Logic and Language
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Problems of Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Religion

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Courses After 12th

Eligibility & Admission

For admission in the UG degree programmes or the diploma programmes in the field of philosophy, the aspirant should have to attain the 12th standard with minimum 50% marks in any stream.

Eligibility to take the admission in the Master degree programme in philosophy is holding a bachelor’s degree in philosophy in any stream. To pursue a Philosophy career, you have to complete your bachelor & master degree in Philosophy.

Some of the universities conduct the entrance examination to let the admission in UG degree programme. The entrance exam is based on the marks obtained in the qualifying examination.

College in India, which offer Philosophy Courses:

  • Durgapur Government College, West Bengal
  • Government College, Orissa
  • Government National College, Haryana
  • Government Brennan College, Kerala
  • Government J. Yaganandam Chhattisgarh College, Raipur
  • Sushilabati Government Women’s College, Orissa
  • Government Autonomous College, Rourkela
  • Government College for Women, Kerala

Skills Required to become a Philosopher

  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Extensive Research
  • Clarity of expression in verbal and written

Career & Jobs

The philosophy is a demanding career in both India and Abroad. The candidates who have done the course in philosophy can find the best option in any country. Most of the time, a philosopher gets the job in the university or the college as a professor or the lecturer. A post graduate can get the high profile job in its field.

The top service provider sector or departments in the field of philosophy are as the law, teaching, public services, journalism, diplomacy and research.

The Philosophy is the field of study in which various types of thoughts exist. Philosophy graduate can easily find a job in various sectors within the country or outside the country.

You can join business, education, non-profit sectors as well as government sectors.

After completing your degree in philosophy, you can work in the fields as advertising, arts, broadcasting, commerce, civil services, computing, journalism, marketing, politics, management and teaching. At the time of study in college, you may also be approached by various companies for practice.

After completing your B.A & M.A degree in Philosophy, the branches for further studies are law, journalism, MSW (Social welfare) & MLW (labor welfare).

You can also sit for the competitive exams such as MPSC & UPSC with philosophy as a main subject & join IPS, IAS, IFS, etc or take JRF/UGC NET 2024 Exams.

The job profiles in this field are uncountable but some of the top profiles are as the following:

  • Lobbyist
  • Diplomat
  • Consultant
  • Ethics Advisor
  • Critic Archivist
  • Clergy Person Survey
  • Interviewer
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Professor
  • Lawyer
  • Arbitrate
  • Psychologist

Area for Jobs:

You can apply for the various jobs in private/public sectors. There are numbers of lucrative jobs in which you can find a good salary package. You can find a job in India or in Abroad.

  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Diplomacy
  • Public service
  • Publishing
  • Journalism
  • Ministry
  • Research
  • Insurance
  • Student Affairs


The salary is quite well in this field. In the government sector the professional can get the fixed and handsome salary. In the private sector, the salary is decided on the work and the designation of yours.

The starting salary in this field is Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month. Lawyers average salary is $118,160 and college professor average salary is $75,430 and expected growth is 15% while, expected growth fo lawyer is 8%.

In abroad, the salary of a philosophy professor is $91,876. However, the salary can be varied according to the designation and experience.

Books and Study Materials

  • Philosophy 1: A Guide through the subject (Vol 1) byC. Grayling
  • Perspective on Philosophy of Science in Nursing by Carol Polifroni
  • Analytic Philosophy: An Anthology byP. Martinich
  • Philosophy of Science (Fundamentals of Philosophy) by Alexander Bird
  • An Introduction to Philosophical Logic by Anthony C.Grayling

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