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“Photography” is a professional study course under fine arts. It is also known as the hobby course. If you are an imaginative or creative, then photography is the best career option of your choice.

Photographs are the best medium to show your creativity. If you are attracting with the visual world and wish to capture the moments surrounding you, then you may turn your hobby as a profession and can get the profitability.

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By the growing trend of network communication and media, the professional photographers are in demand by the professional societies.

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“Photography is an art of collecting the images, moments and visual communication material with the help of technology & instruments”.

Photography is a non-formal professional field. You may work even during the tour in your comfortable dress. You may be clicking in your local area in any celebration or party, and it May that you are clicking on the red carpet or at the African safari.

Photography is an outstanding medium of self-expression. With the explosion of the communication network, Photography has now become a profession with huge commercial value.

Photographers use their creativity, technical expertise & composition skills to produce and preserve images that tell a story or record an event.

Courses & Duration

There are so many certificate and diploma courses in photography in India. Beside these, very few colleges provide the bachelor degree in fine arts and photography.

The minimum education required for the professional course in photography is 10+2. These courses contain the knowledge ant art of photographs, angle, lightning, technical knowledge of instruments as camera and understanding of fine arts.

There are various Institutions in India, which offer traditional courses in photography, whereas some Institution imparts photography as a secondary subject. Students can pursue diploma, degree & certificate courses in photography according to their own choice.

These programmes are offered in different domains of photography such as basis photography, digital photography, fashion photography, professional photography, motion picture photography, photo journalism etc.

The professional education in photography has three levels of study after 12th as the following:

  1. Certificate courses: Certificate courses are taken the duration of six months after 12th in any stream. The list of certificate courses:
  • Wedding photography
  • Photography
  1. Diploma courses: Diploma courses are taken the duration of one year after 12th in any stream. The list of diploma courses:
  • Wedding photography
  • Photography
  • Wild life photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Journalism photography
  1. Degree courses: Degree courses are taken the duration of three years after 12th in any stream. The list of degree courses:
  • B.A. (fine arts)
  • B.A. (Photography)

Eligibility & Admission

For the admission in the photographic field of education, you must have passed the 12th standard. It doesn’t matter your are from Science stream, Arts stream or Commerce stream, you can go for photography courses. If you have a command over computer or electronic then it is good for you to understand the technical part of this education.

Career & Jobs

Suppose that you are travelling in first class coach or airbus and getting all facilities during your travel and boarding at one’s pocket. It means there is a lot of fun with zero% working irritation. There is no rule of office timing, dress code or limited expense.

Photography is one of the glamour jobs. You may work with the organizations that are working in press, fashion field, advertisement, documentary field, magazines or tourism.

There are many career options exists for Photographers. Photographer has an option to focus their career in a certain area of photography. Some common areas of specialization are commercial photography, news photography, fashion photography & scientific photography.

Some photographers only shoot portrait photographs. Photographers may work for a company or self-employed. They can find assignments by networking & advertising. Photographers can also work in magazines, websites, television, weddings, newspapers, etc.

As a Photographer, you can also work for advertising & marketing companies. They also sell their pictures in art gallery. You can also rum your own studios.

The job profiles of this field are:

  • Photo Journalists
  • Portrait Photographers
  • Wildlife Photographers
  • Feature Photographers
  • Forensic Photographers
  • Fine Art Photographers
  • Freelancing
  • Scientific Photographers
  • Fashion & Advertising Photographers
  • Event Photographer


After the completion of this course, you can get the job opportunity in:

  • Add media
  • News media
  • Documentary firms
  • Magazines
  • Event management organizations
  • Theatre
  • Movies

Skills Required

To become a good photographer, you have both technical & creativity knowledge. You must have an extra interest & quality in color, visuals, light, etc. Photography field is constantly changing with the improvement of technology. There is not a shortcut to become a successful photography career. You have to work hard. Hence, you have to be fast-moving & willing to learn throughout the career.

Personality Traits:

  • Artistic
  • Creative
  • Independent
  • Communication skills
  • Good with people
  • Originality
  • Visual skills
  • Business skills
  • Organized

The popular photographers in India are Raghubir Singh Khatu, Raghu Rai, Kulwant Roy, Bandi Rajan Babu, Iqbal Mohamed.


There is no fix salary for a photographer. The salary depends on your skill and your employer firm standard. A fresher can start the career with 100000 per annum, but after the experience if he got better platform, he may get the 3-5 lakh per annum.

Some photographers may be paid an hourly rate. The salary of the photographer can vary depending on a several factors, i.e. talent & experience.

In abroad, the average earnings of the photographers are $40,280.

Books & Study Material

It is a very difficult task to search for a good photography books. Here, we have listed the best photography books to help you in this pursuit.

  • The Digital Photography by Scott Kelby’s
  • The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression by Bruce Barnbaum
  • Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera by Bryan Peterson
  • BetterPhoto Basics: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Taking Photos Like a Pro by Jim Miotke
  • The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos by Michael Freeman
  • Basic 35mm Photo Guide: For Beginning Photographers by Craig Alesse

If you have any query about Photography Courses, you can ask your query below.

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  1. vineet verma says:

    i love photography and want to become a professional photography…..

  2. kailash Ganta says:

    photography is the one job in which one can njoy his whole life……

  3. alia garg says:

    i think photography is the only profession by which we can enjoy our whole life like a free bird

  4. shahid Ratnagi kha says:

    I want photographer course

  5. Nagendra kumar patel says:

    There are so many beautiful things in the world. Which are always tempting me. I want to capture them. But i don’t know anything about its courses. I belonged to a poor family background. Even i don’t have enough money to buy a degital camera.Please give any suggestion how to make a carear in photography.

    • medha mayekar says:

      hi narendra.. i also have the same problem as yours.
      but still i wish to make my career in this field.please if you have received any reply about courses regarding this … please do help me out too… eagerly waiting for reply.
      With Regards.

      • Mohit Negi says:

        Photography offers you a career in which you live your dream and capture the most amazing things of the word, there are many institutes which are offering courses in photogrpahy. you may choose any of these courses, but you guys must remember that you should have to show patience to become a successful phogrpaher and to get hired by the top companies, agencies or TV channels. But the best part of being a photographer is that you can work as a freelancer and work for various agencies at the same time.

  6. Shivani says:

    I want my career in photography . So for that I just wanted to know the eligibility and what is the scope in choosing this line?

  7. riyaz aayan says:

    Why I’m select photographer course. tell me about wild life photographer

    • Mohit Negi says:

      It is one of the popular courses in photography…if you love wild animals, adventurous job, and natural beauty..than this course will be good for you..

  8. sparkling shirodkar says:

    I wanna become a photographer itz funny! !

  9. Akanksha S says:

    Hello. I’m totally sure that i want make photography my life. Want to convience my parents completely. Because my interests match to it, i have a little experience playing and clicking around pictures with a camera. (<- This might sound silly) My 12th results are still to come. After that, Am i totally free to choose my favourite course in photography?! And also go head in it in future?! Or is it like first to go for the basics and then choose my favorite one? Please help me with it. I Really want to know.

  10. Anuj Hablani says:

    photography is sunrise and sunset

  11. Hi guys, what about NIP? National Insti. Of Photojournalism says:

    Basic problem with everyone is parents
    let first convince them
    we ca meet anywhere if both of us get a good job in this field.

  12. Renjith Srijayan says:

    I want to be Wildlife Photographer. This Article is useful to me. I’m in search for Good course & career in photography…….

  13. Pawandeep Singh says:

    hlo sir
    gud afternoon
    sir, i have jst cleared my 10+2 in commerce stream..
    i have interest in photography and accounts also..
    now am totally confused what i should choose..
    which line is better for me for my future…
    i have sent my registration for cpt also
    i firstly choose that i will do ca with and after i will do mba
    bt i have also keen interest in photography and i enjoy alot clicking pictures
    i am good in photography
    now am deciding to do photography course and become a professional photographer
    sir can u please help me which line i should choose
    photography or and mba..
    which line have more scope???

  14. tapasvi says:

    I love photography . I want to be wildlife photography. This article is useful to me. I’m in search for good course & career in photography.

  15. Arbaz says:

    My dream is to be a photographer cuz I love it a lot every emotion happiness I want to capture but is this course gonna help me make ma carrier

  16. shiv meens says:

    I like photo shoot and my target is photographer. Please help me i what to do.

  17. Your Name...vignesh says:

    I want to be photography.plz guide me an tell where can I do ity

  18. yogesh khatri says:

    I had completed my class 10 and opted commerce with i.p(information practices) and had intrest in photography. I’dont know after 10+2 what should i do for photography courses, i think i’m intrested in whild life photography, but dont know that what should i do for that, like:- where these courses are performed …..etc

  19. [email protected] says:

    I want a contact no of a person who have done course.

  20. danish says:

    I want to do photography one year diploma…where to join and best course available…

  21. anushka says:

    I have completed 12th in commerce and now I have interest in photography but I have never used a camera but I am creative and want to pursue this career but I don’t know how to start!! So please help me

    • Hanif Khan says:

      get the fine art (performing art) in UG and choose the photography. Not much but some institutions in Delhi and Mumbai offer that course.

  22. heli says:

    Hey,i am currently doing my +1 from Delhi. I wish to pursue my carrier in photography preferably travel photography.
    I have been looking for some good institutions for photography(long term diploma course).
    I wanted to know a few things :

    1) A good photography institution in Delhi(Long term with diploma)

    2) Do i need to give a generalised entrance exam or just the college one would work?

    3) Basic requirements for admissions?

    4) How to choose a DSLR ?

    5) How to make a portfolio with less experience (being a 16yr old kid)

    6) Age bar for the admission(as i read on some sites it is 20yrs minimum, so can’t i go for the course just after my 12th I.e 18yrs old )

    7) Do i need to wait for my result to get into a college or just the entrance basis?

    8)can i make a future in thus carrier?

    9) What will the course be called (eg: BFA,MBBS,BDS,ETC.)

    10) What should i do after my course is completed?

    11) How to get a job being a travel photographer then ?



    • Hanif Khan says:

      you must be 12th passed for UG courses and 10the pass for diploma courses.
      no need to appear any entrance exam however some of the institution conduct the entrance but not only for photography courses.
      choose DSLR after a complete research on internet about the specification and compare with others.
      snap some historical and traveling snaps and make portfolia with best quality. some of the studios offer the portfolio work. The age should be minimu 17 years for UG and 15 years for diploma after 10th.
      the courses will be called as BFA.
      it has a good career just you click on the right paltform.

  23. shailendra patle says:

    How make career in photography.

  24. Yashan Khurmi says:

    I love photography! (Forever)
    Its my passion its every thing for meee…
    I want to convert this passion as my profession after 12th! ☺
    But…………. ?
    My family has financial problems, so they didn’t spend lots of money onn me!
    So suggest me something which help me aftr the 12th ! Plzzss
    Reply me! Plz

    • Hanif Khan says:

      Go and get a degree in fine art form any nearby college which offer this course. This course is not so expensive and you may easily grab this course. After completing this degree you can find you in this profession.

  25. Yashan Khurmi says:

    I love photography! (Forever)
    Its my passion its every thing for meee…
    I want to convert this passion as my profession after 12th! ☺
    But…………. ?
    My family has financial problems, so they didn’t spend lots of money onn me!
    So suggest me something which help me aftr the 12th ! Plzzss
    Reply me! Plz…… Plz

  26. Yashan Khurmi says:

    Can you tell me something about the fine arts!
    After 12th , which course i should do??? (BFA??)
    Plx tell mee!
    And how much it charges? …plz tell me??

  27. give me seme best photography schppl in i will become wild life photpgrapher says:

    Notifie me best photpgrapy school in india

  28. Ashish says:

    I wanna become professional photographer suggest me a college near Maharashtra

  29. Naqsh says:

    How much is the starting earnings in photography ????

  30. Parekh Tushar says:

    Hi my name is tushar

    i just completed so can u tell me which course much bettar for photography

  31. Hi iam Bunny says:

    i love wild life photography .. can u plz tell me how to do courses regarding wildlife photography and also tell me job opurtunities and salary

    • Hanif Khan says:

      This course comes under the fine arts. You can join any institution and can get an bachelor degree. Salary is good in this field but to grab a job is not easy. You may be hired by any TV channal like discovery.

  32. Suprajeet Naik says:

    I want to become a good professional photographer n enjoy d whole life

  33. Aquib Ameen says:

    Hello sir/ma’am
    I love wild life photography can I do diploma after10class on photography plzzz reply me

  34. sumit poke says:

    This course comes under the fine arts. but how can we explore these course as my profession and how can these field help me to show my talent to make me a famous photographer.

  35. sumit poke says:

    what can i do after 10th standard to get into the field of photography

  36. Marco says:

    Is it better to do photography course in India or abroad? And If abroad can you please suggest some names of the universities?

  37. jerome frost says:

    I am only 10 standard so,can i become photographer?? ? .. Pease help me? Anyone??

    • Mohit Negi says:

      You should pursue Photography after completing your 12th.

      • akshay sharma says: many fee of these course i mean diploma and certificate course. I am a wedding phographer n i want grow my passion as career can u tell me plz tht how many fee n how i can contect these intitutses. Waiting for reply

  38. aditi roy says:

    I’m intereseted in photography courses after 12th but I want to know about the expanses of the courses…..please help

  39. swapnil gres says:

    I will do photography course…. but my parents say me this filed no scope in futures … they told me if u choose photography they cannot aprove about money but I do photography in any condition any situation

  40. rittik shaw says:

    I am a 15 year old student of class 10 and i am very keen in pursuing photography as a career. I am specially interested in nature’s photography. I belong from a middle class family hence it would be an uphill task for me to pursue this field, therefore i need a proper course of action and guidance. Please guide me to do the needful. If possible also let me know about the scope of pursuing this field in India as well as a rough salary estimate.

    • Lovleen Beypi says:

      we are in same situation but don’t worry friend everything will be alright..if we have the passion then everything will be possible

  41. Aditi Banerjee says:

    Hey !! I’m a new one in the photography world.. Its my passion rather than I make it a profession but still I want to continue further studies in Photography! I love wildlife photography!! Could you please tell me about the institutions who carry this course!?? Thank You.!!

  42. Anchal says:

    Dear Sir
    I, Anchal want some information regading photography.
    Actually my brother want to became a professional photographer. In march 2016, he will complete his +2.He is very creative. Our hometown is in Mandi Gobindgarh. So, Please tell me how can he starts his photography career and from where he starts?

  43. Tanmay Aggarwal says:

    I want to do job like ranbir kapoor does in yeh jawani hai deewani movie
    What should I do for that job. Plz reply

  44. ASHISH RAJ says:

    dear sir
    i,completed my graduation but by bsc physics. but i want to make career in photography,what should i do?

  45. Doraj says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am an amateur Photographer and want to be a professional one.
    i want to know that in commerce stream is there any source through which after 12th i can choose a course which is linked to Photography??
    Thanking You

  46. shubham bharti says:

    Hi!can u plz tell me what course should i do if i wanna do photography travelling around the world..??

  47. HħÄÑ RÄÍHÄÑ says:

    Iam really crazy about wildlife photography.I just passed 10 is there any course for wildlife photography
    without +2

  48. Arun badshah says:

    i wanna become photographer plz give me one chance only

  49. sachin says:

    is thia a reputed course ? and what about its application forms and admissions… when will to apply

  50. Anosh says:

    ohhh my god!!!!!!sooooo many photographers i too want 2 become a photographer can any one please help me,.,…..iam i have completed my 10 th iwant 2 bcome a wild life photographer

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