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Career In Veterinary


If you love animals and Science, then you might want be a veterinarian. Who are veterinarians and what connection they have with animals? Veterinarians are basically animal doctors who diagnosis and prescribe treatments for animals. The physicians who treat human being when they are sick are called doctors and those who treat animals when they are sick More...


Career As Anesthesia

You’ve heard several times that during the time of operation, doctor unconscious patients in order to relief them from pain! Do you know? What is the technique behind this? What that particular term is known More...


Career In Microbiology

Microbiology has generated a lot of buzz from the past few years leading to a rush in the number of students who are looking to pursue this field as a career. “Microbiology is the study of micro-organisms.” Microorganisms More...


Career In Immunology

What is Immunology? Immunology as a Medical course manages physical, chemical and physiological characteristics of the components of the immune system. Immunology is the branch of biomedical science that deals with More...


Career In Genetics

Why do we resemble like our parents?……………How does a single cell develop into a living creature?………….Do you want to know about the science of heredity in living More...

master of science (

Career In Master of Science (M.Sc)

After graduating in the science field…. Looking for master courses in the same field? “Master of Science (M.Sc) is one of the best courses opted by students in the science field.”(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle More...

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Career in Nursing – A Gateway to Bright Future

Introduction “Nursing” is directly meant of curing. Nursing is one of the most sought careers by the women in India. Nursing is very challenging, hardworking, popular, respectful and merciful occupation. It More...


Career in BUMS: Admission, Career Scope & Salary

The Unani medicine system is one of the ancient medication system adopted by the South-Asia and Middle-East countries of the world. This system has originated from the Greek by the great physician “Hippocrates”. More...

lab technician

Medical Lab Technician

Introduction The doctor is not only the option to make a career in the medical field. There are various options for serving and curing in the medical field. “Medical laboratory technology” exists for such options. More...

chemical engineering

Chemical Engineering

Introduction “Chemical engineering” is the branch of engineering stream deals with the design, control, construction, supervision, installing and operating of equipments and the plants for manufacturing the More...

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