Career In Astronomy

Are you interested in study of stars, moons, planets and comets?

If yes, then career in astronomy is the right choice for you.

Astronomy comprises the study of sun, moon, stars, planets, comets, space and other non-Earthly bodies.

“Astronomy is the branch of physics that deals with the study of celestial bodies like planets, stars, and galaxies. It refers to the study of objects outside the earth’s atmosphere and their physical and chemical properties”.

What does Astronomers do

Astronomers are the observers who discovers information about “how the universe works” from the planets in our solar system. It includes study about the evolution of stars.

Astronomer implements the principles of Mathematics and Physics to carried out research about the Universe. They makes the use of telescopes and  computer programs for gathering data on the characteristics of planets, moons, stars and other objects.

Astronomers also work with scientists for conducting research.


There are several branches of astronomy such as Astrophysics, Astrometeorology, Astrobiology, Astrogeology and Astrometry.

What is the best thing about astronomer

They discover things that nobody have seen ever. They utilize their most of time in researching activities. The work of astronomer includes traveling, observing, writing reports, reading, teaching and working in offices.

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    How to become an Astronomer

    • To become an Astronomer, a Ph.D degree is compulsory.
    • First, you have to complete your 10+2 examination under the science stream, especially in Mathematics & Physics.
    • After that, you can join an undergraduate course in Astronomy. You can join for an honors/major in Physics with Mathematics as a secondary subject.
    • Thereafter, you can join postgraduate degree in Physics or Astronomy.
    • After competing master degree, you can do specialization in astronomy leading to Ph. D

    Courses & Duration

    Students having interest in Physics and Mathematics can opt their career in the field of astronomy.

    Have you completed your 12th?

    If yes, then you can obtain bachelor’s degree in science subjects to continue your career in astronomy.

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    Engineering Courses After 12th

    Astronomy courses are available at various levels and are listed below:

    Bachelor’s Courses:

    • B.Sc in Astrophysics – 3 year full-time course
    • B.Sc in Astronomy – 3 year full-time course
    • B.Tech in relevant Engineering

    Master’s Courses:

    • M.Sc Astronomy
    • M.Tech (Astronomy and Space Engineering)

    Doctoral Courses:

    • PhD. in Astronomy
    • PhD. in Astronomy and Astrophysics
    • PhD. in Astrophysics
    • PhD. in Atmospheric Science and Astrophysics

    Integrated Courses:

    • Integrated M.Sc – Ph.D Programme in Physics and Astrophysics
    • Integrated M.Tech – Ph.D (Tech.) programme in Astronomical Instrumentation

    You can also make your career in astronomy after the completion of bachelor’s of engineering course in Electronics and Communication Engineering/Electrical Engineering.

    To become an astronomer, you are required to earn Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in astronomy, physics or a similar field that is necessary for faculty and researcher positions.

    Skills Required in an Astronomer

    • Solid knowledge in Physics and Mathematics.
    • Must have the knowledge of computer programmes and software.
    • Good observation skills are required.
    • Should have the capacity of solving complex problems and conducting research work.
    • Ability to work with a team is required.

    Admission Process

    To get admission in the undergraduate astronomy courses, various Universities/colleges conduct their own entrance test. one of the such entrance test is called IISC 2020 (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) that provides admission to undergraduate courses offered by IISc.

    In order to take admission to PhD courses, you have to clear the GATE 2020/ UGC NET 2020 examination. You can also appear the JEST 2020 (Joint Entrance Screening Test) for admission into Ph.D course. After the completion of master’s degree, you can apply for this test.

    Also Check:

    JEE Main 2020

    JEE Advanced 2020

    IIT JAM 2020

    IIST 2020

    Top colleges offering courses in the field of Astronomy/Astrophysics are listed below:

    • Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Thiruvananthapuram
    • The Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIAP), Bangalore
    • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
    • Osmania University, Hyderabad
    • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

    Jobs & Career

    Astronomy is an amazing & a promising career for the students, those are interested in the mysteries of the universe.

    A career in Astronomy is broadly divided as Theoretical or Observational though.

    Theoretical Research career is typically involves doing Bachelors in Engineering or Technology or Masters in Physics with the basic knowledge in Mathematics & Physics. You can join Universities or Institutions for a Ph.D programme & obtain a permanent job.

    Observation Research Career is wider because students have an engineering degree or have knowledge of computer systems & electronics are encouraged to apply for the graduation programme & allows doing an M.Sc by research prior to doing a Ph.D.

    There are various job opportunities exists in public and private organizations like Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), NASA, Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) etc.

    As a brilliant astronomer, you may be offered by space research centres like ISRO, NASA etc.

    Interested people can also join teaching profession after the accomplishment of pre-requisite qualification.

    As a beginner, you can work as a fellow researcher with the existing team who already working on an Astronomy project.

    You can also get internships at the different centers in India that do astronomy such as IUCAA, ARIES, NCRA, etc.

    An engineer with a BE or B.Tech degree can also enter in this field as a research scholar.

    After completion of your degree in Astronomy, you can work as a research scientist with various research Institutions & big government organizations such as the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

    You can also work as a researcher in the leading observatories and Institutions in the USA.

    Job Areas

    • Research
    • Universities
    • Industry

    Job Profile

    • Research Scientist
    • Lecturer
    • Astronaut
    • Astronomer


    What will my Salary be?

    Salary in the field of astronomy depends upon the profession you have chosen. If you choose your career in teaching the salary may be different from the one who are working as a researcher.

    The starting salary of an astronomer starts from Rs 50,000/- per month. Those who have earned experience and are highly qualified will earn an annual salary of Rs. 8 lacs to Rs 10 lacs.

    Books & Study Materials

    You can refer these books for the preparation of astronomy:

    Astronomy – A Beginner’s Guide to the Universe – Chaisson, McMillan
    A Companion to Astronomy and Astrophysics – Kenneth R.Lang
    Celestial Mechanics: The Waltz of the Planets – Alessandra Celletti, Ettore Perozzi
    Fundamental Astronomy – H.Karttunen P.Kroger, H.Oja M.Poutanen, K.J. Donne
    Astronomy Today – Chaisson, McMillan

    For more information regarding Career in Astronomy, you may ask your queries below.

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    1. Sohaib ansari says:

      I’m in 12th now next in 2020 appear for my board. So please tell me what to do after 12th so I can move ahead towards astronomy and join NASA…
      Please help me it’s an request

    2. Naina Kashiwal says:

      I’m in class 8 nd i love to study space nd universe.
      I’m egerly waiting to become an astronomer in ISRO.

    3. Mariet says:

      I am in 10th and I love space can I become anot astronaut

    4. MARIET GEORGE says:

      I am in 10,from my small age itself I am very much interested in studying about the space .I would like to become an astronaut.

      • vishal says:

        that’s so cute, hope you follow your dream and become one of the best astronauts out there and who knows one day you might be on your way to international space station. stay strong

    5. sumitha says:

      i read the article i got ideas about what it is all about but i have not taken math as my main subject ,instead i have biology ,physics and chemistry ..but here for this course they have mentioned that physics and math are the 2 subjects which are mandatory …soo what am i supposed to do…and right now i’m in 12th grade .

    6. Gowri says:

      , iam now pursuing +2 in science (physics and maths).can you please inform me about each entrance exam (like KVPY,JEST,etc.)through which I can start my graduation in astronomy from known institutions like IISC etc

    7. Gowri says:

      ’m a +1 pass out and is studying +12.I want to be an astronomer after my +2 completion .For that which course should i take.

    8. Mishan shukla says:

      My dream is astronomer but i am poor so i will don’t do this course. My ability is to good but i am poor so

    9. Susmita says:

      I’m in class 11.I’m very much interested about Astrophysics. please suggest me how can I study it in my future

    10. Sethupathi.V says:

      I finished biotechnology,I’m very much interested in astronomy field if I enter into this field ,is there any shortcuts to reach the master degree or I need start from UG or any other astro related subjects which are related to my master degree…?

    11. Sethupathi.V says:

      I finished biotechnology,I want to

    12. Manu says:

      Sir/Mam I am helpless as I am studying PUC 2 so next I am interested in the science hence please help and I am from karnataka

    13. Suryansh says:

      Currently I am in 12th class with pcm. The next year I will appear for my board exams in Feb,2020. What are the forms I need to fill to become an astronomer.

    14. Yug patel says:

      I’m a student of class 11th and i have a lot of interest in space science and technology.I had to ask that what is a procedure to do well in this field and also what i had to do for further studies.

    15. Skandan says:

      I’m 12th finished in PCMB and want to study astronamy . So please make me to know about
      1)after how many years i’ll be an astonomer
      2)what will be my starting salary
      3)where should I join now
      4)what will be the fees structure for this course
      5)what will be my work as an astronomer?

    16. anushka says:

      currently i an in 11th and want to opt astronomy and become a scientist.please suggest me some books for it and also the path to my dream

    17. Dhanashri Parate says:

      I have done B.E. in Computer Science. I have a work experience of approximately 4 years in IT INDUSTRY. I always wanted to work on Astronomy but never get a chance.How should I proceed further.

    18. Ashwin. says:

      I wanna become an astronaut in future it’s my dream since 5th class.It’s my dream to go in space so please suggest me what I should take after B.Sc

    19. ANSH says:

      i am currently in class 8 suggest me some books and do i have to do iit .

    20. Ansar Kamal says:

      I’m a +1 pass out and is studying +12.I want to be an astronomer after my +2 completion .For that which course should i take.

    21. Inayatullah says:

      I am in 9 class I wanted to prepare for astronomy please tell me about some books

    22. Sonali says:

      I am in class 10. I want to do practice for become an astronomer from class 11. So, please suggest me books which is better to read in class 11.

    23. Subham Sinha says:

      I am currently in 9th standard and will be in the 10th standard in in the month of April. After passing 10 I will take science stream but I don’t want to take mathematics. Can i then study Astronomy? Please anyone tell me…..

    24. Abhishek says:

      I have no mathematics subject in my but i’m interested in ASTRONOMY….
      How can I became became astronomer with biology?

    25. Shivnarayan Kumar says:

      I heartly thanks sarvgyan family to provide me an imformation of immense use in a very concise form.

    26. Avi Singh says:

      I am in class 10th currently. I want to become an astronomer it is my dream & I want to accomplish it. What should I do after I complete 12th or ??? Please help me !!!

    27. Avi says:

      I am in class 10th right now. I want to become an astronomer it is my dream. Please help me what should I do after I complete 12th. What should I do ???

    28. Harshad says:

      I am studing in 11th.I want to astronomer but reading this articles i am still confused about choosing a right path please tell me aright and perfect path.So I will be able to prepare for exams to be given and many more stuff

    29. Shubham Kumar says:

      If I first became a singer then can I also become astronomer??Plzzzzzz reply me, this question is very imporatant for me

    30. Isha says:

      I’m studying in 12 th grade .I have taken commerce stream .how can I study astronomy

    31. sampreeth reddy says:

      How to become an astronaut

    32. Bushra chaudhary says:

      Actually I wanted to know about how to do astronomy and neet simultaneously..and please give me a good idea.. please don’t give me the idea of dropping any one of them.. because they both are my true dreams…

    33. Raghumoni Dawo says:

      I am a student of class 11th. I want to know how to become an astronot after 12th

    34. Ansh says:

      Please tell me the name of universities for astronomy in India

    35. Anmol says:

      I had completed my 12th in science (maths + phy + Chem + bio + IT) if I’m do BSC.IT then MBA or MSC so can I Become a astronomer OR astronaut OR astrophyscist…….
      I have interest in planets and space activities and to know more about universe …..
      So plz suggest me what can I do to complete my passion & complete my dreams

    36. Kalyani says:

      Please tell me which engineering stream would be the best option for me to become an astronomer….kindly please reply

    37. Gowtham says:

      i have now enrolled in b tech engineering course, but i am keenly interested in astronomy,can i do any courses along with my b tech so that i can gain acknowledge myself in astronomy . anyone please

    38. Yash Nirmal says:

      How to get admission in Cambridge university for further studies in astrophysics? Im currently in 10th std

    39. Ramendra Gupta says:

      if i do bsc and msc in physics then i can go astronomers field.

    40. Vineet says:

      Sir I want to pursue Astronomy . What should I do either pursue BSc(Pass course, Presently doing) or should go for electrical / electronics/CSE eng. (will it be helpful for my career as I have qualified JEE MAINS), or Go for Aerospace eng. From a private college?
      I’ll be grateful if u answered it.

    41. Ajay says:

      I am student of 11th . I want to become an astronomer and i don’t know where i should go for my career after passing the 12th.

    42. Sanket Talwekar says:

      is BSc Msc n Phd in astronmy is necessary to be an astronaut

    43. Basheersk says:

      I have completed my ssc exams, now I had to choose my career. I have interest on planets and knowing its secrets. I want to study it deeply. Which course is prefer for intermediate. I want to know…

    44. SilverK says:

      I am a 12th pass student and I want to be a astronomer and astronaut also guide m the right way so that I could be what I want to be.
      Thank you

    45. Daxesh parmar says:

      If i get 60% in 12 th, i’ll be able to go for astronomy?

    46. saranya says:

      I’m studying B.Tech first year with cse group. I want to become an astrophyscist. Is it possible? If so , what are the courses and examinations.

    47. Madhav maheshwari says:

      I am in tenth and will be giving boards this year I want to do course of astrophysics and my parents are forcing me to do technical engineering what should I do?

    48. pravallika says:

      does degree in astronomy contains maths in it?

    49. Priyanshu says:

      I am currently a class 10 student and will give board exams next year. I want to become a cosmologist or astronomer at NASA, ESA, or ISRO. My parents want me to do aeronautical/aerospace engineering from IIT instead of astronomy/cosmology. What should I do? Please guide me!

    50. Anshul says:

      What is required for Astronomy. , B.Sc. or B.Tech.???

    51. Drishti patell says:

      How can I become a space scientist about planets and stars?

    52. Adarsh Kumar srivastava says:

      Hello sir
      Sir mai 12 ke baad mai astronomy or cosmology subject se aage ki study karna chahta hu. Please meri help kijiye.
      Thank you

      • Abhishek Rajak says:

        It’s awesome Adarsh
        Cosmology is very interesting but tough subject and a PhD degree is must in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology or you may go with Astrobiology if not taken math in 10+2. You can look after the colleges that offers these subjects in India or abroad.
        All the best.

    53. Shubhang Upadhyay says:

      I want to know that how I can become a cosmologist

      • Prince says:

        Earning a bachelor’s degree in physics, astronomy, astrophysics, mathematics, or engineering with a focus in a relevant area such as aerospace engineering is typically the minimum requirement to get an entry-level job in cosmology, such as Research Assistant.

        The coursework offered by the aforementioned degree programs will help you develop a core set of skills in the laws of physics and provide you with a highly applicable set of skills in mathematics, both of which will be necessary for a career as a cosmologist.

        If you want to become a cosmologist that completes your own research projects, directs others in applied research, or teach at the college or university level, you will likely need a master’s or doctoral degree in physics, mathematics, astronomy, astrophysics, or a closely related field such as aerospace engineering. Many students will also complete post-doctorate work in an area of cosmology in which they seek to specialize.

    54. anushka says:

      I will certainly present my queries once I’m done with 9th class

    55. anushka says:

      I am so satisfied with my choice. The way you’ve presented all the information sends a really positive vibe. Everything is to the point. I have seen no other site like yours. You’re awesome. THANK YOU !!

    56. Devansh says:

      What is in the branch astrobiology

      • Abhishek Rajak says:

        In my knowledge Astrobiology is the study of biological processes,life cycle,the atmosphere,etc of other planets,moons or other celestial objects.

    57. Devansh says:

      What is in the beach astrobiology?

    58. Siddhi kunjeer says:

      I just want to ask you that
      How to become an astronomer after 12th science

    59. syam says:

      I’m graduate in btech civil engineering and i want to do career astronomy how can I?

    60. Lakshay says:

      Hi, iam now pursuing +2 in science (physics and maths).can you please inform me about each entrance exam (like KVPY,JEST,etc.)through which I can start my graduation in astronomy from known institutions like IISC etc.

    61. Gautham Rajan says:

      Hi , i have completed my diploma in ec and i want to be an astronomer. Can i study bsc in physics, maths and electronics to do msc in astronomy next….please tell me if bsc in pme course are eligible to do msc in astronomy ??

    62. Sumit says:

      I had completed my BE Mechanical in 2014 and after that I tried for govt exams like banking and SSC and now after 3 yrs I realised that am interested in astronomy and want to pursue career in it . so how can I proceed now to gain knowledge of astronomy. Kindly suggest!

    63. purushottam says:


    64. purushottam says:


    65. Ruturaj says:

      I have completed my 10th and i want to do career in astrophysics,how can i?

    66. Devarshi Tayawade says:

      Their is age limit in astrophysics or giving entrance exams ?

    67. Devarshi Tayawade says:

      On the basis of graduate course in astrophysics can I join as scientist or astronaut in organisation like ISRO or any other ?
      Is their need of PhD course ?

    68. Prati says:

      I am in 12th.I want to be astronomer. If I complete my btech then mtech then PhD then can I get job as a astronomer or astronaut?

    69. Madhurim says:

      If I do a B.Tech course and then do a M.Sc and PhD course in astronomy or astrophysics, will I get an oppurtunity to become a research scientist in astronomy?

    70. Madhurim says:

      If I do any course and then do M.Sc and PhD in astronomy and astrophysics ,will i get an opportunity to become a research scientist in astronomy??

    71. Mohammed Ashfaque Hussain says:

      I’m graduate in B.Sc(General) with PCM as main subject. What will better scope for me if I want to continue study in science field.

      • Priti Kumari says:

        Thanku for this details. I want to become a astronomy. Give me your blessings only .

        • Syed anas says:

          Hi,I am studing 11th standard. I have an interest in astrophysics.I like to find out the mysteries in space.I am collapsed about choosing the path to become an astronomer

        • Syed anas says:

          Hi,I am studing 11th standard. I have an interest in astrophysics.I like to find out the mysteries in space.I am confused about choosing the path to become an astronomer.I need help to choose a correct path to become astronomer

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