Career As Gynecologist

Is Gynecology the right career option?

Gynecology is one of the most demanding career in the field of medicine. Medical career in this specialization is basically opted by women as it deals with the female reproductive system. But, this is also the good profession for male candidates.

It is seen that male gynecologist is decreasing day by day. Demand of women gynecologist is increasing because women are more comfortable with the lady gynecologist as compared to male gynecologist. That’s the main reason why this career option is best and rewarding for female candidates.

All depends upon your interest, if you are interested in the study of women’s health then this is the right profession for you.

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Now, let us talk about “What is Gynecolology”?

“Gynecology, also written as Gynaecology is the field of medical science that deals with the study related to the health of women. It basically deals with the health of female reproductive systems (vagina, uterus and ovaries) and breasts.”

The term Gynaecology is derived from the Greek word gyne and logia. The word Gyne means “Woman” and logia means “Study”.

Gynecology = “Study of Woman”

A doctor who is specialized in gynecology is called Gynecologist. Gynaecologists are specialized in women reproductive system.

Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN) is interrelated to each other. Both the terms deals with the care of female reproductive organs’ health and pregnancy. All gynecologists are also called as obstetricians.

career as Gynecologist

Scope of Gynecology

At present, the gynecology is one of the highest paying job oriented career in medicine. You can be employed in various sectors such as clinics, hospitals, private practice, universities and government agencies, etc.  This career option is respectable and lucrative too. You can open your own surgical clinic. You can also go for the research studies in this field in various universities and research centers. The scope of gynecology is growing annually as the hospitals and clinics are open. You can work in overseas also.

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Courses & Eligibility

How to become a gynecologist?

Journey to become a gynecologist begins after 10+2 (Courses after 12th). Gynecology is the postgraduate level education. After completion of higher secondary education with PCB group , one can go for further medical education leading to degree in gynecology. One can become gynecologist after following these simple steps:

  • Earn MBBS degree from a well-recognized medical institution.
  • Appear the entrance test for taking admission in MD/MS course.
  • Choose gynecology as a specialization in MD/MS.
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Eligibility Required: For admission to 41/2 years MBBS programme followed by one year internship, you are required to pass 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects. You are eligible for admission to MD/MS in gynecology after the successful completion of MBBS programme.

Popular courses offered in the field of gynecology are listed below:

  • P.G. Diploma in Gynaecology & Obstetrics (D. G. O.) – 2 years
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Gynaecology & Obstetrics – 3 years
  • Master of Surgery (MS) in Gynaecology & Obstetrics – 3 years

Admission Process

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To take admission in MBBS programme, students are required to appear the entrance test namely NEET 2018 (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). Some institutions also regulate their own entrance exam for offering admission to its programmes. To pursue MBBS course from AIIMS, you can apply for AIIMS 2018 entrance test.

Most of the institutions/Universities offer admission to postgraduate programmes like MD/MS through entrance test. Some Universities/ institutions conduct their own entrance test for granting admission.

Some entrance test conducted for admission to MD/MS course are listed below:

Colleges Offering Gynecology Courses:

  • Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
  • All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi
  • Government Medical College, Nagpur
  • Government Medical College, J & K
  • Government Medical College, Punjab
  • Government Medical College, Kerala
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Maharashtra

Career & Jobs

Job prospects for gynecologist is bright in India as well as in abroad.

Demand of gynecologist and employment is this field is great. Skilled professionals of this field can work in private as well as in government hospitals. Due to increase in awareness about pregnancy, women start referring gynecologist from a starting period of pregnancy and this will broaden the scope for gynecologist.

Well-qualified and experienced specialists can work in nursing homes, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals run by defense.

If your dream is to become a teacher then you can also go for it after acquiring degree in gynecology. Several top medical institutions/Universities offer jobs to such professionals.

One can also open his/her own clinic where they can practice their domain and treats people.

The career prospects are brighter for gynecologists in India & also in abroad.

You can also work as a teacher after completing your degree. You can also pursue a career in the field of research.

Duties of Gynecologists

The main duties of the gynecologist are diagnosing medical issues, examining patients & cure the different illness and diseases. You have to treat the pregnant women & its new born child.

Gynecologist treats gynaecological diseases, infertility,  Amenorrhoea (absent menstrual periods), Dysmenorrhoea (painful menstrual periods), hysterectomy, Incontinence of urine, issues related to pregnancy, Infections of the vagina (vaginitis), cervix and uterus (including fungal, bacterial, viral, and protozoal). At the time of emergencies, you have to work for long time & irregular hours.


Salary of gynecologist completely depends upon experience.

The starting salary of a gynecologist ranges from Rs. 4 to 5 lacs per annum. The experienced gynecologist may earn upto  Rs. 25 to Rs. 30 Lacs per annum depending upon experience. Salary in government hospital is based on the payscale and grade decided by government.

Those who are owning their own clinic can earn beyond expectation depending upon experience, work, name and fame.

Books & Study Material

Here, we have listed some books that helps you in the study of gynecology:

  • Gynaecology Illustrated by David Mckay Hart, Jane Norman
  • Hacker & Moore’s Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology by Neville F. Hacker, Joseph C. Gambone, Calvin J. Hobel
  • Advances in Gynaecological Surgery by Peter J. O’Donovan
  • Textbook of Gynecology by Sudha Salhan
  • Textbook of Gynecology for Nurses by Anupama Tamrakar
  • Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology by Peter W. Callen MD
  • Gynecology: Principles and Practices by Rosenwaks Zev
  • A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery & Gynecological Nursing by Annamma Jacob

For more information about Career As Gynecologist, you may ask us commenting below.

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