Career In Gemology

Are you passionate to know about Jewelry & Stones?

Do you know who is behind the process of making an ornament?  

Then, Gemology is the right career path for you.

Gemmology/Gemology is the scientific study of gemstones.

It is the Science, Art and Profession that deal with natural and artificial gemstone materials.

It is considered in “Geosciences” as a branch of “Mineralogy”.

In a simple way we can say that:

“Gemology is the study of finding gemstones, grading, identifying and evaluating them”.

Gemology is the study of science in which you can learn how to identify the natural gem, diamond, stones, asteroids, etc. In this course, you can also learn about the depth knowledge of gems.

Gemology deals with the natural as well as artificial gemstone materials.

Who is Gemologist?

Gemologists studies the atomic structure of a gemstone & identify its origin.

They study about the classification of the natural gemstones and discover the way to prevent their damage.

Gemologists can also work as a jewelry designer.

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Scope in Gemology

Gem is one of the most precious and important part of Indian culture. Indians have desired to achieve both precious & semi-precious gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies for their astrological significance.

There are many diploma, short term & certification courses available in Gemology. Candidates who have pursued specialised courses such as gem cutting & polishing. A gemologist uses various equipments to evaluate the colour, shape & size of diamonds.

Gemstones are also considered as symbols of power and prosperity. With the trend of gems, the gemology studies are also rising in India as well as in abroad countries. In India tradition of wearing ornaments which are made up of gems, stones & different kinds of stone is very much demanding. So, the scope of Gemology is never ending.

In this profession, you can establish your own business or work with other companies. After completion of this course, you can adopt various lucrative jobs & opportunities.

Courses & Duration

How do I become a Gemologist?

There are many courses offered by Institution in India such as degree, diploma & certificate courses. Make a career in gemology is a highly profitable & rewarding option. Some of the most sought courses are given below:

Diploma Courses:

  • Diploma in Diamond Processing
  • Diploma in Diamond Trade Management
  • Diploma in Gemology

Certificate Courses:

  • Certificate course in International system of Diamond Grading
  • Certificate course in Planning & Marketing
  • Certificate course in Coloured Gemstone Cutting & Polishing
  • Certificate course in Grading, Cutting, Polishing, Bruiting
  • Courses in Jewellery Design & Machine Cast Jewellery
  • Certificate course in Hard Shape Grooving

Bachelors Courses:

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Master Courses:

  • Masters degree in Fine Arts in Jewellery Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Diamond Technology


  • Jewelry Designing
  • Gem Grinding
  • Gem Engraving
  • Gem Polishing
  • Gem Assortment
  • Jewelry Setter
  • Gem Research

Skills Required:

The candidate should possess the below-mentioned skills in order to become a Gemologist:

  • Have a sense of design and appreciation of quality
  • Excellent powers of observation
  • Precision
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Artistic and creative skills
  • Color awareness
  • Good Communication Skills

Course Content:

  • Identification & Coloring of stones
  • Metallurgical Process
  • Identifies the naturally occurring gems
  • Design Methodology
  • Development of the Stones
  • Physical Properties of the Stones
  • Optical Properties of the Stones
  • Metal Concepts Drawing Techniques
  • Ornament making techniques in both traditional and modern
  • Ornament Designing, Computer Aided Designing


  • If you are interested in admission into a Gemology course, then you have to pass your Higher Secondary or Equivalent examination.
  • The minimum age required for candidates to pursue this course is at least eighteen years.
  • There is no maximum age limit.
  • For Master courses, the eligibility is Graduation.
  • Some of the universities/institutions are also offered online courses in a particular field.

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Top Colleges

Colleges in India offering Gemology Courses are listed below:

If you are interested to do a course from any other Institution, check that they are accredited by the American Gemological Society (AGS).

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Gemmology, New Delhi
  • Arch Gemology & Jewelry Institute, Jaipur
  • Gemstones Artisans Training School, Jaipur
  • Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Gemology, New Delhi
  • Sidhar Institute of Gemology, Andhra Pradesh
  • SRDC Diamond Institute, Mumbai

Career & Jobs

The growing demand for precious stone jewelry increases the employment opportunities for gemologists.

There are lots of job opportunities for gemologists mainly in the private sector.

They can go for either the gem exporting and gem mining industry.

A gemologist can start their career by working with jewelry houses or work as a freelancer.

If you can satisfy the need for market & continue to create new things, then you can work as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Those people involved in this field, they can work as wholesalers and retailers of gems and jewelry shop.

Many foreign companies and brands are tieing up with the Indian industry for manufacturing gold and diamond studded jewelry. It has also increased the job opportunities.

You can also work as an instructor or lecturer in the colleges/universities.

Job Profiles

  • Gem grinders
  • Gem polishers
  • Gem assorters
  • Engravers
  • Jewellery setters
  • Researchers
  • Scientists
  • Gemologist
  • Diamond Grader
  • Graphics Operator
  • Jewelry Designer

Job Areas

  • Gem Testing Laboratories
  • Mining
  • Jewelry Business Management
  • Retail Jewelry Business
  • Jewelry Manufacturing or Product Development Departments
  • Art Auction Houses
  • Under Popular Jewelry Designers
  • Gem Exporting Companies


  • Independent Gemological Industries
  • DIANI Jewels
  • GS Gem scan Laboratories Pvt Ltd
  • Solitaire Gemological Laboratories
  • Diamonte Jewels
  • Gemological Science International


Gemmology is a profession with great scope. You can earn extremely well once your ideas and designs are appreciated. The starting salary of Gemologist is Rs. 2 Lakh to Rs. 3 Lakh per year. The salary may rise depending upon your experience and job nature. A highly qualified Gemologist can easily fetch an attractive package between Rs. 4 Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakh per annum.

Books and Study Material

  • Understanding Jewellery – 3rd Edition by David Bennett
  • Amateur Gemstone Faceing Volume 1 by Tom Herbst
  • Gemology by Cornelius S. Hurlbut Robert C. Kammerling
  • Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones by Joel E. Arem
  • Diamond: The History of a Cold-Blooded Love Affair by Matthew Hart
  • Gem Testing by E.A. Jobbins
  • The spectroscope of Gemology by James Payne and Anderson
  • Gem Identification by Made Easy

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